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The Unusual Peddlar; Breaking Through Hyperion; The Sowing of The Neverend Plague

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Not entirely sure. You just want me to dump this pitcher down like rain?

Claudette asked as she looked at Iblis a bit puzzled. Though she didn't let go of his hand as she didn't like the idea of falling to her death. She looked down to see the district and tilted her head. 

Would be easier to do that than just walk aimlessly through the city. Though is this the first step to spread my plague?

The ice princess asked again as she wasn't sure what Iblis was up to. She had no idea how djinns worked or their true goals with dealing with others. So she wondered if this was a trap or something. Claudette truly didn't know.

And she hated being in the dark.

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Iblis chuckled, "Of course my dear. Scatter the seeds to the wind, and let them take root in the city below. Here, let me show you."

The djinn reached into the seething contents of the pitcher and retrieved a handful of shards, which seemed to have no effect on him. Then he opened his hand and let the wind carry the seeds away, floating gently down to the people below. Each one seemed to find catch the attention of a person, who would pick them up, or snatch them out of the air. Iblis turned to Claudette and gestured for her to do the same.

"Simple, isn't it?"

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Claudette remained silent as she watched Iblis drop some of the seeds from the pitcher. She watched as the humans picked them up greedily betwixt their fingers. 

It made her smile. 

It couldn't be that easy though. She could feel there was another catch to this somewhere the djinn wasn't telimg her. And the ice princess wanted to know but didn't ask. 

Seems easy enough. And this will reach even higher people than the citizens? Though I am not sure this is just all you want to help me with. 

She asked carefully. Claudette didn't want to upset Iblis at the moment as he could just drop her there and then. However, she was curious. Intrigued even. Claudette reached in to the pitcher, grabbed some of the seeds and sprinkled them down below. 

It can't be this easy can it? They don't even know they're grabbing tainted seeds? And becoming willingly infected. Humans aren't bright at times.

Claudette sighed softly. She watched more of the humans grab the seeds without questioning where they came from or who.

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"Indeed, their curiosity is one of their greatest virtues, but unchecked by wisdom, it is often their downfall."

Iblis grabbed another handful of seeds and scattered them, watching as down below hapless citizens picked them up; completely unaware of the danger they presented. He could tell that Claudette was apprehensive about trusting him, and he couldn't reasonably blame her for that. Djinn had a reputation among mortals for being deceitful and wicked; one that was not unearned. While he considered himself more honest then other examples of Djinn, he had still conned more than his share of people over the years. But if this partnership was going to work, he needed Claudette to trust him.

"The Arcadia district is home to the seat of the Hyperion government. Your plague stands a better chance here of infecting someone important than anywhere else in the city."

He turned to smile at her, "Now why don't you ask the question that is so obviously on your mind?"

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Claudette sighed as she looked at Iblis. It was a question that plagued her righteous heart, well what little she had left. The djinn had seemed to catch on to her silent thoughts, the dark path she took to save her sister only to claim her as well. She said nothing for a moment afraid to admit the ruse she been playing.

Though it was only to be cautious. Only to keep herself safe. Yet, she felt that she had something in common with the djinn. Something that she didn't want to admit to just yet. For now she shook her head as she closed her eyes for a moment. Then she opened them.

She broke the silence that grew then.

I wanted to know if you'd join me in a partnership. You see, this plague is about more than just getting new members to a cult. I want to see them suffer, turn into monsters they hide. And then subdued into slavery. Slaves to serve the mirror.

Claudette then dropped more of the seeds, watching the greedy hands to catch them. Shoving the bits into their mouths. Rumors had stated eating one would change your life forever. Well, in some ways it was true. The ice princess shook her head once more.

I want to spread such sorrow to Hyperion and its land that people suffer. I want them to rot from inside and become that mask they hide.[

The ice princess looked down then. It would spread to their leaders in time. Bring forth the misery the land deserved, the humans deserved. For they caused the suffering to her in the first place by discovering that wretched mirror.

Her revenge would be sweet.

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Ah, so that was what she had been thinking about; an idea that he himself might have suggested at some point. Claudette was certainly one of the more interesting mortals he had ever met; and it would be interesting to see where her path led her. Of course, there was also the fact that under the terms of their deal, the more followers she recruited to her cult, the more power he would get from it. Really there was no reason to say no. So he didn't.

"A partnership eh? Why not. I'm eager to see where this leads."

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Claudette said nothing as Iblis agreeded so fast. It made her raise an eyebrow, silently questioning him even more. But for now she dropped a few more seeds before shaking her head. 

Seems perfect then. I am also wanting to see where this goes as well. Not everyday a djinn wants to join someone you know. 

The ice princess then looked down again as she wanted to go back to her shop and make some more tea, as she was a bit parched now. 

And so they stood there as she watched the citizens of the district, silent as ever as tilted her head. Why did they just take the seed without question? Did they like to be rotted inside as well?

I believe this will begin their ascension into slavery. Though as the diseased and disgusting creatures they truly are. I wonder who will come to save them. It should be a wonderful game.

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