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City of Angels

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-:- The Creator's Land -:-

Welcome, mortals, to Grad na Ang'eli. In the common tongue of you Zemjište Pešaci (Land Walkers), our name can be loosely translated to City of Angels

For many centuries our home as been hidden away in the clouds, defended from inferiors and the blasphemous. From continental wars to your civil wars, we have watched on in horror as your kind chips away at each other without a care. Ruled as you all are by your emotions, the Ang'eli have wanted no part in your world. 

However, with the rise of Ang'eli Titus Demetrius to power in the mortal lands of Terrenus, our Council has decided it is perhaps time for us to become more... accommodating. However, as the Zemjište Pešaci are known for their love of violence and destruction, guests in the Creator's land will undergo thorough vetting and will be subject to limited rights. Do not mistake yourselves to be equal simply because our doors are now opened. 



Located above the clouds, the city of Angels is a roaming cluster of levitating land formations. In an effort to avoid the conflicts and general horrors of mankind and their brethren species the city has always floated only above the oceans, completely avoiding any of the continents. It is for this reason that Grad na Ang'eli has remained relatively unknown to most of the world- the occasional Ang'eli leaving the Motherland being one of the rare exceptions. 

The city obeys only itself and takes part in no alliances or conflicts beyond itself. Despite the majority of Grad na Ang'eli being a cityscape, there still lies plots of land which are considered Holy under the Divine Law. In these areas sleep and wake the Neboto Dzverovi: the Creator's Sky Beasts. To so much as touch one without the qualifications is enough to be sentenced to death. 

The floating landmass itself spans to an coverage of nearly 100 square miles, though a good portion is not simply atop the land but within it as well. Each inch of this land is bathed in a form of energy the natives called Sozdavanje, the Creator's Divine Energy. These are specific leylines which fuel the Ang'eli's magic. While it may also allow for other types of magic, within these lands alternative magic is supremely weakened. Because of that, magic that does not run on Sozdavanje is considered to be inferior.



Grad na Ang'eli is a relatively advanced city in terms of its infrastructure and architecture. Although by no means epically futuristic or on the level of more technologically advanced cities such as Hell's Gate, it does stand on its own. Sozdavanje is used in a similar fashion that one might use electricity, the magic leylines being adapted to power a range of appliances from televisions to cars. Most of the more utilized buildings, especially the newer ones, were inspired, at least in part, by the buildings of mortals. Though the Ang'eli may think the mortals inferior, that doesn't mean they believe them to completely without worth. However, the older buildings, such as the Creator's Hall or His Citadel, were built centuries ago in a style vaguely resembling Ancient Rome. 

The city is then divided into three districts:

The Noble District: Above even the average Ang'eli are the Povisoko Ang'eli, Archangel or Angel of Higher Order in common tongue. These are the beings who live in the Noble District, the wealthiest part of Grad na Ang'eli and its highest peak. Here is the location of the Creator's Hall and His Citadel where all Ang'eli and the Povisoko must go to pray for the Creator's continued blessings. Unlike the lower two districts, the ND is the most technologically advanced and has nearly no physical confrontations. It is, for a lack of better word, a close utopia. This is the smallest part of Grad na Ang'eli. 

The Middling: The Ang'eli who live in the Middling live what amounts to an average life. These are usually the workers, those that go to work every day to keep the city running smoothly. The access those in the Middling have to technology is sub-par compared to the ND, but enough such that they have modern buildings and used transportation that can get them from point A to point B. Though it may not be the best of life, many in the Middling are simply relieved they are not in Ničija Zemja or among the Zemjište Pešaci. The Middling is about twice the size of the ND, but not even half of Ničija Zemja. 

Ničija Zemja: Translated to common tongue, the NZ literally means No Man's Land. Only a small part of this district is even above ground. Most of it is made up of underground buildings and tunnels full of rotting food and the homeless. Although the Povisoko and the Ang'eli will never admit it to themselves or outsiders, the NZ is one of the most horrible places in Valucre. Perhaps even more so than any place mortals have built. For the most part they ignore the NZ and allow the citizens to do whatever they want, arguing that the district is full of hybrids and inferiors not worthy of their time. It is also used as a prison to send those that break the Divine Laws, allowing peace to ensue in the other districts without needing prisons. In secret there are factions in NZ backed by the Povisoko so that the higher angels can maintain some semblance of order in the chaos. And to squash any possible rebellions long before they take hold in the minds of the Beskrajno, the Wingless. For if you are banished or born in the NZ, your wings are clipped and burned. Only by the blessings of the Creator might they return.



Since Grad na Ang'eli is located in the sky, the climate is cold and windy for the most part. However the Noble District is surrounded by the Creator's Barrier, allowing them to adjust the weather to whatever they'd like. The Middling is not so lucky, having to push through the generally cold weather. The NZ experiences the same type of weather above ground but is slightly warmer underground since there's no wind chill. 

This, however, is only the norm. Because Grad na Ang'eli roams across the world, constantly moving, the weather can warm as the city approaches Valucre's equator. It can, also, get much colder as it floats away from the equator, plunging the lower districts into a frosty hell. 


Notable Locations

Neboto Dzverovi Caverns: Entry allowed only for the Povisoko Ang'eli, this is the home of the beloved Sky Beasts. It is believed that the Sky Beasts are the Creator's gift to Grad na Ang'eli to symbolize their Divine Superiority to the Land Walkers. 

The Creator's Citadel and Hall: The one time per day where Ang'eli from the Middling are allowed into the Noble District is to pray. The Citadel is for the Povisoko and the Hall is for the Ang'eli. Both are ancient infrastructures that are magnificent beyond words. 

The Cabin: The HQ to the growing faction Vigilante and a large pain to the Povisoko. The Cabin's location has a huge bounty on it and is one of the most desired locations in Grad na Ang'eli. 



