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This is merely for fun, and possibly torturing the Houses of UM as politely as possible while plundering their coastal areas


Sky's literally the limit here. I'm looking for a few people to join the future generation of Pirates in Ursa Madeum; the hearts of the youth who seek out the freedom of the sun, the sky, and the waves of the ocean.

No pressure, just taking up a sword and swishing it in the faces of the people who want to tear our world asunder in an attempt to break us down.

We will never let anything or one steal our dreams for a free future!


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excited squeals!!!!  This is going to be amazing!

30 minutes ago, Die Shize said:

Let me fill a spot. I don't need to consider this.


7 minutes ago, Thotification said:

Pick me! Pick me!


1 hour ago, Twitterpated said:

Let me reserve a spot while I deeply consider this. 

Figure yourself out mister!

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2 hours ago, Thotification said:

Can...can I be like the flying dutchman? I have a ghost ship that flies? And it's comandeered by skeletons and Captain fat chick....?

Sure, sure. You can have a flying ship,  magic, or maybe it's half airship. Maybe you even have a necromancer on board that raises these skeletons to plunder for you? So many possibilities!


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1 hour ago, eggsinabasket said:

How do you deal with fighting? I was in another thread where we rolled to see if someone got hit or how much damage they took is it the same thing here or is there something else?

It really depends on who you're going to be fighting and what is agreed upon for the fight. 

As of right now, I'm going to finish up a storyline thread I'm working on where there will be a battle with another RPer; where I take a loss. We've discussed the end game and what we both want, and have agreed to it. 

But in the future there may be dice rolling around, or discussed outcomes with agreements, or storyline fighting. Won't really know until then.

On a side note to everyone else, I haven't forgotten you. I just haven't come to pick you up yet because there is lore in the works for Pirate's Cove. And we want to make sure that's completed and approved before we pick everyone up and share the low down! ❤❤

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