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Early Genesaris: Expedition in the Past. [cont.]

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Continued from here...

Informational guide.


The time between when they'd found the small boy in the woods, to when Dr. Concordia pointed out to the small wolf girl that there were little creatures no one else seemed to see, had become a blur a to her. Lilium somehow finds herself buried beneath the rubble of a broken crate, sounds of distress and alarm ricocheting of the thick trunks of the trees around them. Making it hard to pinpoint just where the sounds are emanating from. From the sprawled out position she holds on the ground she can see very little besides the broken jars and the sawdust that had been used to keep them from breaking in transit littering the ground in front of her face. With some effort, she bends her arms and draws them towards her body so that she may push herself up from the ground to gain a better perspective of their current situation. Barely making it into a seated position on the calves of her legs when she does so; curving her torso forward to allow her forehead to hang above her knees. The instantaneous throb of her brain against her skull slowing her down. Muddied fingers grasp at the temples, the tips rolling in a clockwise motion in an attempt to alleviate some of the pain, the right hand craking away the caked on blood produced from whatever injury to the head she'd sustained. 

It makes her better aware of her own predicament yet not that of the others in their outfit. So, like always, she forces herself to continue on in order to regain whatever control of the situation she is able and to figure out just what the heck is going on around here. The stubborn nature that drives her, a guiding light in the wake of the spotty vision she's currently dealing with. Then again, for some unknown reason, the spots begin to enlarge and grow facial features of their own. Lilium hops up more quickly, tilting backward on the heels of her boots as not just one or two white spots emerge before here...but a tower of three to her hip forms. Her facial expression contorts into wild amusement, as she surmises the loss of her mental faculties due to the injury sustained by her head. Somehow leading her to the hypothesis that she'd somehow induced a form of hallucination during her experiments. THAT'S RIGHT! Suddenly a hand is swinging through the air as she recalls the last thing she was doing, not experimentation at all. But when she turns to look, the small wolf girl is missing, and the camp is completely wrecked. On a good note, the white spots are gone. 

Her next intake is a distressed one, the destruction before her a little more than she'd like to have to clean up. And they had done so well at setting up the dining area. So neat and orderly. And now....it's just a little bit of everything scattered all over the forest floor. Again, closer to where multiple members of their expeditionary crew had been eating the white spots return. Furious gnawing and crunching sounds catch her attention and force her to focus on them more carefully. Come to find out the camp had become infested by rodents with a voracious appetite. And rather than maintaining some sort of calm, she watches as a few of the cooks-hollering and running-ferociously begin to swat at the little creatures with whatever object fit like a broom or bat in their hands. "GET OUTTA HERE YA FILTHY VERMIN!!! STEALING OUR DINNER!" Somehow the doctor finds relief in this as she begins to understand and remember what happened. The overly excited folks at the tables had seen what she had seen....and chaos broke out. Luckily most of the mess is confined to the eating area....and not so much everywhere else.

"Why don't you just gather up some of the food into a pile...to lure them in? Instead of knocking people out with your BAD AIM?!" Without too much effort she stomps forward and grabs a bag of carrots that had been knocked to the ground and shakes the bag before dumping the orange logs into the dirt. The response pretty immediate as one of the startled critters runs straight over and begins to munch on one. Revealing itself to be a strange form of rabbit.






Habitat: Forest

Species: Rodent | Herbivorous Rabbit

Dimensions: 176 - 389mm long, & approx 0.9 - 2.7 kgs

Attributes: The body length of a Skabbit is relatively long. More like an unusual combination between a weasel and a rabbit. However, maintaining a similarity closer to the rabbit it is an herbivorous creature that feeds on fresh growing plants as well as digging for rooted ones. Boasting of three pairs of clawed paws, Skabbit are excellent at running, hopping, and digging. Their impressive ability to dig, allows them to build burrows well below the surface of the ground. Making them hard for predators to locate or invade. 


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"Xingu Nights"

Dense, rich and verdant, the forest floor oozes with life and decay. Overhead, the canopy has hidden the sky for millennia.




