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Genesaris Artifacts

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As with the rest of the lore and information articles concerning Genesaris, the artifacts thread is getting an update. I'm also going to use this opportunity to trim down the number of artifacts by a significant amount. The hope is to increase the impact/value of the artifacts that do get listed while also opening up room for potential growth. I feel that artifacts should be as rare as they are powerful, but also have strong roots in the board they're native to. Moving forward, any item on this list will follow those general principles.

Any individuals holding artifacts from the previous Genesaris artifact list should contact me so that we can discuss the power of said item under the scope of the current rules.




In Progress

  1. Power Stone: Patience is Power
  2. Space Stone: A Master of Space and Self.
  3. Time Stone: Run From It (It Arrives All The Same).
  4. Mykur: The Thorn Imperium.


  1. Reality Stone: Hardest Choices; Strongest Wills.
    Owner: Anatase Mafic.
  2.  Baeoi: Quenching the Madame's Thirst.
    Owner: Linda Linda.
  3. Mind Stone: Infinite Potential.
    Owner: Ankou Lethe.
  4. Soul Stone: Soul Stone: Mr. Stark I don't feel so good.
    Owner: Lilith Reiter.
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The Lost Blades of Power

The most powerful weapons in Genesar history, the three Lost Blades of Power are said to contain a sliver of the High Lord’s essence. It is unknown exactly how the weapons came into existence. Some say they are the masterpiece of a nameless blacksmith of legend, determined to create the ultimate weapons in the world. Others say they were fashioned by the High Lords themselves, cast into the world as part of the endless game gods play with their mortal servants. To what end, contemporaries can only speculate.

Mention of the blades can be found throughout history, their appearance often marking a radical change in government or extended period of bloody conflict. Entire kingdoms have risen from their power and fallen from man’s insatiable desire to possess them. It has been over five thousand years since any of the blades were last seen, and they have since passed into myth and legend.


Mykur [Darkness]

Legendary Weapon

A blade forged in honor of the Zenhariel, High Lord of Darkness.

The sword of night, it is said that it could swallow the sun with its darkness. The greatsword's blade is pure black, dark as the abyss, and drinks in the light of nearby sources. The crossguard is violet and ornate, connected to a pommel that is wrapped in dense leather. At the end sits a large amethyst.

Blade of Power (Passive): As a legendary weapon, this sword can negate the abilities of other non-legendary Genesar relics in its proximity. It is a powerful spell-slicer, and can also cut through all inanimate objects. The blade, once owned, is summoned to the user’s hand.

Drungir (Ascendant): Darkness incarnate, Mykur grants its wielder absolute control over their shadow-- while also providing a certain degree of sentience --and the neutral shadows surrounding them. The most prominent ability, however, is that it can inflict grievous injuries to individuals by cutting their shadow. Furthermore, the blade itself mysteriously emits a shadow in all conditions, even total darkness.

Unnamed (Legendary):


Solarljos [Sunlight]

Legendary Weapon

A blade forged in honor of the Aletheiar Alazar, High Lord of Light.

The sword of light, it is said that it could burn away the darkest night with its flames. The greatsword looks as though it were cast from smoldering molten steel, stained black. The crossguard is warped, misshapen, and smoked, its pommel forged from an ornately twisted spire of steel and blunted at the end. Its charred blade is coiled with smoke and flecked with embers.

Blade of Power (Passive): As a legendary weapon, this sword can negate the abilities of other non-legendary Genesar relics in its proximity. It is a powerful spell-slicer, and can also cut through all inanimate objects. The blade, once owned, is summoned to the user’s hand.

Reinigen (Ascendant): The embodiment of light and fire, Solarljos grants its wielder absolute control over all flames (supernatural and otherwise). Furthermore, the blade is said to contain the “fury of the sun.” It emits a flame so immensely hot they cannot be seen by mortal eyes, cloaking the user in a fiery protective aura capable of eradicating those that stray too close.

Unnamed (Legendary):


Baeoi [Both]

Legendary Weapon

A blade forged in honor of the Ryzerus, High Lord of Neutrality.

The sword of dusk and dawn, it is said to be the only force capable of uniting fire and shadow. It is a greatsword of peerless beauty, with a blade that shimmers gray. The crossguard is of simple make, black and laced with cold. The pommel is fashioned from polished mahogany wood. At its end sits a large sphere which holds either the sunrise or sunset within it, depending on which is occurring.

