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Cleansing by Fire

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Plains greet he portal jumpers. Brush as tall as Dante’s chest are what surrounds them. Much to Allie’s dismay. Luckily Pavel is waiting for her and offers to give her a better view. He doesn’t outright say it as more of he learns down to offer his hand.  He’s being considerate of rheir

Smaller member. Something a lot of other people would quickly forget about. The plains stretched for a while but there was a town on the horizon. It was where they  would head in order to get them appropriate gear.  So they wouldn’t be so vulnerable to the Weather of Balucre and the invisible hazards that could wipe out entire cultures, or st least the ones who didn’t have disease revolutions yet. 


It was a beautiful golden, the plains, the grass moving either he wind. A chill to the air. Good hung Dante was wearing his Flannel. It would serve him well here. It also meant any number of things could be hiding out here in the grass.  Such as formidable Squirls that could wallop Allie to vicious birds high abive that could peck at people’s eyes. Lucky the birds here really didn’t seem to care.


” well Let’s burn some rubber and head out if we are all here.”

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Dante looks at the brush and as he appears through the other side of the portal. He takes a deep breath of the chilled air and shouts out happily. "Real air! I love it!" He takes his flannel off revealing his bare body as he ties the shirt around his waist. To some Dante seemed fit while to others he seemed weak. In this situation Allie might think he could pick up Pavel, minus all his gear, while Pavel wouldn't think he could handle a large animal on his own. The man was indeed buffer than most humans but he certainly was not stronger than two of the people in the party. The second Pavel and Allie see Dante from behind they'll notice his hair reaches his lower back but underneath that is the sides of a tattoo, it's unknown what it is yet. 

Dante turns around and looks at Pavel. "I'm gonna take a headstart to the town. If you want you can fill Sasha in on anything she may need to know but odds are she won't need it." And with that he starts jogging on ahead.

Sasha watches Dante talk and then leave. She silently gives her curious glare towards Pavel and Allie. A few seconds of silence goes by before she speaks, which reveals her voice is slightly robotic in nature. "What are you two? A three foot tall woman and a man who wears a fire protective suit while also seeming to be a friendly giant. Also to mention you hired a pure human and a modified human. In comparison to you two, Dante and I are the more normal ones and Dante is even closer to being normal than I am." All her statements seem to be filled a large amount of curiosity.

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It was such a strange sensation to be pulled through that portal. It stung and tingled, and felt like great rush all at once. Perhaps it was just her nerves. She had many of those nerves here. Her hands still were clutching her bag with white knuckles when she breached the other side of the portal.

Her companions were around her. At least, she thought they were around her. The grasses are a heavenly brown color, Allie thinks to herself. But they go far above her head. Wrapped on all sides by the fronds of grass, swaying in the wind, Allie is comforted. Perhaps she should feel claustrophobic, but she closes her eyes. She is surrounded by the earth, she reminds herself, and for a moment she has forgotten the dreadful task that has brought her to these lands.

After a moment, she realizes Pavel is gesturing to her. Perhaps to give her a better view. She grabs a couple stalks of grass, breaks their steps, and takes them with her as she moves towards Pavel. Plants are a passion of hers, and she wants a moment more to study them. She takes his hand, and prepares to be hoisted up.

The view from his height is marvelous. Her large gray eye grow even wider, and sparkle in wonder at the view that she sees. The grasses sway in hatched patterns, bending and waving in serpentine patterns across the field. The world is so much bigger than she realizes. How far is she from home, she wonders. She is on a whole different continent now. But, she wonders truly how far she is. In miles. In steps. In other things too.

She supposes, though that it does not matter. That place is not her home now, and if fate had it that Terrenus was her home now, then so be it. She looked at the land resolutely. She was going to make the best of this. She tapped Pavel’s shoulder to be let down. She may be small, but she was still an adult, and now that her curiosity was satisfied, she would walk (thank you very much).

She sees Dante and his new companion, who she has gathered is named Sasha. Dante would appear to have lost his modesty in the fresh air, and Sasha has something very peculiar about her voice. Allie braids the stalks of grass that she’s holding in her hands, and begins to walk with this small party, drawing closer to Sasha without even realizing it. Perhaps it was the curiosity getting the better of her. 

Sasha speaks, and Allie realizes how close she has come, and acknowledges the curious stare between the two of them. 

“What are you two?” Sasha speaks. “A three foot tall woman and a man who wears a fire protective suit while also seeming to be a friendly giant. Also to mention you hired a pure human and a modified human. In comparison to you two, Dante and I are the more normal ones and Dante is even closer to being normal than I am.”

Allie squeaks indignantly. It might have been “humph” in someone of greater size. “If I must say, all of you are very strange.” She put a hand on her hip, and tilted her head, studying the other woman in the group.