The voice came from out of nowhere, or at least it had seemed to. The speaker hadn’t recognized it was his own until his head shot upward on its own accord and bumped into a branch that had beaten instead of befriended him. Had the doctor known a plethora of languages apart from just the odd one or two or three or four here and there then he would have cursed to the sky in all of them and the matrix of branches blocking said sky.


Instead, the doctor held his noggin and sat up, suddenly as alert as confused at just what in the haylzerz was going on. There was commotion all about; someone shouting something-this and someone whacking something-that. The entire campsite seemed like it was under attack. By whom? By what? BY ELEPHANTS!? No. That seemed unlikely. BY EACH OTHER!? Yes! It must be! The expeditors had turned cannibal, driven insane by the Xingu Nights of the strange, strange forest. It was the only logical explanation.


Holding up a forefinger at that thought, the doctor stuck it in his mouth and sucked it for a second or two or three or four. When he pulled his finger back out, he stared at it perplexedly. Hmm, interesting…


What’s so interesting, Jikol Pickle?


The fact that you still call me a name which I hate.


What name is that, Jikol Pickle?


Okay! Okay! I’m not going to sink to your level. Not doing it. Nope.


Why not, Jikol Pickle?


Even as he closed his eyes and shook his head and bit his tongue, the doctor was all too aware that his mental armor would eventually melt and the voice would win over. For now, he ignored that voice, courtesy of the ten or ten hundred other voices dominating the campsite, or what was left of it. His back against the tree that had served as last night’s bed, he rubbed his head with one hand’s fingers and started counting with the others as his eyes scanned the scene.


Some of the strange people were scurrying in different directions, hopping over turned over tables or tripping over crates, swinging brooms and bats and a lacrosse stick. The doctor could only cock a brow; if these buffoons were indeed at war with one another, then they weren’t doing a very good job at hitting each other.




That’s when the doctor discovered the rabbits that he had somehow missed! The critters were skittering all about, gorging themselves on the expedition’s delicacies. Wait...hadn’t he seen one of these before? Last thing he remembered before sleepy time was sitting round a campfire cooking… Then his heart sank. His eyes grew wide. Sweat began to seep into his pink go-go boots, his red and orange zebra pants and his big black leather duster. Or maybe he only felt it up his butt. Fear. Jikol is in a pickle.








Teeth clenched and fists shaking and seething anger and—




He looked left, looked right. A few folks had stopped whatever they were doing to blink at the doctor. He cleared his throat like he hadn’t just shouted at his own head and rose with what dignity he could. It was good timing; the broom-swinging and bat-bashing and what-such had ceased when their fearless leader had silenced everyone with her sound reasoning. She’d gone on to feed the hungry bunnies, at which point the doctor dusted his duster off.


He paced forward, preserved in pride, though the red bump on his forehead might speak to the contrary. It was rather visible on his porcelain visage, there beneath a head of blond hair with a lonely spike gelled up and dyed red and orange. Standing a short distance away from Dr. Concordia, and further away from the rabbit, the man with his own doctorate just watched with mismatched eyes of one red and one orange. Quickly, if cautiously, one of the long-eared beasts crawled forth, tiny little furry clawed paws nudging the carrots. Well, the things were just being chased a moment ago. I’d be shy too…


As the bunny-rabbit-thing poked at the orange thing with its clawed paw thing and teeth, munch-nudge-munch, the painful thing on the doctor’s head was making him impatient. Damned things just needed to eat their meal and get the heck outta dodge gosh darn it. Not to mention, he was still quite wary. Are they here for me..?


“Oh for pity’s sake HERE!”


With that, the doctor stomped forward, grabbed a carrot from a spilled pile closest to him, and crouched toward the rabbit.


“Let the good Doctor Jikol show you how!”



There was a delicate squeak as Jikol snapped half a carrot off between his teeth and the rabbit just before him almost had a heart attack. The next moment, it darted its claws into the earth and, in but a moment after that, the curious creature had disappeared beneath the ground. Then it was Jikol’s turn to blink. Hmm, interesting...

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c094c1241eeca14cf26cb640ed1adc46.jpgThe young ice princess Claudette Virga Von Ja'Guthra Talia sat silently near a small camp fire. A rabbit or two roasting upon the spit as she lifted her head with a slight tilt. 

