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Cory "Poltergeist" Karsk

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Cory "Poltergeist" Karsk




By Day

He is Cory Karsk, a seemingly average man who works as a freelance reporter and blogger throughout Palgard

By Night

He is Poltergeist, a mysterious assassin capable of murdering targets without leaving a trace of his existence


727529a5c8def8743d889fc119047e48--leonard-mccoy-karl-urban.jpg-:- Cory Karsk -:-

38 Year Old

Dark Hair

Blue eyes


Free-lance reporter and blogger

Six feet one inches Tall

170 LBS

Average Build

Spends most of his time in coffee houses, bars, restaurants or other social settings

Despite having many friends and acquaintances, nobody seems to know a thing about him



10440232-288-k440464.jpg-:- Poltergeist -:-

Will conduct assassinations during the night and day

During daytime missions, he will appear as Cory Karsk

At night, will appear to just be a man in a hood

Favors telekinetically strangling people to death

Will also use other objects as weapons, especially if it is a fitting or ironic item to kill the person with

Usually kills on behalf of criminal organizations, but is known to kill for pleasure as well

Is not otherwise armed

Because of the nature of his abilities, it always appears as though the target was killed by an invisible attacker


Secret Identity: Unknown



Known abilities:

Advanced telekinesis

Undetectable on cameras, scanners or other technology

Life force cannot be sensed by magic-users



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