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[Silver Harbor] Reunion

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It was a lot to take in, the last year of their lives, no matter whose side of the fence you were looking over. He had had her, and she him. Together they shared adventures, goals...a life, and then in a flash it was gone. As they stood there face to face she saw him question her intent even if only for a moment and made it her personal goal right then and there to make certain he never had reason to do so again for any amount of time. Ever.

She allowed him to take her hand, enjoying the warmth from his and relishing the memory of the first time he did so. Within a few steps they were standing before his desk that was littered with progress. Her fingers danced across the papers moving them slightly as she glanced over them. Avarice was not a simple man by any means of the word. Everything he did he did with purpose, and with a goal in mind. This would be no exception.

A lot of the papers before her held information that  made sense to her while others did not, though she wouldn't worry herself with the details just yet, in due time she knew Avarice would fill in even the tiniest. His arms snaking about her body brought her from the ideas spinning in her head over the graphs and such he had been working on and as if he commanded her body, her arms mimicked his and slithered over top of them. Her eyes fluttered closed as his lips pressed to the back of her neck and she leaned back into him.


It felt so good to finally be home.


“Let me show you.”


* * * *


With her arm entangled in his she drank in the harbor by night. Surprisingly it was much quieter than any other port town she had been in, but from what she had gathered the town really hadn't made its mark just yet. It was soothing though, listening to the water, beneath the moon with the fresh air whirling about. She payed little mind to the other folks out and about this evening, not because of a lack of manners, but because she was in awe of the things Avarice had accomplished in the short time he had been here. Impressed. But not surprised.

“Air ship waystation?” The conversation quickly picked up as she bent her ear after hearing those words. “My, my, my Mr. Lynch, you sure do know how to peak a ladies interest.”She nudged him playfully. “I can't recall the last time I flew on an air ship, but I'll tell you this; it is my favorite way to travel long distances.” She stopped for a moment and let go of his arm, turning in a complete circle while taking in as much detail as she could at this hour. “And you plan to bring all of that here?”

She turned and looked at him, tucking a lock of stray hair behind her ear before folding her arms beneath her bosom. A knowing smile stole her features. If Avarice wished it to be so, so it would be. She reached her hand out to him as she closed the gap between the two. “You never cease to amaze me Avarice. Tell me more.”

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And you plan to bring all of that here?

"I do." Avarice nodded, gesturing towards the bluff south of the town, the glistening cliffs which helped color the Silver Hour each evening. "That seems to confuse people here, the idea that someone actually seeks to elevate the city. I've composed a dozen socially acceptable answers for why: prosperity of the Imperial South, recognition for the Harbor..."

"...Just because you can." Roht muttered, loudly enough to be heard by both of them.

"We try not to advertise Roht's theories." He shook his head with a smile and took her hand as she drew close. They stopped just beneath one of the lights, casting a soft orange glow through her hair. Avarice's hand rose to her face, softly tracing the line of her cheek with his fingertip. "It is a peaceful place, simpler and more naive than Celin was. Content to live their lives in solitude. It's almost enviable."

A wistful note passed through his voice like a songbird's cry, and was gone just as quickly, chased away by a playful smile as he lifted her chin softly. "Almost."

His free arm slid around her waist, and for the first time in far too long, he brought his lips to hers.

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The precipice to the south shimmered ever so brilliantly under the light of the moon. Audibly she sighed at the beauty smiling to herself as she drank in Avarice's words as if parched. “Are they not grateful?” It was understandable that change, for the most part, was hard for people to accept, but this seemed so obvious for the preservation of the town, their lifestyles.

“...Just because you can.”

Her laughter burst forth from deep within. “Sometimes the reasons may not seem to make sense, but the outcome is essentially the important part. Thus far I'm intrigued and impressed with the accomplishments.” She reached over and squeezed Roht's arm. “From both of you.”

An eager hand found Avarice's, laying her palm down up top of it while it traced the line of her cheek. She felt the rush of heat to said cheeks, knowing they were kissed with crimson that may or may not be noticeable in this light. It was in this moment that his words hung in the air, not even being ingested by her mind anymore. The dock faded, and the few people that hung around ceased to be in her mind. All that existed was Avarice and her pressed dangerously close together beneath the haunting glow of the light from above that created a halo around the two that seemed almost divine...”Almost.”

