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Specific character weakness

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Tell us about a specific weakness for a specific character of yours

By weakness I don't mind your character's kryptonite, or the hidden gap in their armor that no one knows about but that could bring them down in an instant if they did. I'm more interested in "the things which your character is not good at" AND "which is relevant to your character's story"

Also by weakness I don't mean the "weakness which is actually a strength" like this is a job interview, but an actual deficiency in their psychology or abilities in some way

So your character may not be good at Singing or at Chess, but if they're a Mercenary, then it doesn't really get in the way of their everyday life . . . unless it somehow does, in which case tell us how! 

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Not sure if this is what you're targeting...but here's five of my characters at random.

  • M is really not good with people. She escaped from a lab, is all on her own, has utterly no friends or family that she knows of, and pretty much hates people. She's twelve years old and has no current direction in life. So the immediate problem with her antisocial personality is that she can't get people to help her long enough before she forces them away. She has special powers that are terribly destructive and has not yet fully controlled them, so that doesn't help her mental stability much.
  • Kaori is haunted by the death of her husband, tragic in itself, but perhaps more so because she can't fully remember what happened. She has bouts of depression amid her over the top jolly persona, is haunted by dreams and suffers from the memory loss itself. She has since married the regent Induo Katamus of Blairville (so long OOC so no idea if still applicable) and continues to try to live a new life, but the wound is still inside her and she has no idea how to treat it.
  • Agamus abandoned in his 'pack' a long time ago, disillusioned with their antagonism with anyone who wasn't a werewolf, and ever hunted by his former comrades. He struggles with suppressing his lycany, given its inherently predatory and vicious attributes, while forced to live a solitary existence as he roams around to both survive and to keep on the move lest his enemies find him.
  • Averitt is identified, by himself and by a public, as an abomination. That's probably the best one-word explanation for his weakness, but to expand on it he appears to be very much like a vampire. But he's very much something else. Physically, and like a vampire, he needs to drink blood to survive, if not as frequently. Unlike most vampire tropes, Averitt can survive on dead blood. Psychologically, he is half-mad if not completely insane, reveling in wanton slaughter, if only when he's in the mood. He's otherwise friendly. He may also still be suffering from the effects of one of Off Topic's far less savory drugs.
  • Korvar once hailed from a dwarven kingdom, your typical subterranean dwarven halls. It was destroyed and he became a surface dwarf, selling his axe at will. He's never gotten over the severance of his past life, the destruction of his home, and this has fed into his psychology. He has since come to spit on subterranean dwarves. He is one of my rudest characters I've ever written, and though he laughs while insulting others and womanizing where he can, I tend to write him with a frown and while shaking my head, because his crassness is absolutely his weakness. In fact, Korvar is the reason for my signature disclaimer.

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1 hour ago, supernal said:

That’s what I’m looking to see! 

So Averitt is like a vampire going through the Frankenstein Monster’s school of hard knocks? 

@Die Shize

Averitt is one of those writing developments that I never put much personal thought into regarding his exact origin...kinda like plugging a character into a forest for a forest setting without worrying about what lies beyond that forest.

Averitt is a freak. Part of the idea with him was that, amid monsters like vampires, werewolves and undead bears, he is a monster by even their standards. An abomination.

Like with Korvar, I like going for complex characters to the point that I may not agree with them or like parts about them even as their 'owner'. Korvar is obnoxious. He knows it and I know it. Then I had a serial killer, an absolute nutter, who I couldn't continue writing because he made me sick and angry. Averitt would do the same, except I also pushed for some dark humor with him to make it bearable. I don't know what he is besides a freak of freaks.

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Avarice Lynch, for all his charm and cunning, is utterly useless in a fight. He has no talent for combat and no head for violence, which is why he has a persistent bodyguard, Roht, to cover his weakness. For his part, Roht is a clueless mercenary good for violence and poor at plans and schemes, which is why he hangs out with Lynch.

As a writer, the fun part is separating the two of them.

