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A Heist in the Mountains

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A wisp of air, Dan slipped into Ethan's room. He silently got behind him, and lowered himself to his ear. Dan's mouth materialized right beside it, and spoke one word.


Ethan yelped and fell over in surprise. Dan materialized laughing his ass off at him. He absolutely loved it; scaring a son of Hades was like stealing from a son of Hermes: basically impossible. So when it happened, it was always glorious.

"Goddammit Dan-o!!"
"Oh don't be such a baby. Get yourself dressed, we got a job."
Dan rolled his eyes. "Thieves' lingo. We have a potential heist or something similar. My little birds have told me that groups of people have been going to Alterion in droves."
"So? People can move."
"Yeah, I'm totally telling you this just from that. Some of them have been really tall and fat. And the witnesses have all reported trouble focusing on their eyes. You know what that means."
"Cyclopes. Damn."

"Exactly. Leo's already dressed and packed. I got us a flight booked, we're leaving in 10 minutes."

Dan left, and began to finish his own prep. Mainly this meant changing into his "work clothes".


Image result for persona 5 joker

After they had arrived, and Dan gleaned where the caravan of monsters and people were heading, the three of them: Dan Palmer, Ethan Nagamura, and Leo Vasquez were walking up the Kageroth Mountains. Well, two of them were walking. Dan was floating above the ground using his wind powers.

"Are we sure they're here?"
"Yes. We're almost there, Leo don't worry about it."

Dan looked to Ethan. "So, you ready Shadow Boy? These guys won't be drunk and stupid. Our first REAL heist together."

"Oh yeah. We need a cool name for ourselves. And Ethan REALLY needs a better name. He's totally copying you by calling himself Jester. And a new wardrobe. Those bells are the least stealthy thing like... ever. Any ideas?"

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Ethan stopped walking for a second and pulled out a water bottle before drinking deeply. "Fine fine. What ideas do you have Dan-o?" He asked as he stuck out his tongue. "And Leo if you think my costume sucks why dont you help me whip something else up?" Ethan pulled out a cigarette and lit it lazily before taking a deep drag off it. "With my ability to appear and disappear through shadows maybe we go with something like 'The Wraith'?" He takes another long drag off the cigarette and blows smoke rings into the sky. 

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"Hmmm... Ideas for a name..... Masked Phantoms?"

"Wait, Me? I ain't no Athena boy, I can't do any of that sewing mierda. If you want armor or weapons or gadgets or gaming systems or really really cool ways to operate stuff, I'm your boy. Well, no... I'm Dan's boy and Dan's boy only, but I can make stuff for ya. You just gotta bring me the stuff to do it with. Like the blacksmith in RPGs. Except I'm way hotter and cooler. And better. Maybe we should go shopping and get you a better outfit. From someone who can do looms and arts and crafts and stuff and-"

"Leo. Babe. Calm down. Stop talking for a sec and take a breath."

Leo obligingly stopped talking for a minute. Dan smiled. He loved Leo, including his little quirks. Like Never shutting up, constantly having to move something, needing to constantly be tinkering with something or planning to tinker with something.
Although his 'cool ways to operate stuff' usually meant starting out wanting to simplify things like turning lights on and off, but ending up making things WAY complicated. Like having to clap twice, spin in place once, and do the zombie dance from Thriller, all while singing the opening theme to God of War, just to turn the lights in the room on and off.

Dan looked down, wondering yet again why Leo refused to wear shoes. even when going into the mountains. He appreciated it, he preferred a barefoot Leo actually, but he didn't know WHY. He suspected that it was because he himself didn't wear them, but he wasn't sure.

"Hmmm.... Wraith. Joker, Pyro, and Wraith. If you're gonna be Wraith... maybe...."
Dan opened his hand and used conjuration magic to conjure an outfit in Ethan's size.



Image result for overwatch Reaper cosplay outfit

"Something like this?"

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Ethan takes one last hit off his cigarette and then flicks it off the cliff. Leo was a trip. His brain always went a mile a minute. Ethan just chuckled silently and shook his head. After a moment Dan conjured up an outfit. Ethan looked it up and down before getting a devious grin on his face and exclaiming. "Its perfect Dan-o! I swear sometimes you know me better than myself." With that he started shedding his clothes right then and there. Once changed he put all of his old clothes in his bag and put the mask on the back of his head. "So where to now gents?"

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Ethan stripping right in front of them was enough to turn both of the younger demigod boys on. Being a son of Hades, he was paler than both of them, but the point still stood.
Both of them shook the feeling from themselves; This was not the time to start making out because Ethan started getting them hot and bothered.

"Its in the mountains. I can feel something on the wind."

"Whoa, someone's gettin' all Lord of the Rings on us."

"Ha ha."

All joking aside, inside of 10 minutes, the smell of sweating cyclopes hit Dan like a truck. And it wouldnt be long before the others got it too.
Once they cleared the next ridge, they saw it. Monsters in droves; Lamias, Cyclopes, Manticores, Dracenae, Telkhines, they were EVERYWHERE. Swarming around what looked like a massive mining site into the mountains.
Dan also spotted hellhounds, but his powers of wind and air control kept their scents right where they were to avoid being spotted.

"Hey uhh, guys? I think we found it."

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