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Mr Stark I don't feel so good [Relic Quest]

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Doctore Creed on Instagram: ““I was happy to see mother as she blessed me with her beautiful flowers and crown,even though there was one thing that I hated,winter,in…”Lilith looked down at the older necromancer kneeling before her with an odd expression. The moment he'd knelt, her eyes would have glazed over as hundreds of memories from past lives flooded before her causing Lilith to miss the blackspear's exit. Each of the memories produced a similar scene. The Lunar Daughter stood upright in a state of sovereignty as another figure knelt before her. Sometimes man, sometimes woman, sometimes dragon. There didn't seem to be a rhyme or reason for it. The Lunar Daughter placed her hand upon the kneeling figure's head and granted them guardianship.

A sudden voice echoed in her thoughts.




"The Lunar Knight." 

As she came to, Lilith realized that her eyes had closed. Opening them and seeing Ankou still kneeling before her, she nearly reached out to emulate the actions she'd seen depicted in her memories. In a rare action completely separate from the will of her ancestors, Lilith asked the necromancer with curiosity. "Ankou, have you ever heard of a Lunar Knight?"

Ankou narrowed his eyes slightly and nodded. "I have."

In response Lilith only tilted her head to the side with personal curiosity. The soul stone, adding to her power, had finally given her an edge against the invading thoughts of her ancestors. Slowly but surely, Lilith's own thoughts would once again be dominator. 

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Full Summary: After hearing rumors that the Soul Stone's energy had been spotted somewhere in the New Union Frontier, Lilith handpicks a few of her Paragons to Genesaris, leaving Terrenus behind. Sensing their approaching presences, the Soul Stone reaches out its power toward them and creates an anti-supernatural field around itself. Forced to act with the strength of a mere mortal, the members of the Cult of Power struggle to continue their way forward. After a handful of fights and close calls, at the very edge of their ability to survive, Lilith spots a glimmer in the black pit separating the divided members. With the knowledge of her ancestors suggesting a hidden portal, Lilith orders her members to follow and she dives into the seemingly endless pit of darkness. On the other side is a vast ocean with a single island at its center. The other members try to escape as well, but Ankou is blocked by the portal's guardian: a type of Kraken creature. He holds off the beast while Lilith and co head toward the Soul Stone. Once they reach the island, the anti-magic field is dispelled for Ankou, and they realize that it hadn't been active in the portal space. Lilith is confronted with a variety of obstacles and trials blocking her way, but after having thousands of holes drilled into her, millions of poison ant bites, and a mountain of rocks dropped on her, Lilith, battered but not beaten, finally takes ownership of the Genesaris Cornerstone. She then forces it into Zengi's Gauntlet, effectively combining their powers and almost blasting her arm off from the surge of competing powers. 

Short Summary: Lilith Reiter, along with her Paragons, battle their way through mythical beasts and blood-curdling tests to finally obtain the Genesari Soul Stone. 

Thread Achievements: Genesaris Cornerstone: Soul Stone


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