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Die Shize

Kolvern "Red Hands" Rikalsky

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Kolvern "Red Hands" Rikalsky


Character Theme



By Day

He is Kolvern Rikalsky, the head of Cyclone, Inc., a growing player of Palgard

By Night

He is Red Hands, a brutal and vindictive villain whose crimes are gaining notoriety throughout the City of Chaos. 

781_22818_l.jpg-:- Kolvern Rikalsky -:-

40 Years Old

Dark Brown Hair

Gey-Green Eyes

Light Skintone

Owner, founder, CEO and Chairman of Cyclone, Inc.

Six feet three inches tall

250 LBS

Muscular Build

Projects Himself Through Cyclone as a Liberator of Anarchy










-:- Red Hands-:-


Wears a mask that covers identity

Main colors are Black and Red

Appears to commit random crimes

Kills at will

Has been reported all throughout Palgard

Expert at hand to hand combat

Fists are his primary weapon,
though has used other 'tools' depending on the crime

Secret Identity: Unknown


Ruby-knuckled 'red hands' that can transform at will
from regular human hands and can cast lightning

Enhanced Reflexes

Enhanced Strength

 Enhanced Durability

High intelligence and hyper awareness

Technologically adept, with special designs in both his dress suits and villain suit

Limited Flight

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