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Slang in Terrenus

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  • Gutter guzzler
    • Origin - Tia
    • Definition - Vampires with minimal intellect or impaired self control; a lower class of vampire who feeds off rodents and animals outside of their own species
  • Junker
    • Origin - Hell's Gate
    • Definition - Fringe citizen who makes a living salvaging broken or obsolete magitech, either selling it for scraps (which can be very lucrative depending on the item) or repairing and reselling it 
  • Suujali
    • Origin - Ursa Madeum
    • Definition - A colloquial term referring to the practice of human trafficking in and out of Ursa Madeum during the reign of Damien the Tyrant and his infamous arcane barrier
  • Twistling scum 
    • Origin - Yh'mi
    • Definition - A backstabber or betrayer. Twistlings are masters of disguise capable of changing their features and mimicking behavior on demand. When confronted or attacked they revert to their original form (humanoid with large claw-hands) and try to kill you

These terms were crowd-sourced in the Terrenus slang chat thread. If you have any ideas feel free to suggest them there 

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