Blade of Power (Passive): As a legendary weapon, this sword can negate the abilities of other non-legendary Genesar relics in its proximity. It is a powerful spell-slicer, and can also cut through all inanimate objects. The blade, once owned, is summoned to the user’s hand.

Zusammen (Ascendant): The blade of healing, durability, and balance. Baeoi grants the user superhuman levels of durability (nigh indestructibility) and agelessness. It can cure any known disease or ailment, remove any status effect, and is said even to be able to resurrect the dead. The blade cannot kill, however. Those it cuts, it heals. The most powerful ability of this blade, however, is that it can seal away the abilities of the other two blades.

Beannachdan (Legendary): The final ability of the Lost Sword, Baeoi is capable of amplifying or inhibiting supernatural abilities. Referred to as "blessing" or "unblessing," the former allows the sword to significantly increases the effectiveness of a spell or ability (in combative terms this would be equivalent to applying a 3-prep modifier to any spell/ability once every other use). Alternatively, the latter emits an aura that reduces the effectiveness of all spells/abilities within its range (5m range from the wielder; this effects all abilities that are not the user's). These two abilities can be used simultaneously. 


Note: As legendary artifacts (s-class), these weapons occupy all of a player's artifact limit [3]. If a player already possesses an artifact upon the completion of their legendary quest, they will automatically forfeit said artifact.

Acquiring these weapons, and subsequently obtaining their full power, is a three-part quest chain. The first step is the actual quest to obtain the blade in its dormant state, where only the sword's passive ability will be available to you. The second step requires the player to complete three role-plays with their blade. There is no post requirement for this step, only that the threads be written to completion (whatever their stories may be). The third and final step is a thread in which the player unlocks the full potential of the weapon (It should be noted that the threads for the second and third step do not need to be quest-styled. However, whatever you choose to do, the main point of the thread should be unlocking the blade’s secrets).

In addition to acquiring the weapon itself, the first players to claim each of these swords will be allowed to create their artifact's legendary ability!

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The Genesar Cornerstones

The Genesar Cornerstones, often referred to simply as the Cornerstones, are said to be slivers of the primordial building blocks of existence made manifest. Each opaque gem is shaped like a small oval and is named after, and represents, a different characteristic of existence. Possessing any single Cornerstone grats the user the ability to command whatever aspect of life it represents.

It is unknown exactly how these powerful items came into existence. There are some that believe Genesaris itself, with its overabundance of the arcane, birthed the gems. Others say that, like the Lost Blades of Power, they are the creations of the pantheon to toy with the minds and ambitions of men.

The six Cornerstones are Soul, Time, Space, Mind, Reality, and Power.



Orange in color, this allows the user to steal, control, manipulate, and alter living and dead souls. It also grants the user the ability to use these souls as a means for power.




Green in color, this allows the user to see into the past and glimpse images of the future (story-use only); stop (story-use only), slow down or speed up time (think ‘slow’ and ‘haste’); age and de-age beings, and obtain immortality by ceasing to age, themselves.




Blue in color, this allows the user to exist in any location (i.e., the bottom of the ocean without being crushed, or without needing to breathe) and teleport themselves and others to any location. They can also summon or banish any object to their immediate vicinity.




Yellow in color, this allows the user to enhance their mental and psionic abilities and access the thoughts and dreams of other beings. This gem opens every psionic pathway to the user, allowing them to obtain total mental dominance.




Red in color, this allows the user to access the power of metacreativity, allowing them to fulfill their wishes by creating all that they desire. It also grants the user the ability to conjure incredibly powerful illusions.




Purple in color, this allows the user to access and manipulate all forms of energy. In doing so, they can significantly enhance their physical strength and durability, any preexisting superhuman ability, and boost the effects of the other five Cornerstones.


Note: A player may only obtain a single Cornerstone [1] through questing (s-class). If they desire to have more, they will need to acquire them from the other players that have managed to secure one. As exotic items, these do not count toward the 2-maximum relic limit. In theory, a player will be able to acquire all six.

However, for the sake of fairness-- as not everyone can finish their quest in a matter of days --and wanting to give every player a chance to actually enjoy their obtained item (and maybe even conjure some fantastic stories inside of Genesaris with it), it has been decided that the cornerstone quests will not be subject to meaningful interruption. To avoid major stagnation in regards to the quest, I will closely monitor their activity. Threads that go too long without a post will be deemed defunct and stone in question will be made available once again.

It should be noted that these are Genesar items, and as such, the full extent of their power should only be expected to be allowed within Genesaris. While they will still be applicable around the rest of the forum and quite useful, you shouldn’t expect the other board leaders to abide by the laws and rules of this specific forum-space.

