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Doctor/Cryptologist Needed

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Hey there my Valucrians!!!!!


It's Benny boy hollering at you all again, after a brief hiatus to help my Dad recover from his Colon Surgery to remove a few Tumors. He's doing great and is taking some time off from work to get things in order around the House.

While he IS busily doing things online, I have some DOWN time for a few weeks until he's cleared by his Doctor to go back to work, slowly.


here is what I am looking for:

I need someone, preferably FEMALE to pick up a role as Dr. Stephanie Fowler, the new Cryptologist and Physician/Historian of ALL DAICHONS. She was converted INTO a DAICHON on a DARE by Ben AGAIN!!!  Here are the requirements:


Must be able to post up at least twice in one day, a few times a week.

Must be able to study a bit about the History of DAICHONS.

Must be willing to accept the RP role on a PERMANENT basis. This means that in addition to YOUR Role-plays, you WILL be able to handle a new character until the storyline is either completed or re-assigned.

Details on Dr. Fowler can be explained in FULL detail by contacting me.




I'd really appreciate someone to write WILLINGLY with me to sort out a few things since it's no FUN rp'ing this character by myself!!!!




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