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Rise of The TULPAS: Re-boot (Open RP)

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Okay, here is ONE:

Ever gotten angry at someone or been feeling down? Not enough pay? Bills piled too high? Wish you could make it all go away? Bad Break-up? Cancelled engagements? Well, there are THEORIES floating around that all of this repressed tension and anger can cause the MIND to form a BEING:  A being of utter Catastrophe, Hatred, Anger and a REVERSE Version of who you really ARE. These beings are called TULPAS.


Some say, that way back in the early 1960's and late 1970's a BRUTAL Experiment was conducted in a building that was closed off from the Public.

67 College Students were to be paid for the research. They were to simply focus day and night on CREATING this being. Out of the 67 Subjects, only THREE lived. By the time Authorities were called, ONE Student was so TERRIFIED that he actually pulled out his own hair, repeating over and over, "Imagination is JUST the human mind!!" Bodies were scattered about the complex and there was so much blood that HASMAT had to be called in to clean up the mess. ONE STUDENT even recalled seeing this being, as it was over twelve feet tall, wet-looking and had long wet hair that dragged to the ground.


What if TULPAS ARE REAL? Do YOU have a hidden TULPA that is yet to be brought forth?


Current date and time:

People in the City have trouble walking home at night, as they keep talking about TULPAS. Doctors, Scientists and even the Police are BAFFLED as to why so many people are scared to go out at NIGHT, fearing that the TULPAS are out, trying to harm or kill people that deserve it.

Artificer, age 17, tends to spend his time at home with his loving sister and his Fiancee, who all think that HE is just stressed out. But while at school or work, he hears this Demonic voice that keeps talking to him from within the Shadows. it's NAME is Ganthronex, a LIVING TULPA.



Artificer (Art for short)

Mrs. Stevens (Art's Mom)

Doctor Ray Stevens, Molecular Biologist/Physicist (Art's Father who is rarely at home, only to come to shower and change clothes, have a beer or two, and then leave right back out for work)

Trina Stevens, age 13 (Art's Loving sister who sincerely BELIEVES that TULPAS are REAL)

NPC Police Officer Professor Hoyt, age 33

NPC Police Officer Selena, age 24

Dr. Ray Blotch, Researcher of ASCAB Laboratories, LLC

Gaiden Blotch, age 22 (Art's BEST friend and Dr. Ray Blotch's Adopted son, who is also a part-time Physicist)

NPC Witnesses, Psychiatrists and a bunch of other people that I can play without breaking a SWEAT!!


Let me know what you think and if you're interested. I just want to try something DIFFERENT!!!! The RP will used as an opening to the theory of Impossible, part of my Online Book: The Chrio World, Volume 1: Third World Tales.



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21 hours ago, Panda Kid said:

I'm intrested

Well, the RP has STARTED, so you are FREE to pick a character or create your own to make this even MORE interesting. if you need more info, inbox me or something, lol



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