From between their lips she gasped, allowing the kiss to linger for more than a moment. He was such a beautiful creature, and not just outwardly. She was well aware that not everyone that crossed his path would agree with such an opinion and she could care less. She knew better. “I've missed you more than the air I breath Avarice.” She took his hand and laced her fingers with his. “How about we head home?” Her face crinkled into a smile. “Maybe I could make some tea. Or stew?” She chuckled and pulled him close to her. This is as it should be.

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“Grateful, yes. And very supportive of the new administration. But with progress comes change, and many in Silver Harbor did not see it as necessary.” A soft smile, with a hint of pity mired in satisfaction at his perspective. “Complacence. Truly, the worst of all sins.”

The deadliest as well, as his memory slid back to the waterfront riot that had led to his taking the governor's chair. And the manufactured war that had led to him seizing the magistrate's office in Celin. He wasn't a killer, he told himself often, he was only a messenger. A harbinger of the crime that was stagnancy. The horseman of Ambition.

He released her from the kiss reluctantly, sliding his fingers in amongst hers as they stepped apart, turning to resume their route along the waterfront. Idly, one arm slipped around her waist, keeping her close as they walked. He wasn't concerned with their safety, not with Roht hovering over their shoulders, but too much had been taken from him in that storm for him to release her now. Avarice turned his steps away from the harbor, leading her towards the distant house he now called home.

“You will like the new place, I hope. It's a step up from our house in Celin, but you might have competition for making tea.”


* * * *

The governor's manor was a beautifully archaic stone building, ringed in wrought iron and green gardens. Neither overly ostentatious, nor easily mistaken for a common household, the two-story structure sat far enough away from the harbor itself to avoid the persistent atmosphere of fish, and grant petitioners some semblance of privacy. The gate sat open: a metaphorical open-door policy that was rarely actually used. Avarice led her along the stones to the front door, mentally wishing that it was daylight so that she could see the carefully tended surroundings. Then again, he wouldn't have delayed Sorano's arrival for any reason, even to show her how far he had come in their year apart.

They were less than ten steps from the door when it swung open neatly, revealing a slender, older gentleman with a cleanly shaved head. A jagged scar ran from the left side of his mouth, curving up his cheek nearly to his ear. He appeared at once unsurprised by her presence and utterly unphased by whatever bother she might mean to him.

“Evening, ser.”

“Threl.” Avarice greeted him with a nod, sweeping his arm towards his guest. “This is Sorano. Sorano, Mr. Threlfall keeps the house in order.”

“Lovely.” The elder man's tone was a neat mixture of boredom and dismissal. “Tea is on the table. Three cups.”

A smile cracked Avarice's face. “Of course you knew I had a guest. How did you know?”

“It is past ten, ser. When you arrive after ten, it is always in the company of someone seeking your political, financial, or personal favor.” The man inclined his head towards Sorano. “Might I indulge to ask-”

Roht, of all people, waved him off with a quick slash across the throat. Without missing a beat, Threlfall quirked an eyebrow and motioned them inside.

“Very good, then.”


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“You will like the new place, I hope. It's a step up from our house in Celin, but you might have competition for making tea.”


“I have no doubt that I’ll love it. The new place, and the tea making competition.” She laughed a bit at her own joke but in all seriousness it was true. It didn’t matter if he took her to a three walled shack, so long as he was there with her, she would enjoy it and make it her home. After all, home is about the people you surround yourself with that you care about, not the things you have in a structure.


The antiqued building was lovely, with its own character shining through stone by stone. It was charming, albeit larger than what she was used to. Avarice had a keen eye for the finer things but could also adapt to less then preferable situations if need to as well. But this place, it screamed Avarice Lynch. It embodied everything that was him. The home stood strong, commanded power but also seemed elegant with a mysterious beauty that drew you in further and further.


Her fingers remained intertwined with his as she paid no mind to the direction they were walking, certain that he would not misguide her as she tried to drink in as much of the grounds as she could in the sparse light of the night. Gingerly she reached up and tucked stray hairs behind her ears as they approached an already opened door. The elder gentleman seemed unenthused and not surprised of her arrival, albeit maybe a bit curious. “A pleasure to meet you Threlfall.” She reached out and scooped his hand into her own and shook it slightly with a bit of pressure. In regard to his question she leaned toward Threlfall as they moved past him. “I’ll be a bit of a permanent fixture from now on.” She winked and turned back towards the door as they entered. “We’ll have to discuss tea sometime!”

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