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Yral; Recovering the Scattered Petals

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Libra shook her head as the mistress wanted to pretend more. Yet, she was winning the trial so far. And it annoyed the demoness that someone wanted to win the game. 

Such a silly girl. You'll never be so grand out there. You think you're in control but you're not. You will not get either rod with such false bravado. 

Ra sauntered up to the mistress's left side out of Libra's vision. She leaned into whisper. She couldn't help with the trial but she could give ideas. No law against that. 

You could pretend to do what she wants if it gets us closer out of this cave. Not agree but play against her game. It could go in your advantage.

Ra let go then as she eyed Libra then the mistress again. The demon wanted to get out fast, she hated caves. Dark small spaces made her claustrophobic.

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Stuck between two demons.

This was quite the predicament and the Mistress is losing her temper rather fast. The temptress demoness does not seem to be tempting any longer. All the Mistress could see is a nuisance.

Ye blasted shit of a demon!

Her nostril's flared in frustration. There's no more place for temptation within her heart. She's lost it with this nuisance of a temptation demoness.

Her feet stomped the ground as she drew near the demoness, her face inches away from her adversary. 

"Demoness," the Mistress spat into the demoness' face. "I tire of this petty charade. I suggest you get going and stop wasting my time or I would have to cut you down, right here and now."

As she spoke, her body seemed to glow with a soft, warm energy. This was the physical manifeststion of the holy divine power she had been suppressing inside her own vessel all this time.

"Please, Demoness. Shoo! Shoo!"

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I will not shoo. You want me gone, make me. Even have your girlfriend there help. 

Libra pointed towards Ra with such a venomous tongue. She eyed the glow but it didn't bother her. Libra slithered around the mistress, like a snake, as she eyed the girl. 

But that vessel you are is weak. I can give you a worthy one. One to be proud of, one to command with. Of course you don't want those rods, seeing you fight me still. Just give in, it won't hurt. 

Ra listened as she tilted her head. It seemed desire demons didn't give up their prey. It was annoying to the demoness, and the quip didn't bother her either. 

She was often accused of being involved with someone she really wasn't at all. Though annoyed, Ra waved it off. Libra did want much from the outside world. Yet, would the mistress fail? 

Ra crossed her arms against her chest as she did want one of the rods to be honest, she really hated this job. With the rod, she could leave it. But of course, Libra was in the way.

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This is getting more annoying. Should I go back?

The Mistress was at a loss. The demon still stands in her way and seeing it's unrealistic defiance, she was not confident that she could shoo the nuisance away. Of course, it's temptations were almost pointless at this point as the Mistress was not one to waver from her personal convictions. She will always be resolute and will face every adversary with grim determination. Perhaps the Mistress is just stubborn.

Is the being intent on drawing this conversation into a fight? This might get ugly if that ever happens.

So the Mistress decided to change her tactic. "Tell me, demoness. If I give in to your offer and I receive both rods, what would happen to me then?"

Keep her engaged Middy. I might even change her mind with a little talk-no jutsu and cold hard logic.

"I cam here to claim the artifact in hopes of using it on the world outside. Keeping me locked in her contradicts my entire goal. Perhaps you have a better more tempting offer? I could leave this place, you know but then who would entertain you and be your toy?"

Keep on going Middy. You got her now.

"Or are you that bored?"

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Both rods would make you able to command that little pretend group you have charading around as a powerful group. You would become a powerful woman. Could even command that little girl over there. 

Persuade her to take the rod. We all know you desire deep within what I am. 

Libra whispered as she eyed the mistress. Ra tilted her head as the demoness brought her up again. It annoyed her as if she wasn't in the room. 

I am bored. Bored of watching pitiful humans waste their talents on small potatoes. You want to be big, stay here in Athentha and grow. 

I am still here you know. Don't talk about me as if I am not. And no one commands me. But I do want that Autumn Mist rod. So, you could just hand it over. I am bored now. 

Libra chuckled again as she eyed Ra. The demoness was easy to rattle. And she enjoyed doing such. In her hands, was both rods now. Ra sighed. 

We need to be going on our trials. And you're holding us up. So if you pl--

Ra went flying into the wall as the rod slammed into her torso with such force. The wind being knocked out of her.

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Oh dear. Shit's about to go down.

The Mistress's eyes widened as the demoness summons both rods in each of its clammy hands.

"Demoness! Stay your han-""

Sadly, she never finished her words as the demoness straight up touched Ra with both rods and then the poor guide was sent flying towards the wall.

That's gotta hurt. Poor Ra.

Grimacing, the Mistress Black Head slowly backed away, as power blossomed within her.

No time to check on the poor thing. This demon bitch is going bonkers. 

Light seemed to converge within both her palms creating two balls of glowing light. She flicked then, the one on her right sending the ball of light straight into the demon's face.

"Please, demoness! Be reasonable! Just because you did not have you're way, does not mean that you can throw a tantrum!"

As the ball of light reached the demon's face it would explode like a flashbang blinding the demon with a flash of light. But that was only the effect of activating the spell as the true effect was the thousands of glowing chains of light and mana that would wrap itself around the demon in hopes of binding it.

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The attack did little to Libra except cut her skin. The binds didn't affect her. She eyed the mistress as she was to help the guide. Ra rubbed her head as she sat against the wall. She was still winded for the moment. 