Having hidden themselves away from the entire world for centuries, perhaps even since the city's very creation, the culture of Grad na Ang'eli is radically different than that of Valucre's majority. Though most of the innate beliefs in morality and ethics are similar, great variations divide the two. To someone looking in, the NZ might seem like something akin to a human rights injustice. But that thinking is not shared with most of the Wingless. Instead, they believe they belong there because they lack the Creator's blessing. To live by other means is blasphemy and will guarantee their soul to be tortured for all eternity. To them, suffering the Creator's tests by living in the NZ is more than worth an eternity of paradise. Trying to break a Wingless out of NZ without the Creator's Blessing will, more than likely, result in the Wingless killing themselves first. At least then they didn't blaspheme the Creator's Divine Will. 

Furthermore they do not have a way to distinguish political life from religious beliefs. Everything is combined, built upon the Book of Divine Will, or the Božestvena Volja. There are no priests or saints, no kings or popes. Only the Supreme Council, a group of Povisoko Ang'eli who are most blessed by the Creator's Will. The Supreme Council is the final law, the end interpretation of the Book of Divine Will. 

Smaller councils exist in the Middling, these council members are elected and exist to act as mediators between the Middling and the Noble District so as to keep the Middling working steadily. 



The Mother Tongue of Grad na Ang'eli is Angelic (in common tongue) or Angeličen (mother tongue). The Ang'eli are taught common tongue as a requirement in both the Middling and the Noble District, but Angelic is the most commonly used language within their districts. The NZ, however, is considered to be inferior and not worthy of Angelic. Thus they speak only the common tongue, with bits and pieces of knowledge concerning Angelic. A word here and there. 

Angelic is a language of old, long forgotten to the mortal of Valucre. Titus Demetrius, Emperor of Veluriyam Empire and a Povisoko Ang'eli, believes that there are similarities between Angelic and the Mork'Outh language in Taen, though he hasn't been able to pinpoint exact details in the matter. 



There is no exact word that the religion can be called. It is simply referred to as the Creator's Will. In the Book of Divine Will (Božestvena Volja) the Creator's desires and words are written clearly and cleanly. Every being within Grad na Ang'eli is raised from birth that the words in the Book are Divine Law and must be followed. Those who follow the Divine Law will be rewarded with an eternity of paradise in death, while those who disobey and blaspheme the Divine Law will be eternally punished by creatures and pain beyond their wildest nightmares. 

There is no pope or rankings within this religion, only the Supreme Council to translate the word when situations are unclear to the Ang'eli.

It is said that the Povisoko rule because they have obtained the Creator's Highest Blessings. The Ang'eli live and thrive in the Middling in peace and security because they have received the Creator's Blessing. The Wingless, however, are sent to the NZ because their souls must be tested to see if they are worthy of His Blessing and eternal paradise. It is in the fire's of living hell that one may avoid the eternal horrors of Afterdeath.



All Ang'eli in the Noble District and the Middling are taught basic mathematics, readings skills, engineering, biology, and other such skills. Along with those skills, however, the Povisoko are trained in political science, leadership, history, and war. As the most superior of all, they most also be intellectually superior not just physically. The Wingless are not taught anything unless the ruling faction of their area has set up a school on their own. The Povisoko do not find it worth their energy to each the Unblessed.


Government and Politics

There is no exact form of government in Grad na Ang'eli like in the rest of Valucre. Instead the city is completely reliant upon the Supreme Council's interpretations of the Creator's Will. These interpretations can extend for determining whether an area of the Middling requires an extra school to if a Povisoko has blasphemed the Divine Will. 

The Supreme Council is made up of the 5 heads of the Povisoko Clans, each of equal power though perhaps not of equal amenability. On the rare cases that the vote is not unanimous, the majority triumphs. 

The Middling holds elections to determine who are those that belong in their councils. The council members are called Representatives and they act as mediators with the Povisoko so that the Middling doesn't simply collapse or run out of provisions that are manufactured in other parts of the Middling or are kept in the Noble District. 

The NZ is ruled by factions, each with their own unique way of handling the madness that is their place in life. 

Grad na Ang'eli has no military, though each of the Povisoko are highly trained combatants that are experts in drawing from Sozdavanje. Outsiders stand no match in a 1 on 1 stand off due to the restrictions of alternate magic. 



Most of Grad na Ang'eli's history is lost to ages past. Long before the Creator's Will became adapted into their society, there was chaos and no sense of order. The Book says that one day the Creator sent a Messenger done to Grad na Ang'eli with the Book, commanding them to cease their acts of violence and to evolve. It was then that they became Ang'eli instead of mortals, growing into superior beings by Divine Will. 

Nearly a dozen years ago, Gran na Ang'eli went through a traumatic event: the desertion of a Povisoko. After condemning the Supreme Council for their interpretations of the Book of Divine Will and the Creator's Will, Povisoko Titus of the Demetrius Clan was banished from Grad na Ang'eli. They couldn't very well send a Povisoko down to NZ or the Middling, as that went against the Book. Thus they didn't take away his Blessing, the cast him down to the Land to become the first Fallen in a millennia. 


Major Historical Events (Newest to Oldest)

Year 10,300-10,400 AC

  • Grad na Ang'eli joins the islands of Renovatio, holding a spot much higher than all the others.
  • The revealing of Grad na Ang'eli to the mortals and Land Walkers
  • The expulsion and banishment of Povisoko Titus Demetrius


Year 0 AC (After Creator)

  • The first of Grad na Ang'eli's written history
  • Establishment of the Divine Hierarchy and the Evolution to Angels


Unknown Years BC (Before Creator)

  • 350 year war between 5 Clans


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