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A challenge for unusual characters

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Once upon a time I had a character that was like... imagine a thestral, without wings, but looked more like a dog.

I can't remember what he was called. Or what he was.

But - this makes me kinda wanna bring him back.

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24 minutes ago, Grubbistch said:

Here it is!


A Fallen (Destiny) meets an arakkoa!

One of those roleplays where the characters stay in one spot, in this case for a page, but the excitement was in the atmosphere, the unknown and the dialogue.

My character, a Fallen, was never written with prior to the thread. Was interesting to explore him in Valucre, even just at a merchant’s stall, and there was a bit of an unspoken parallel between my entirely alien character and Grubs’ arakkoa within a society where different races are discriminated against.

All in all, a fun rp!

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