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Mr Stark I don't feel so good [Relic Quest]

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There was little to be said or done at this point, Lilith had spoken her orders and therefore they were to be followed to the T. Once the portal opened Caim let the others go first before slowly opening a pocket vortex to replace the FangBlade with his Katana. The blackened blade hummed with fury as Caim approach the bloodmarsh. 

Stepping through his eyes narrowed slightly in irritation at the creatures who surrounded them. The one whom sought to strike Samael was the first to fall as Caim countered the strike with a single slash at the limb. Cutting the beasts arm in two Caim’s rainbow eyes turned blood red with hunger. ‘Diablous heed my call. Feast upon the enemies..’ The severed limb shriveled up the iron product of its blood was then pooled in a orb before boy.  ‘Feast on them..’ Clenching the right hand the katana was held in the left facing the enemy before them.  

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Image result for fantasy creaturesGreen vines. Angry, powerful looking green vines. 

That was the first thing Mercury saw after she skipped giddily through Ankou's portal next to Cerin. Then her vampire instincts and reflexes kicked in. Fangs bared and eyes flashing a red comparable to the Commander's, the little vampire soared forward from the moment she touched down in the marsh. Her nails lengthened, slashing out at the marsh vines with a ferocity that split the first whip into two. Cleanly. She was rather proud of that strike. Very smooth. If the Commander had been there, she might have even received an approving nod. The thought brought a smile to her face. Maybe even more blood cones!

"Why are there so many vinessss," Mercury complained a she bounced around cutting through them with her wolverine-like nails. It wasn't until all of the Paragons, Lilith, and some weird dude in all black armor had arrived and the portals closed that the area around them suddenly lit up, a cerulean glare enveloping the area as if a discolored bolt of lightning had just struck. And, out of the swamp water not an eight of a mile away from the group, roared a creature which Mercury had no idea what the fuck it was, so, the brilliant child vampire she was, dubbed the, whatever-the-fucks. 

"Whatever-the-fucks approaching!" she warned in a voice that was both cautious and excited. That was right up until the moment when she dropped from mid air and landed face first in a pile of mud. "W-what?" 

Her abilities were being slowly drained from her. 



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When the portal opened, Cerin lagged behind the initial push, leaving the designated paragons to breach the unknown first before following them through and emerging into a battle. Already, the marsh air was filled with the clamor of conflict. Hades barked in alarm. A motion by her side and Mercury tore into the swamp beast that had reared up in front of them. Cerin swore in surprise and threw her arms up in defense. In response, the ground heaved and a spot beneath the vines turned foul with the stench of rotting swamp debris that clawed its way to the surface. It clutched the base of the creature and held it still for another attack before it pulled lifeless vines and organic material into the mound.

She recognized this as the same ability that she had summoned in panic on the quest for Mori. However, this time it came quickly and instinctively. She was enjoying her new power. Cerin planted herself in the mud and focused, drawing the control out of instinct and into conscious thought. The mass shifted as she wrapped her mind around the energy. It suddenly split off in diverging directions, shooting along the ground wherever Cerin could perceive combat. It would grab at the feet and bases of enemies, slowing and constricting their movements, while leaving allies relatively untouched. Where it touched dead matter, the mass absorbed the organic bits.

Something roared not far away and Mercury was yelling about something coming. Hades changed from a bark to a low whine. All of a sudden, the control slipped from Cerin and the mass collapsed back into the ground. Try as she might, she couldn’t take hold of it again. The cult’s power seemed to have left her. Fear grabbed hold of the necromancer. “What the hell is happening?” She yelled over the commotion.

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"Noo bitch! You bitch!" 

Sephys fell through the portal grasping for something he had never located. Tumbling through a patch of swampy water and landing on his feet, Sephys erected himself to his full height. The water lapped only inches above his knees. Portals were nothing new to him, and he quickly deduced that this place wasn't either. He hadn't called it Bloodstone Marsh in his time, but he had been to a land of similar proportions. You get to understanding global geography when you have an express ride anywhere on a giant named the Terror.