In truth she had fallen a bit asleep as she was waiting for her meal to cook. She was a very good hunter. The voices she heard since they seemed to like yellimg, caught her offguard. 

'Yeah, think I'll stay far from that. Seems like a fight going on. Will scare the rabbits away though.'

Claudette thought as she tended to her spit. The rabbit not quite done yet and she sighed. Throwing another log of wood onto the fire, it caused it to roar a bit high before cooking the rabbit. 

'How annoying tis rabbit's beening. Taken too long if you asked me.'

Claude thought to herself turnimg the spit to evenly cook the rabbit.

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The old man walked listlessly away from the loud voices that seemed to plague his elderly ears. He was perhaps lost again and in dire need of food. The last time he had eaten was two nights ago and his stomach had been rumbling since this morning.

I need to find something to eat. If not for those godforsaken rabbits.

The events of two nights past seemed to have once more put the aged man in a foul mood. While he was sleeping on the cold hard ground, those godforsaken rabbits had taken a liking to his travel pack. Since he was way past his youth, the old man no longer had the power to chew through meat leaving him with no choice but to live with only vegetables for his diet. Unfortunately, the rabbits also have a plant-only diet. What ensued next would be one of the greatest horrors the old man had ever seen.

If I ever find one of those rabbits I'll catch one and eat them. I don't give a fuck if my tooth falls off from chewing all that hard meat. Fucking rabbits.

Then came the scurrying sound, as if something small was traversing the path beside the old man. His eyes shifted to that sound's general direction and his mouth turned into a mischievous smile at what he saw.

"I see you now. You won't escape me this time you rabbit!"

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U9YrUaD.jpgLittle Red, the presumptive wolf girl, had indeed abruptly disappeared from the doctor’s side. The smell of something new and exciting approaching the camp enraptured her attention. Multiple things actually; white, fluffy, and vivacious. The crimson-cloaked girl was on a low borough of a tree, crouched on all fours and awaiting the advent. Thanks to her convenient night vision, she saw their oryctolagus shape in the shadows and merely assumed them innocuous. She was proven…well somewhat erroneous when the following events transpired. Chaotic and comedic mayhem ensued. Like a housewife leaping onto a chair with clicking heels or an elephant rampaging at the sight of a mouse, the adventurers went into an uncontrolled panic that yielded little result outside a good sized knot on the back of Dr. Concordia’s head.

 “Ouch…” she muttered, sheepishly scratching the back of her hood with her glove. “Maybe I shoulda spoke up.”

 Well no use fretting over spilled milk, she concluded, then focused ravenous attention to the skabbits. White flashes darting here and there, eating with gluttonous speed and borrowing with even more impressive vigor. Though hidden in the darkness of her hood, Little Red's eyes darted with dilated pupils like a hypnotized cat to a feathered toy. Gradually her hand lowered to the branch, fingers drumming anxiously on the gnarled surface. She remained still for a long tense second before she suddenly leaped and disappeared behind the thick trunk of the tree. A lynx manifested on the other side, its tail barely congealing from crimson to fluff as she clawed tree column and churned around the wooden torso like a neurotic squirrel. Reaching the base, she sprang with unfathomable soundless grace into the mass of skittering snow.

 Like cockroaches to light, the skabbits scattered. Foreign or not, predators spoke a universally frightening language to prey. Several skabbits covered a safe distance from the newfound predator and buried post-haste, but she hyper-focused on one forsaken bunny. The duo danced throughout the camp, the skabbit having no leisure to burry and only wailing in distress with dusty winds on its paws. Little Red was fast though. The two scurried throughout the many obstacles of the encampment in a freestyle run—tangoing over tables, weaving between legs, and performing death-defying leaps over the blazing campfire. Several unfortunate souls became pins to the barreling force.

 The skabbit leaped away from the campfire with the lynx in toll, and through some thick understory in desperate seek of a sanctuary.

Oh that poor old man.

 I see you now. You won’t escape me this time you—”

 He wouldn’t be able to finish the sentence, for the skabbit rushed from the understory and through his legs, and moments later the lynx leaped over the understory to land directly on the old man’s chest. A front paw planted on his left shoulder and two more square on his chest, the force would likely send his momentum tilting back, giving the feline just the leverage needed to leap off and into the air behind him.