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My character Twizzen doesn't understand the need to politic, or that how you say a thing can matter as much as what you're actually saying in terms of how well received a notion is or whether it's received at all. He's had the good fortune (aka I made him that way) of working inside of a hierarchy where his radical nature is rewarded but when a problem can't be solved by direct, decisive action, he's usually not the guy to count on. Doing so in that kind of situation can definitely make matters worse 

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You know that guy who discovered you two share a hobby, but he's way more intense about it, and suddenly he's constantly sending you articles and YouTube links? That is Corban, except with Transmutation and Abjuration magic. Like, bruh, it's drinking hour after work. Why are you still drawing spell circles on napkins? Don't you make time to veg out or jack off?

The man is insufferable. The only things that might distract him from this are exotic teas, hot springs, and maybe the chance to roleplay a normal person. But only roleplay; he doesn't believe in actually becoming one.

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 Ben can't READ!!!! he even sat in a room full of Kindergarden children to try to LEARN and got teased!!!  He can't even TALK verbally in his full DAICHON form; it comes out as whimpers, growls and yelps when he tries. He has to communicate Telepathically and if no one can HEAR him, then he's totally useless at communication.

In his Humanistic form, he reads like a 1st grader!!!

Ben is EXTREMELY CLUMSY!!! he doesn't know his own strength at times and has to tone himself down to prevent from breaking things. His father had to DAICHON-Proof Ben's own HOUSE which is the Infamous Sky-lab!!!

Too much exposure to high heat will make him pass out.

Some DAICHONS can DIE from the COMMON COLD!!!


Avus Insectium:

The purple-haired Phenom of the Invectium Race has been BANNED from ever having CREDIT, a Bank Account and even banned from attending School for an education. ITS stomach is always growling since Avus can't even find a job, thus having not much education or experience. So Avus usually borrows most of ITS things from Benaires, as Ben's father is very well-off!!!

Avus RARELY changes into its Owl-Like DAICHON Form, as it scares the living SHIT out of most people that see it, and that really hurts Avus' feelings deeply. IT doesn't understand just how horrible-looking ITS Owl-like form really IS. A 7-Year old girl named Jessica calls Avus, "Owl-man-thingy."

Avus Insectium is neither male NOR female!!! Avus is an IT!!!!

Cyrix Tepes Gothra:  "Hero or villain: Lad or Lass: ALL will answer to the Hourglass!!"

Used to speak in Parables so badly that hardly anyone could understand what he talked about until he had to go to school to learn proper speaking and English classes when he first touched down upon the Physical Plane from Cocytus. Gothra is what everyone calls him because that is his last name from his race, the Blood Farmers, which are a broken cast off from Vampires.

Cyrix Tepes Gothra has a high level of arrogance that pushes people away from him, hence him having a very difficult time getting along with people or even having a girlfriend. His sense of regret is shallow, but he doesn't understand why he has to change just WHO he is in order to relate to other PEOPLE.


Abraxis:  The walking female disaster can't talk whatsoever. She had her Vocal Chords stitched completely shut when she was about eight or so. She never spoke to people with the fear of her voice being so loud that she would cause people to bleed from their eyes and EARS!!! She now communicates on a digital writing utensil that she carries everywhere that she goes.

Abraxis doesn't know when her "Cycle" is once a month and thinks that she is going to bleed to death!!! Her Conduit, Graymite Anthine Jones IV, has to take care of her 24/7, as years in a mental Asylum has wiped most of her emotions completely out.


Daniel Composition has a very Powerful sword that he can barely LIFT!!! It was his Father's sword, but he doesn't know how to use it, even as Ronald T. Vixxenne has found the instructions and even the full footage on how to master the Plasmodium Sword.


Ronald T. Vixxenne can get drunk off MILK, as aliens from HIS Dimension can't process the Sugars that are in Milk!!!



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I have a character who lives with a severe case of schizophrenia. This is a disorder that has a significant effect on his ability to interact with people in everyday settings, as well as his perceived reality sometimes being incongruent with the perceived reality of everyone else. He still goes out and does heroic things and tries his best to help people, but his symptoms have gotten him into trouble more than a few times. 

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