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How did you get into roleplay?

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This is a redux of a similar question posed a few years ago but I figure it's been long enough that it's a question worth revisiting, especially for the new members we've gained since that time

So how did you first start roleplaying? Roleplay can be a very general term and range from LARP to Warhammer with all sorts of iterations in between so feel free to answer the question however you like and include any models that tickle your fancy. You can include just how you started, or you can take us through all the different forms and mediums you've tried 

But since we're all interacting through an online medium I think it'd be neat to say how you got into online roleplaying specifically too 

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I'd say my first foray into roleplaying is through LARP—it was like a variation of The Most Dangerous Game that spanned a whole district of the city for weeks at a time, with more or less strangers joining in through the site no matter who they are or where they're from. Tl;dr, there were two roles: Hunter and Prey. People would be going about their daily routine, and then when the Hunters get the signal to hunt for a specific Prey within their area, it usually devolves into a wild chase through the city streets. The Prey either gets caught and turned into a Hunter, or they elude capture with a system sorta like the criminal ratings in GTA or smth ? It was good, chaotic fun, and there was a bit of a prize pool at one point for the toughest Prey to beat, but ultimately got taken down when some security and harrassment issues popped up ?

This was followed by my introduction to D&D, which quite frankly sparked an undying interest in my heart for roleplaying; I love D&D to shreds ❤️

My first foray into online roleplaying was through a now-defunct site called The Island, if memory serves me right. It was a Survivor kind of roleplay with a combat-oriented system that had a permadeath mechanic: once your character dies, they stay dead and your account is subsequently purged from the site. It's possible to create a new account/character, but only after a specific tournament season finishes up. It was rather exclusive—took me months to obtain a "ticket" of sorts to join through the waiting list instead of through invitation—but this level of screening produced high-quality works, which was remarkable to see, at the very least. After a while, my interest in it sorta petered out with how long it was taking people to join up ?

Thus the fated meeting of myself and @Csl, who led me to a particular Site that Shall Not Be Named Here, where I got to experience forum roleplaying again after so long. I eventually yeeted out of the site due to a) academic pressure and b) extreme laziness, so once again, I left online roleplaying alone for months, while satisfying the itch with good ol' D&D ?

Then Csl dragged me initially kicking and screaming into Valucre, and well—the rest is history, I found an RP home that could hopefully be permanent, hooray for good writer friends, yadah yadah yadah ❤️?


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Started on one of those virtual chatroom games where you could make an avatar and maps and fly/run around. Was cool but I quickly realized realtime chat rp was hard because it depended on me and the other players being in the same time zone and being online together and having reasonable chunks of time to rp together.

I moved to forum roleplaying (The Site That Shall Not Be Named Here), stayed there for a couple of years while also trying out a bunch of other small sites. Those had a different setup from Valucre and were more grounded in community interaction, character interaction, and were set in waay smaller locations.

Eventually got bored and quit because most were limited in terms of setting/theme and generation of plot and lore was mostly limited to the staff.

Around that time I had already checked Valucre out but was a bit turned off by the amount of lore and how more than a few things seemed unfinished or outdated.

Came back, saw that things were apparently constantly being updated, decided to give it another try.

Then @Ataraxy invited me to be a co-signer of Taen and I got to experience the more familiar tight-knit community, single-location, depth-not-breadth rp I was used to. And now we have a empire so that's neat.

Then I dragged @vielle here, who in a ridiculously short amount of time made like 5 organizations and 20 characters, yeeted to the top of the leaderboard, and is now the one who keeps dragging me into plots. So that's that ?

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I first heard of play-by-post roleplay when I was eleven and observed my friend’s intense love for writing about talking wolves online with other talking wolves. I thought it was an interesting hobby, one that remained somewhere in the corners of my memory when I found myself ten years later searching for fantasy roleplay sites online.

I wanted to break out of writing about writing without actually doing any writing while working on my degree. I thought I wanted to write fantasy because I loved it when I was a kid, roleplay popped into my head because of that relation to childhood and because the idea of interactive worldbuilding and the constant exchange of ideas was intoxicating, badabing badaboom now I’m writing about magic elves and stuff with a ton of wonderful people. 

Valucre stood out to me because of the amount of lore and it was that sweet spot of a set world with creative freedom that I was searching for, and there was also a Legend of Zelda pun in Supernal’s welcoming PM at the time I joined. That’s when I knew this was the place for me.

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My roleplay career all started with a little fantastic anime called Code Geass. Quick/ early side note, but if you have not seen it you should go watch it. It's fantastic and is probably (at least in my opinion) one of the most well made anime ever. 

Anyways, I finished watching R1 and R2 (both seasons) and had a strong desire to rant and talk about my thoughts of what had happened at the end (cause the ending is fucking amazing you have no idea). But I had no where to do that. At first I made a blog on blogspot (I think it was called), but that got real boring real fast cause as much as I enjoy talking to myself feedback is important in keeping me interested. 