"Did you see how she just grabbed me!?" Sephys was clearly surprised by lil' Lilith's strength, imploring that the others understand him. "The bitch, the woman, just grabbed me and told me what to do!" He finished stomping a midget-sized swamp beast into the water with his half-ton boot, securing the notion that he was initially more concerned with someone touching, much less dragging him anywhere, than with the threat of the beasts. Vines squirmed up out of the water, wrapping around Sephys' arms, and using his foot to continuously pin the beast to the ground, he grabbed onto the vines coiled up his arms and ripped them from their vessel with wreckless abandon, still on his tirade about being pulled places. "I was just doing my afternoon stalk, looking for Archibald, and the she-devil brings me here! For what, to be a her weed whacker?"

More vines extended upward from the water and helixed up his left arm, so he released the poor creature from underwater and bludgeoned it with concussive force into the main mass of another swamp beast. This reminded him of his conquests into Max's Marshlands, an indescribable swamp of great power and warlike segregation he doubted the yung'uns of today's age would understand.

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She passed through the portal, the other cartel members just a few steps behind her. They all dropped into the portal and yet she felt something strange. Somehow their power's are all waning. But the Pretty Paragon was undaunted, unperturbed. She had been fighting such uphill battles ever since she was human. Now that she has become a monster herself, such inconveniences were beneath her. 

As a precaution, the Pretty Paragon unleashed the power of the inferior version of Heaven's Armor. One could say it was a replica, but in reality, it was an offspring of the armor. When the Mistress quested for the legendary blade Baeoi, she gave up claim to the armor and instead took a few chips off it and gave it to every cartel member. That little metallic chip later repaired itself and grew into a new armor but way weaker than the original. Still, any protection is better than nothing and every woman should at least have the modicum amount of protection for themselves. That much is true and is rather important in more ways than one.

The rustling metal underneath her clothes soon turned into a skin-tight armor which covered her very skin and even took on the same color. Now the Pretty Paragon was fully clothed with the inferior armor which worked more like a skimpy catsuit than actual armor.

Logic aside, the monster's roar and its disgustingly ugly appearance somewhat concerned the pretty paragon. Seeing the whiny vampire girl fall out of the sky only confirmed the Pretty Paragon's thoughts-


Still, she will not falter in the face of this unnecessarily perverse adversity. Even with those mass of tentacle-like vine appendages, the Pretty Paragon was confident she would muster the courage to face the rather kinky aBomination head on. Unsheathing both her swords, she moved towards the dirty vampire and sneered at it.

"Stand up, Mer! Stop whining. I know you can do better than this."

With her words finally uttered, the Pretty Paragon leads the charge, her recently conjoined blades seeming to glow in excitement. Even as her power waned, her resolution grew in opposition. She will kill this fucking B-rate movie beast no matter the cost, even if she has to sacrifice her flesh as the price. Such grotesque absurdity must not breed and spread past this marsh. The Pretty Paragon will protect the dignity and chastity of all the other members within the cult, and perhaps the other innocent being within this region. This is a duty she, the Pretty Paragon will accomplish without hesitation or reservation. She will do what must be done.

And so she leads the charge with a roar. "PARAGONS! TO BATTLE!"

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The beasts were on him as soon as he exited the portal, but Ankou had been prepared, and launched a wave of death aura to meet his attackers. As soon as the aura made contact with the whipping tendrils withered and crumbled, as the life was drained from them. Looking around, he saw that he had come out near the strange armored man that Lilith had decided to bring with them. He decided to approach him, and as he did so he heard the man cursing the Lunar Daughter out, and his eyes narrowed. Extending his hand, he summoned his scythe, and reached out with it to put the blade right next to the big mans throat, stopping short of actually touching him.

"Speak of her that way again, and this marsh will be your grave."

As he was admonishing the armored man, he heard more swamp monsters coming out, and threw another death wave at them. But this time the wave barely traveled ten feet before it seemed to crumble and dissipate. Clearly his powers were being suppressed, which would make things more difficult to be sure. However, one didn't live a thousand years relying on the same trick. Twirling the scythe in his hands, he cleaved through multiple tendrils as they rocketed toward them. The virus borne by the scythe acted slower than usual, but soon the creatures began to weep blood from different orifices and thrashing around before going still.

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