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The difference between [Artifact Search: The Lion's Lantern]

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Running, running, running, as fast as he could, Gingerbread Cain was well cleared of the Unnaturals that assailed his soggy but lithe form. Now he stood on a second-story terrace looking down on the fray, nursing his right arm which was at this point a simple gingerbread nub severed just above the elbow. The singular line of frosting serving as his mouth curved up into an ironic smile. Lifting his hand, he appraised his situation. Still entirely gingerbread. Great. His laughter was cut short by an explosion below.

The Beast's right arm had been extended up toward Cain when one of his own beasties plowed right into him. His robes bent with the impact, the gaunt, antlered creature sliding a few feet when it was rammed by the monster pinned with shuriken. He was surprisingly strong, able to stop the creature in its tracks. That was when he noticed the tagged blades protruding from it, right before the thing was blasted to kingdom come. The Beast had adequate time only to shield its musculoskeletal face with its robed arm before the fire and gore washed over it. All at once, the burning bodies in the center of the rainy courtyard weren't the only thing ablaze. The giant frame of the Beast went up like a haystack.

As if they were a part of the greater organism headed by the Beast, unnaturals recoiled away from Esben as if suddenly aware of a greater weakness within them. Although the unnaturals recoiled at first, however, they resigned themselves to their duties and began attacking Esben again in slow turn. Observing this, Cain had seen enough to be of some use now.

"Esben! Take them down while they're weakened and get over here! Let's make for the manor!" Cain, who had been eyeing one of his gumdrop buttons, peeled it off his chest and stuck it in his gingerbread mouth. Cannibalism was especially awesome when you were a gingerbread man.

Meanwhile, the flaming Beast showed unbecoming speed, its burning body bursting through the smoldering corpse of the unnatural that had charged it toward Shikai. The fire tempest surrounding him was the least of Shikai's threats— the Beast's long arms were tipped with long claws. As its robes burned away, its face was fully exposed. A muscular disaster of flesh stretched across its jagged face, lidless eyesockets gazing horrifically down on Shikai. The rest of its body was as thin as a stick. Where its vital organs existed was a marvel unable to be beheld at this moment in time. It issued a wicked left swipe of the claws down on Shikai as it came within 10 feet.

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Esben eyed coming near him. He didn't bat an eye as he looked at them holding his bow. Well, he heard Cain's words. Right, time to take down the weaker ones while they focused on the beast. 

He could be of use in someway that way. He picked up the bow and steadied an arrow, the electric current flashing off it. What would be better than frying some beasties? 

Hope this goes well. 

It was all the elf said as he fired the arrow at the un-naturals surrounding him. One after one, arrows flew at them. He then stopped for a moment, eyeing a few falling to the ground a little burnt. 

Seems not as good. 

Esben then placed a few fire arrows onto his bow and then fired another round of arrows. Hoping this would help cut down the numbers.

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The Beast was a far tougher threat than Shikai had given it credit for, and it now seemed to be fully focused on him as it charged through the remains of Hammerhand. It was probably it's frail appearance under that cloak that suckered him in. But close combat was his specialty, and he was used to fighting opponents with superior reach. He ducked under the creatures swipe and popped his claws into place as he charged forward. With his right hand, he aimed a slash at its midsection that would open up it's stomach if it hit.

"Are you smiling right now?" asked the old lady.

"How can you enjoy this?" asked the old man.

"That's a question I don't have time to get into right now," said Shikai, "Suffice to say the short answer is... because it's fucking fun!"

"Language!" cried both figures.

Shikai laughed, and jumped into the air, spinning as he charged toward the smoldering body of the Beast. As he came down, landed with great force on the things back, hoping to force the tall bastard to one knee. Jumping again, he would land in front of the beast, grab both its antlers, and pull its head down to meet a punishing knee strike.

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"Meet me at the main tower!" yelled Gingerbread Cain from his perch above the courtyard, singular gingerbread hand cupped before his mouth to amplify the yell.

This served the dual purpose of alerting several unnaturals to his elevated presence and alerting his teammates that he was moving on. Cain turned from the battle. It was clear that there was enough unnatural energy in the square to occupy multiple significant offenses, so he had to make his way to the city hall and see who could still survive there. As he leaped from one end of the balcony, three unnaturals were just climbing over the adjacent ledge to see him go.

One giant, muscular creature with dots for eyes was ahead, grabbing his ankle and mushing away his right foot. Cain fell between two awnings, rain pouring down on him. To the Cain confection, this was like acid being poured on his exposed tissue. He cried out in pain as he lunged forward into cover from the rain, all three of the capable foes closing in on him.

That was when spikes of earth jutted upward from his feet, impaling his foes through multiple spots with the objective of both immobilizing them and destroying typical life generation hotspots. Across the street and on top of the buildings, a hulking form of steel held its hands folded, forefingers extended together. Gingerbread Cain didn't need to look; he just ran for the hall only a few blocks ahead. Despite being badgered by some elderly parentals, Shikai landed on the flaming Beast's back with little aplomb. The now one-armed Beast flailed incapably with the zombie on its back, utterly occupied by the nuisance. Now the courtyard had been mostly cleared of enemies save for the decaying beast.

That was when Shikai's trajectory brought him down on the Beast. His hands met its Antlers, but as he brought his knee to its skeletal face draped in ghastly strands of grey muscle, it caught the knee with its one arm. The second its hand touched Shikai's knee, unbearable heat would rip through his body. With unnatural force, it pushed him away with the one hand with enough force to propel him over the pile of bodies toward where Cain and Esben fled toward city hall.

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Wait. Where is the main tower?

Esben called out as his voice trailed off and Cain ran off. He had never been to Terrenus nor its cities and now the man who did ran off. With vague information. The elf sighed. Though he needed to get more involved with the organization, he was missing home even more. 

Only because he knew the cities and places. Where to go, where everything was located. So as he fought against the un-naturals and beasts, each getting hurt by his magic or arrow, he tried to find the main tower. 

It's what I get isn't it? He spoke to himself outloud. If only I knew the cities here. Oh well, I'm sure its around somewhere.

Esben continued on, still a bit lost. Almost of arrows as well. And he didn't like that, as it was his main form of attack. The poor elf getting more and more lost as the hours went on.

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