Hafta hit harder than that... 

Libra's voice came as she ran at the mistress, her rods slamming down with force against the woman. Aiming to hit her torso and arms. 

Behind her eyes began to open, red irises blinking as the AutumnMist rod began to summon creatures from the well. Scaled beasts with no eyes and forked tongues. Claws marching forth. 

Um guys... 

Ra stammered as she pointed to the creatures.

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The Mistress did not have enough time to escape as the demoness was already bearing down on her, the pair of oppressive rods aiming for two different parts of her body. It was a bit disturbing when taken out of context but her situation is no laughing matter.

 This demon might kill me but I'm not going down without a fight. 

The ball of light that the Mistress had moments ago fluttered into the Mistress bountiful chest where it would be kept until the time is right.

Now for the rods!

Her hands shot up to grab the rods before it hit her defenseless body. Of course the demoness was stronger and her body was forced back a bit before she regained her posture.

"Demoness," the Mistress barked, "Stand down! You have lost your worth! Your allure has failed, your temptations have failed, now you resort to violence? It seems your promise of power was nothing just as empty as your head!"

Then came the other monsters. I don't think I can hold on much longer.

"DEMONESS!" the Mistress roared. "BEGONE, THOT!"

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Afraid not. You cannot beat me so easily. Nor will I go without my prize. O' you think I lost? I've only just begun. 

Ra eyed the two as she took to her feet. Seems she'd have to break a few rules to keep the mistress alive. She then went towards the creatures so the woman could keep her focus on Libra. 

Ashulur Sav Kuth Ra, Suth Ku Lathe...

Ra spoke the ancient FORBIDDEN magic of old as a light came forth from her and the creatures burst into flames. She sighed. The higher ups would chastise her later for such things. 

Turning around, she looked at Libra. Annoyance on her face as she eyed the rod, the Autumn Mist rod, something about it made her want it. She placed a hand to her head. 

Libra eyed the mistress still as she grinned swinging the rods with force once more at her. 

Just give up already and fall to me!

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Thank you, Ra. I owe you one.c35bc2aa97be93b8e7368f088b4edf24.jpg

Mentally sending her heartfelt gratitude to the guide, the Mistress returned her attention to the demoness before her. There are not many options left in this situation, she would have to use the very thing she hated.

The blessing of the foreign god, I compel you!

As she dodged the demoness' blows one after another, the Mistress power began blossomed within her. All that magical energy flowed into both her hands and transforming into a pair of blades.

Not just any weapon. Ones bless a holy goddess.

She grinned then as her blade blocked one of the rods. Her power surged then bathing her blades and her surroundings in flames. Holy flames blessed by the Mistress' patron, the foreign goddess.

"You might be a demoness chained into this pathetic existence but I have been blessed as saintess!"

Her arm lunged forward then, the other flaming blade heading straight for the demoness' heart.


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If only she hit a little harder Libra would have been beaten. But it wasn't the case. Ra saw this as she tilted her head. Something told her this was not usual. 

Libra scurried off with the rods in her hands down the halls away from the battle. Away from the two.  

Crap... She's running away. 

Ra announced as she ran down the corridor after the demoness. She was annoyed. Annoyed that she was still in this cave instead of back in town. This was getting even more annoying. 

Libra cursed as she continued running. She was annoyed that she had lost the game, bested at her own game.

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This piece of shit!

The Mistress grit her teeth. How can a demoness be this cowardly. 

That bitch even had the gall to act dominating and all-powerful in my presence!

Enraged, power blossomed within the Mistress. The winds gatheres around her, embracing her very figure and carried her upwards.

I'll catch that yellow-bellied bitch! She will not be shown mercy!

Power exploded within the Mistress and she channeled it to the soles of her fight and outside her back, the action propelling her forward. She soared forward then accelerating with each passing moment, her eyes set on the fleeting demon's back.


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Oh yeah, scream your head off to alert the other things in here. Good idea you dumbass. 

Ra said as she turned the corner to grab the mistress's shirt collar. She dragged the mistress back so that even though Libra had more distance between them. 

Just shut up and listen. Libra thinks we'll chase after her. And lead us into a trap. So here's what we do, don't argue with me. You're going to surrender. Not for real. 

it will draw her out. Keep her occupied, until I can hit her with a powerful spell. It will defeat her, you can get the damn rods and I can get out of here. Got it? 

Ra said as she let go of the mistress. She rubbed her head in annoyance. She wanted this to be an easy mission and it gone into a long winded annoyance for the demoness. 

And she wasn't in the mood for any more screwups. She looked around the corner to see nothing, that it was clear. Libra wasn't around either. Which was good, so they could do this. 

Please just do as I say. I really hate caves. Now go and bring her out.

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The guide's words made the Mistress pause in her tracks. It seems the guide had some sense in her, at least more sense than the cowardly demon. Whatever the guide had in store for the demon, however, was not part of the Mistress' concerns.

I guess trying a different option wouldn't be too bad.

So the Mistress came down from her flight, her face no longer twisting in disgust and rage. Once again, she had the face of a pure and innocent maiden, perhaps a chaste angelic beauty would be a more apt description.

She nodded to the guide in hopes of showing her assent to this new plan. Taking a deep breath, the Mistress put the plan to action.


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