This was certainly turning out to be a strange day. And she didn’t even get to finish her soup.



I am a horrible person. I am so sorry, I got wrapped up in HW. 😞 😞 I will do better to give you a heads up about assignments. The week after next I have a paper due. I will let you know a head of time if I will need to be away for a few days to finish that.


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Pavel let Allie doWn when she asked to be let down. Although the didn’t recommend it he did it anyway. He wakes at the back, which for someone who was the only one who knew where to go probably wasn’t that great of an idea to do. 

 However they were heading for the town just ahead for supplies and materials.  He also wanted to get first aid items in case someone got burned. 

He walked slower than normal to make sure Allie didn’t get left behind and that his steps were lighter and shorter than normal. His feet could easily shake the earth for Allie if he truely wanted to harm her. The heavy tank and the clothes along with general size and weight of his own body could probably propel her at least a few inches of he stomped the ground it hard near her. 

 The soil was a deep rich brown soft and fine, kind of like a sand, but yet the grasses held it all together.  The green roots below them, went on for Millie’s and twisted and twined and formed a very interacrit web.  It would be impressive. However only Dante from bare foot wandering if he indudged in it, and Allie die to her background in the farm community would probably find and come to know this fact. 


The wind came sweeping again  blowing  it pushed on Dante’s body, and even Allie could  even feel the cold drop in after  the breeze subsided. 




With that that the town was within reach it’s details more appearing it was small and cozy seeming. Either he biggest building being the shop there that even had items the town didn’t need.

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Dante is already at the town and sitting on the ground looking in the direction of the group. 

Sasha looks down at Allie and smiles. "Everyone here is indeed a bit strange. For you we all are more strange than you are to us. You are likely not accustomed to the things we do or what we wear or even how we talk. Just now you must've noticed my voice by now. It's slightly robotic. The reasoning behind this is because I'm almost entirely replaced with robotic parts. Only things that aren't wires or metal are my heart and my brain. As for how we are dressed? Dante and I come from a planet where this clothing is considered fashionable so we took it with us." She repositions her backpack onto her other shoulder before continuing. "Friendly giant here is unique in his own way. To me at least. We have yet to figure out what species or race he is yet he appears humanoid but he towers over us. He also seems to be perfectly capable of wearing fire protective gear for long periods of time meaning he's accustomed to it unlike most humans. Makes me wonder what he is. As for you, to me you appear to be of some sort of relation to a creature of Fae ancestry. Pardon me if I'm wrong but from what I've seen from Fae folk is that they generally have a certain terran tone to them." And with that Sasha stops talking. 

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The wind drove her down. She bowed her small frame, and leaned forward, into the wind. The tall grasses thankfully gave her some respite from the fierce, blowing wind. She sensed that Pavel did not want her on the ground, and she crinkled her nose at him. As frightened as she was, she was starting to get a thirst, a hunger, a near insatiable yearning for the adventure that was ahead of her.

Sasha spoke to her, and she tilted her head. Hearing the woman speak at length she was, in fact, able to detect that something was in fact, very different about her voice. “What,” Allie stuttered, and then squeaked. “What is a — a robot?” Her brows were furrowed. She was determined to understand the new world that she had found herself in. She listened intently as Sasha spoke. She nodded at her every word. She realized that she was here on these strangers graces, and they were much more qualified for the work ahead than she was.

But, when Sasha asked about her ancestry, she bowed her head - almost ashamed. “Yes,  you are right.” She shifted on her feet nervously. “I am half-Sprite. My mother is full-Sprite. But, I do not know about the other half of my parentage.” The identity of her father was a point of contention for Allie. It was not something that her mother ever talked about, and it would typically be answered with anger and strife if ever Allie pressed for more information. The questionable nature of her lineage made her somewhat of an outcast in her home village. It was this life that she was trying to leave - the life in which she did not belong. Already she felt like she belonged more in this group of strangers than in the place of her birth.

As they moved forward, she found her own pace, weaving through the thick grass. She left small footprints in the soft sand, creating a weaving, erratic pattern. She moved quickly, while the others seemed to keep a moderate pace. Her path was random and curious. She would zig one way to look at a plant nestled between the grasses, then she would zag to check on the position of her party again, before moving off into grasses again. She gathered a collection of plants that might have just looked like weeds to her companions, but the stashed them in her satchel. She knew that these would certainly come in handy.

As they got closer to the town, Allie could see Dante ahead when the grasses bowed enough in the wind for her to be able gain a view over them. She sprinted ahead, and hid from the wind behind Dante as the others drew up, just a few of their paces behind her. When the got close enough for them to hear, she asked diminutively, “Do you think we could go inside? This wind is rather cold.” She hugged herself, and rubbed at her arms in a futile attempt to keep herself warm.

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