 Too instinctively attune to the hunt to even realize she jumped on an older, possibly frail, human being with the risk of sending him on a one-way ticket to a broken hip, Little Red used the airborne adventure to pounce the skabbit, pinning its squirming body under her paws.

 Hah! Got you!

Little Red was a juvenile lynx with less weight than her adult counterpart, perhaps he wouldn't fall at all. Either way, she was currently too consumed in her success to notice. 

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Lilium was there, kneeling toward the ground. Predicted slowness so as not to startle the creature taking advantage of the offering she provided it. So interesting the critter is that she’s already drawing her eyes back and forth along its tone little body. “ALL RIGHT THAT’S IT JUST SHUT UUUUUPPPP!!” Until there’s a shout somewhere off to her right that not only makes every layer of her skin feel as though it’s separated and shes managed to jump out of it but also causes the skabbits in front of her carrot pile to scatter. Save for one that props itself up on its four hind legs to lopsidedly look at these strange two-legged creatures before continuing to eat its meal.

Jikol appears to have the same interest as she does, from the viewpoint she’s getting. Only to the point where there’s a loud snap-crack of the carrot in his teeth that sends his skabbit diving into the ground. One moment it had been there, the next it was completely gone from view. Being too far to get a better look at what the creature did, she leaves it to him to discover this new turn of events while carefully reaching forward with dancing fingertips to touch the one before her.

Amazingly enough, the animal doesn’t flinch under probing fingers as they trail through the soft white fur. Rolling over the toned little frame with curiosity. Maybe it's the lack of malice she exudes, or even perhaps the unintelligent little brain of the creature to trust that she’s not only able to touch it but suddenly pluck it from the ground. Locking her arms as she does in the hopes it cannot escape her. Whereas scratches and bites normally begin, there is nothing but a gentle scramble in the direction of the dirt-laden carrots from the animal. Obliging it, she grabs a couple and holds them in its face as she would the particularly ‘normal’ bunnies from home. Watching it munch away with contentedness.

There’s a smile plastered on the woman’s face as she turns to look upon the disaster and other members of the party that only fades into sheer terror. One of them has already begun to roast a couple of them, another two are chasing them down to do she knows not with them…. Inadvertently she takes a thick gulp of air and swallows it. The large knot as painful as a rock when it slides from her throat to her stomach.

“Don’t look...just don’t look.” Her hand goes up in front of the creature's eyes so it cannot see the devastation of its brethren firsthand. Apparently, Lilium is more affected by it than the skabbit in her arm is. Not even allowing her to block it from the carrots she’s feeding it. Her stomach only turns as she watches the small lynx that had been a child….it’s just too ghastly for her to record.

"I see you now. You won't escape me this time you rabbit!" It's like witnessing a slowly moving black and white screen. Lilium cannot stop it or undo the catastrophe that unfolds before her. Little Red takes down the old man. Stealing his quarry and making a dinner of her own.


After a while, the cooks organize themselves and what is left of their wares...again. Chiding not only her but others on the food they’d have to cook before it goes to waste. Chaos having bruised too many fruits and vegetables. Soup and stew had been the doctor’s only response. They could probably put it in flasks and water skins and consume it over the next couple of days. Maybe. Plus, it was entirely there fault there had been such a squealy panic in the first place. She believes it serves them right and hopes it teaches their lesser than scientific minds a lesson.

Where she ends up is at a table with her arms encircled along its surface to corral her skabbit. More to keep others from trying to consume it than to keep it from escaping. It appears happy enough to have an endless supply of food while being examined by the pale almost green-faced woman. Lilium having yet to overcome what she'd witnessed. Meat is definitely an important protein for anyone's diet, but she cannot help but rerun the terror of the things she witnessed for her poor little skabbit's family members. Eventually, she'll get over it and put it out of her mind.

"Alright," she manages to yell while holding back bile. "We'll be heading out at daybreak. Anyone not part of the immediate expeditionary team will stay put and hold down the fort while we're away. And as we move through the wild, be sure to leave trail indicators, like x's cut into the bark of a tree as well as a cutting paths between trees. So we are able to find everyone!"



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