At that point I was, idk, maybe 14? My parents didn't allow me to have a real facebook at that time cause #protectiveparents, so I created an account that went under the pseudonym Marik Cayne. Yeah- that Marik Cayne lol

As I was figuring my way around this new world of social media I stumbled upon facebook groups. And, lo and behold, Code Geass facebook groups. But they were all inactive or sucked so I said fuck it and made my own. Now, believe it or not, but this group exploded before I had even really done anything. People just kept adding their friends who added their friends who added their friends. I shit you not, there were thousands of people in that group, all of whom I didn't know except from other Code Geass FB groups. But whatever, it gave me a chance to talk and rant and debate. 

BUT, that's not at all how it went. Somehow, I don't remember exactly how, people started roleplaying and I joined in as "myself" who was actually Marik Cayne and has since been my "main" roleplay character (though now I guess he's more like my OG). By that time I'd already written stuff on Wattpad so I wasn't a "bad writer, though there wasn't much writing involved in little 1-4 line roleplay posts on facebook. it was a cool/ interesting experience that resulted in many thousands of posts. And, for 14/15 year old me, this was pretty fun. I got to talk about Code Geass, roleplay in the world/ out of the world, and meet new, sometimes strange, people. Was also my first experience at "managing" large groups of people. 

Eventually the FB group died and split off into like a hundred sub groups, and I ended up in one that had a lot of the core people from my group but had a setting of some magic school thing. The community was much closer since there were less of us but it got kind of weird and I won't go too much into detail cause my actions and that of others' make me cringe-gag. So skipping that~

After a while it went kaboom cause school started up again and everyone was busy. I didn't really think about roleplaying for a few years after that. It had been an interesting experience but definitely not something that particularly attracted me to continue. Then, at the beginning of my senior year of high school, after some unfortunate events in my romantic life exploded in my face and my birthday past relatively uneventfully, I decided I wanted to do something. I don't exactly remember my reasoning to why that something was roleplaying, but I ended up searching for roleplay sites on google. Tried a few, got asked to do an "adult roleplay" in one. I thought that was more like romance + gore but it turned out to not be that at all so I yeeted the fuck out of that website and never went back. 

At that point I'd been kind of bouncing around between three sites including Valucre. Nothing really kicked up for my in Val for a while until @Chappu posted in one of my open threads, and BOOM. We synced up real fast and went on some crazy IC adventures before I left Valucre. Now, I'll say I left it for College but the reality is I got really caught up in League of Legends and pretty much just did that for like 2 years. 

Then (yeah I know it's a long story, don't read it if ya lame), at the end of my second year of college I was studying a shit tone cause I'd been doing p bad in my classes. Quit League cold turkey and barely used my phone, so I need some sort of outlet. Valucre popped into my mind. Took me a while to log on, changed my name, and finally Ataraxy was born. I haven't been 100% active but I'm usually lurking around even if not in post-rage like Vielle or Aleksei do.

So yeah, Tl;Dr I was bored and sad and typed in roleplay on google. 

-:- All Hail Lelouch Vi Britannia! -:-

/end life story of roleplayer named Ataraxy

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I was like 14 or 15, bored in my attic bedroom, browsing the net for video games, either to play or just news and whatnot. I’m 30 now so some time ago.

Stumbled on a site in Google search dedicated for discussing video games, along with some other forums for this and that. But what caught my eye were these forums that I couldn’t quite comprehend. The members weren’t simply talking about games. They were playing them. With words.

Just seemed like nonsense storytelling to me, till I realized it was shared storytelling. That blew me away. I decided, heck, I wanna tell a story too.

Well this was on a forum dedicated for Tolkien’s Middle-earth, so I hopped in a random thread and decided I’d tell everyone that they were in my character’s forest who was the new warden and they better pay me taxes.

I got lectured and called a newb and a noob. I didn’t know what those words meant but I shrugged it off and decided to be taught. I was going to tell my story one way or the other. I was going to roleplay. I did. Met someone on that forum who proved to be my PVP murderer. She got a kick out of cutting my limbs off as we sparred over the years lol, but she also proved to be my best friend.

Spent about ten years collectively on that site. Met some people I’ll never forget. Off Topic was one of them. Met him on a forum kinda like Alternative: no fixed setting, you could roleplay anything. If I remember right, it was when I did a lot of PVP and I think he thought I was cocky (I probably was) and challenged me. We sparred but I can’t remember who won. More importantly, we became friends afterward, and teamed up to PVP everyone else with that girl I mentioned above lol

Same site different forum, this one catering to Star Wars roleplay. Just another example to me of how awesome roleplay is and how, despite its all too vital inherent rules, the imagination really is the limit.

So for those three forums, I was active on all three. Dark Lord of Middle-earth, Dark Lord of the Sith, Venator second in command (Venators were a PVP group devoted to hunting down vampire PCs, and other bumpy creatures). I made a name for myself, during a time in my roleplay career where I thought making a name mattered lol. All in all, great times.

Well, that site died off over time, and I tried a few others like Gaia, but no cigar. Wasn’t the same. Found another site dedicated to Star Wars roleplay all over, spent a while there. 

Then one day, Off Topic, also searching for a new home, links me to his new favorite site. I look at it and scoff. “Sounds more like “Velcro” to me!” Yet here I am today. I’ve had ups and downs and turnarounds, one hiatus after another, one ‘Goodbye, Valucre’ thread after the other, but here I am. 