That said, the Cornerstones have been purposefully left open-ended in terms of what they can and can’t do. This has been done to give players more creative leeway with how they are used. I have a ceiling in mind, so when in doubt, shoot me a PM with what you want to do and I will tell you if it’s cool or not. If they are found being abused or causing issues, modifications and stricter limitations will be enforced. While these are listed as "artifacts", they're more story elements than actual items. That is why I have not counted them toward the relic count.

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Genesaris Artifacts

A land shrouded in mystery and rife with magic and power, Genesaris has given birth to some of the most powerful—if not interesting—ever seen. From legendary swords with the power to topple nations to flutes capable of charming the most ferocious of beasts into submission, the land has a wide array of unique treasures waiting to be found. But all power has its costs—some greater than others.


Yokai’s Thread 


This miraculous thread is created from the hair fibers of demons. A single spool is said to be endless, any material that can be penetrated by the thread is able to be sewn or stitched together. Once complete, the bound objects fuse seamlessly with one another. This thread isn’t necessarily easy to find, and when found it is rather expensive. Be forewarned, it is said that the material is cursed.

Soulbound (Passive): This item becomes bound to the finder/user. The spool remains infinite so long as it has a living host to leech of the essence of life energy. Excessive use becomes apparent by the user first aging at an accelerated rate before ultimately experiencing necrotizing of the flesh.

Semi-sentient (Active): Once the user has acquired an understanding of the thread, he is able to give some command to it, in which it may move to the whim of the user. For instance, if the user has no free hands, they can still use this thread for it's intended purpose. Likewise, even with hands manipulating the spool, additional actions can be made by the thread according to the user's will.


Kemono no Furuto [Beast Flute]


Not as common as the items listed above, though not quite rare, the beast flute is said to attract any fauna able to hear its song. With experience, one can learn specific melodies capable of attracting certain types of creatures over others. Likewise, the flute may be played in a way that naturally deters beasts within hearing range of its song. Good luck learning how to use it properly!

A Call in the Wild (Passive): Once the owner learns to properly play the instrument, which naturally comes through practice, the sounds of the flute either attract or deter creatures according to the particular tune or note carried.

Beast Tamer (Active): Once proficient enough, the expert musician may use more complex songs to not only attract and repel creatures in nature, but to manipulate and control them. Careful! If the animals are lost from the user's control, they too may be subjected to the beast's they deigned themselves worthy to control.


Tsuki no Manto 


A lightweight vantablack cloak that seems to absorb the light immediately about it. Legend has it that this cloak originally belonged to a powerful sorcerer, in which he could become completely invisible when exposed directly to the moon’s light. This particular sorcerer was last seen headed from New Union City, moving due north-northwest for the Valhetien Desert in search for the coven of witches congregated there.

Silhouette (Passive): While worn in the day or in light, the cloak absorbs light immediately around the figure, bending the light just far enough to not be taken by the vantablack material. This renders the wearers finer details unseen by the naked eye, obscuring any viewers perception.

Tsukiyomi (Active): During night time, when the wearer is exposed directly to the moon's light, this cloak renders them invisible. The amount of invisible is purely dependent on the fullness of the moon on any particular night ranging from transparent to completely invisible. 


Sagi-shi no Fudo 


The hood of the deceiver. This plum colored hood provides a rather daunting shadow over the face of the wearer in which only their mouth and chin can be seen. While wearing this hood in full cowl, the wearer is said to be able to tell lies that appear to be the truth. While this rumor is unconfirmed, one could wager that some lies are simply too ineffable to pass as truth, or are they? The whereabouts of this particular item are unknown.

As Wise as Serpents (Passive): While worn, full hood or not, the wearer cannot be lied to. They are given arcane knowledge of any lie told unto them. This does not grant them the truth, though they know when speech is untrue.

Sooth Sayer (Active): While worn full cowl, the wearer is capable of telling even the most ridiculous of lies and be believed. The bigger the lie, the more the lied to try to justify and validate their beliefs over a claim. This may lead to some semblance of insanity, as well as a failure to differentiate between what is and is not reality. Careful, the wearer may also find themselves questioning reality should they so much as mentally lie to themselves.


Note: Any and all relics posted in this section fall directly under the rules of the standardized relic ruleset.

credits to Twitterpated for sagi-shi no fudo, tsuki no manto, kemono no furuto, and yokai's thread.

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