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Yral; Recovering the Scattered Petals

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The Mistress can feel it, the rod inside her body. Pulsing. Throbbing. With each wave of power emanating from the rod and into the insides of her nubile figure, she can't help but moan both in ecstasy and pleasure. The feeling was exuberating, exotic.

And wholly nauseating.

Whatever the demoness planned for the Mistress, she was having none of it. This shit that the demoness shoved into her was so similar to what her mother would have done that such an act only disgusted the Mistress.

Never again will I fall to such wily temptations. Never again!

She will never betray Ra and not even this demon nor this pleasure rod throbbing inside her can ever sway the Mistress' convictions. With a moan, she leaped into the demoness' arms, hugging Libra tightly before the Mistress whispered some words of power. Drawing in from the goddess' blessing that was sleeping deep inside her, her body began to light up, cleansing away the temptations and impurity that seemed to plague her insides. The rod was too tricky to remove but the Mistress managed to whittle down the rod's influence on her.

With a roar, the light grew brighter and it enveloped the demoness. A soft and gentle holy aura that embraced poor Libra.

There was a sad smile on her face as the Mistress turned to Ra whispering her final words. "Do it."

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Silly rabbit... 

Libra replied as she eyed the madame wrapping around her. Ra looked up as she then whispered a word. The light arrow flew at them both. Yet, it was supposed to finish off Libra. 

It did nothing. 

Libra chuckled as she took in the light, as the rod with the madame was pulsating, pumping in dark energies. Fogging her mind with mixed visions. The demoness pushed her off and smirked. 

You want the rods don't you? Ra won't give them to you should you defeat me. She'll take them for herself. And she's beautiful no? A good reason to make her into your servant. 


Whispered the rod, longing to corrupt those around it. And the other rod was in calling for the madame, wanting to turn her into a devious demoness. And with both rods, it was power she could have. 

Libra smiled as she lifted the madame's chin, those hypontic eyes staring her down. Wanting to turn the two against each other.

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It was all lost now. The Mistress no longer has the power to resist the demons Libra.

What is Ra doing? This was her idea.

Perplexed, the Mistress just stood there mesmerized as both rods began to take over her body. Soon she'll be nothing more than a puppet.

Ra. Please do something. Don't waste my sacrifice.

Such pointless thoughts do tend to run within the woman's mind but her fate was all but sealed.

Soon, the rods will work their magic and the Mistress will exist no more.

Someone. Anyone. Save me.

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But no one came. 

Ra stood there as she couldn't move. Muttering low, she knew that the wanting of the rods overrode any sense of sense. And though she wanted to attack Ra couldn't as her magic wouldn't work. And you could tell she was panicking. 

Libra grinned as she wrapped her form around the madame as the rod inside her whispered such dreams she wanted. Things she clinged to twisted and the want of both rods stronger each moment. The demoness's lips hung at her ear as the sensual words flowed through them. 

You know deep in your heart you crave this. Ra wants to rip it from you, descreate your name and take your prize. Wouldn't it feel so good with her flesh upon yours, sitting at your feet? Controlling her like the puppet she should be? Twisting her core to what she truly wants to be. 

Yours. Give into the rod my pet. Become the true being you hide from the world. Indulge the void. 

Fear entered Ra's core as she watched the demoness. This trial was going wrong, terrible. And as she stood there trying to get her magi to work but she couldn't remember the words. 

She is going to seal you. Imprison you in Rowan and keep you from what you desire. Love. And take your rods, destroying them. You will lose. 

Libra grinned as she moved from the madame giggling with such malice. Her game enjoyed as she pitted each against the other.

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What I really want to be?

The thought ran through the Mistress' mind, over and over again. What does she want to be? What was she really? What kind of person she was in her purest form?

Who am I? 

Is she the Black Head - The failure of a leader of mercenaries? Is she the Mistress- The matricidal child of the Lady? Is she a villain- one of the generals in the Legion of Doom? Such pointless thoughts crowded her mind, but something else seemed to surface from way deep in the recesses of her buried memories. The image of a little boy trying his best to fight against a fate he cannot escape.

Yes. I remember now. Middy Ochre. That young innocent boy from my past. How did I become this monster?

Her resolve seemed to shot up as the Mistress' body once more begin to shine. The goddess seemed to smile as the Mistress' came into terms with the truth of her being. No matter how much the Mistress' try to be this bigshot badass villain, she will always be this sniveling boy that could hardly hurt a fly.

I hate this demoness for reminding me of what I was once.

Fuelled by rage and determination, the Mistress' hand shot up to grab the demoness' neck, attempting to strangle her.

"Demoness," the Mistress barked, "Release me and the guide! Your corruption powers made me remember an ugly past I thought long forgotten. Killing you right now would at least relieve the bitter taste in my mouth!"



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