Just your friendly neighborhood Shize-Man, searching for that forest to make everyone pay me taxes, and Valucre has shown me ten forests and then some.

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I got into RPing through IRC chat. It all started with a little PC browser game called Dragon Court.

Image result for dragon court game

Image result for dragon court game 93217906.jpg

That Dragon Court. I'm sure some of you here have played it. ONE OF US. ONE OF US.

So I had joined an IRC chat full of Dragon Court aficionados. There, I learned how to RP. I never learned what happened to that group, but it remains one of my fondest memories. From there, I actually downgraded. I played Neopets. There, there's my great shame. Now none of you can use it against me. From there, I moved onto Runescape, and then Silk Road, and then a number of other MMOs, including Flyff, ROSE Online. Then I mostly quit MMOs and RPing in them, and went to Gaia Online. That is where a majority of you people know me from, or know me as having come from. 

From Gaia, I really got into RPIng. I also learned how to be a man attention-whore there. Look, we had cool avatars okay? I was rolling in that E-gold at one time, and it was worth something. I also met a lot of interesting and awesome people there, some of whom I count as really good friends to this day. I also used photobucket a lot during this time.


Whilst on Gaia, I spent most of my time in various fighting threads (and Resident Evil threads, and general hangout threads). It was in one of those threads that I started the character that I'd eventually become most known for, my warrior James Eredas.


He started life as a 18 year old cocky fighting teen inspired (-cough, clone of) by Kyo Kusanagi from King of Fighters. Inspired a life long love of fighting games (and King of Fighters especially). Made a lot of friends, got into many fandoms, became a nerd, got associated with the Gaian Battle Arena, and Leviathan Stadium groups, and the rest is history. Eventually followed a few friends here, and ended up here. Except I already joined Valucre back in 2010 due to a poorly done cross-over event that went nowhere really. 

Oh yeah, I did a few of what we called, FIGHTER cards for people's characters.  Spritework was all the rage back then. Always wanted to get back into it, but I don't exactly have the time or inclination to stare at the screen and painstakingly fill pixels in. (I know @Twitterpated, yours is the very last one I owe). So yeah, that's basically my story.


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Okay I'll be honest with you guys: Undertale left a hole so large in my heart that I needed something to fill it.

Thus — I joined the game's Steam chatroom to discuss the topic with other individuals. To my surprise, I discovered the crazy world of roleplay, and my goodness, were those first months edgy.

Over time, the group slowly disbanded, dwindling in population as people moved on to other things in life. In the end, it was just me.

Having yet another void — this time much larger —, I took to google and started searching for 'online chatroom roleplays.' To my surprise, I found a pretty tight-knit fantasy/sci-fi community on a chatroom website known as the Terbian Nexus, and role-played there for a summer. There, I learned the beauty of world-crafting and narrative continuity. Unfortunately, due to conflicts between administrators, that group disbanded as well...


And boom, googling "fantasy roleplay," I ended up here (after a few intermediate websites which shall not be named)!

@Deus Ex Aizen was the one who hooked me in, and I've been role-playing like this ever since.

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Way, way back in the day, like when our ISP was dial-up from those free disks you got in the mail, AOL used to have these fixed chat rooms. I'm mighty embarrassed to say I got started in an Inuyasha rp chat there... 

Uh, here's something fun(...?)  about Ace -- I met my now-husband in one of those super-early AOL Inuyasha rp chats when we were just babies. How embarrasing~ 

Eventually got an invite to someone's IRC and spent a lot of time in AIM chats until I built up a kind of close network. Then private IM roleplays for a couple of years before I found Gaia circa 2004/5 or so?  Preeetty sure I was still in middle or high school during the Gaia days... but my memory is hella bad. 

And this was my last stop after Gaia. :3 

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On ‎2‎/‎4‎/‎2019 at 5:00 PM, supernal said:

To start us off, I first got started with online roleplay on Yahoo messenger and its user created rooms

Ditto, then to forums! Where I actually met a lot of people I still know here. 

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I was always into storytelling and worldbuilding since younger (I'm currently a comics student), so roleplaying naturally became a curiosity as soon as I discovered it.

I first started roleplaying at RoleplayGateway.com, but didn't get far with any of the roleplays I joined there due to them dying a lot (is that the right term for it?)

So I stopped online roleplay for years, got into Pathfinder and then D&D through a club at my secondary school, but then that began to stagnate due to typical exams and other extracurriculars.

I was then introduced to Space Station 13, but I quickly lost interest in that because it's basically Space Paranoia incarnate and I got very stressed with the controls and mechanics.

THEN I tried PbEM (Play by email) but that was brief because I was hospitalized before the kickoff and missed a lot, so I kind of ghosted (I know it's a bad thing to do so I apologize to them in spirit).

FINALLY I tried looking up roleplay sites again, and Valucre came up. I was expecting another RoleplayGateway, where users create the entirety of their own universe, but found an entirely new concept to me; one consistent world. And so far I'm loving it!

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