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Hi all!

This is a thread checking to see if anyone would like to accompany my character, Abel Solvei, as he accompanies @Rabbit's character through the wondrous and enthralling Fantas-Menagerie owned and hosted and secured and beautified by the one, the only @-Lilium-.

Not sure if we're going to stir up some trouble or just have a ball, but come and join our romp through mystique! Accepting 1-2 additional players (and of course any additions by @-Lilium- always invited).

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Well gee whiz, cowpoke, yactin' like a gosh darn acorn calf without the whistle for a halloo or a hallow. Yask me, some misters just can't coat their throat to save their whiskeyed irons like a man-a-hangin'.

Yep put'n me down for wunna those rootin' tootin' hootnannies and I'll be yer mister, mister. Love mahself a good ole rodeo where we can wake the snakes and get a wiggle awn!

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