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Amantis watched as the rocket deployed into the sky, shedding its peripheral boosters and piercing the atmosphere.

“Beautiful. Really,” he’d said to Isaac as they watched it enter space and exit sight. “Funny to think it’s packed with shit and trash.”

Cabineting his live update digital flight log for the rocket, Amantis removed a sensor meant to tell between the four different types of rays he had encountered on the moon. One was for a heat element, one a cooling element, one was an air element, and one a liquid element of sorts. Amantis theorized that there was more to these waves than just trillions upon trillions of particles all moving in the same direction at the same time in a condensed cloud across lightyears of space, just to land on Valucre for some unknown reason.

“Besides just monitoring for proximity to our trash space probes, these will tell us how close we are to the waves in question and even allow us to capture the particles if they’re solid and not just a form of radiation. If it is, we’ll need a different means of capturing them. Might have to man a vessel up there.


Well, months later it turned out sending rockets into space with no repair crew was just asking for lost materials. There were controls for steering thrusters Amantis and Isaac had employed with calibration help from Gregory and Tabitha, but thrusters were prone to breakdowns and needed frequent parts refacilitation. So it was decided that Amantis and one other would embark into space once more. Now they had the money, resources, and manpower. More than anyone had ever had really.

“So what’s your main interest in space?” asked a suited Amantis to Isaac as they approached a vessel. Half of it was filled with the aforementioned shit and trash; the other half had been outfitted to man the two gentlemen. Luckily, the trash part of the vessel would break off once they were totally clear of Valucre’s orbit.


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From the very first time they had successfully launched a probe into space, Issac had wished that he could be on it. Though he had started his career as a lab dweller, he had developed a taste for adventure during his time on the run, and space exploration would be one hell of an adventure! Of course, he understood why he couldn't go up with the trash probes at first. Outer space was still a mystery to them, and they had no way of knowing if they could safely return from a trip up there. Besides, Linda Linda, his lover, would have killed him if he had left without telling her where he was going.

So he had diligently waited, studying the data as it came, and learning all he could about this unknown frontier. Months after the first launch, he was getting his chance when a thruster malfunction on one of the probes required him and Amantis to go up and see to its repairs personally. Now he was walking toward a vessel that would take him to that great void in the sky!

On 2/9/2019 at 5:54 PM, amenities said:

“So what’s your main interest in space?”

"Exploration! Who knows whats up there, waiting for us to discover it? It's an opportunity no man of science could resist!"

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Amantis had his bulbous helmet under his right arm. Their suits, their helmets, the visors, were all orange with intermittent panels of white. The ship before them was a blue one, the classic shape with three classic fins and one round porthole on either side. There was a ramp extending down to them which was slatted like an escalator's stars. Amantis' excitement morphed into momentary sincerity. And not happy sincerity.

"I've been up there, as we've talked about. There seems to be a cavern containing intentional glyphs. There was no way someone from here made it within recorded history." Amantis was strangely silent for the entire embarking of the ship. "Terran technology is quite the marvel, Issac. I  would love to populate this medieval setting with some mechanical equipment," he said, suddenly changing subjects.

The ramp withdrew behind them, the door slid silently down behind them. They stood in a circular room with a ladder leading upward. Some meters up, past various important storage compartments, were two seats facing a futuristic touchscreen pane of glass. On the other side of that was a windshield-like fixture displaying a view of the sky above the rocket. This was their visual field besides the porthole to either side of their seats. Obviously below them there were 10 tons of trash, but thinking about space again Amantis easily forgot. They'd detach from it after leaving orbit anyway, only to observe it and a few other bundles of trash they had dispatched earlier in the month. Additionally, they would make their way to one trash bundle particularly and add a necessary part to one of the thrusters.  At this point, pollution in their continent had dropped by 3 percent just because of their progress!

Amantis put on his helmet and the auditory  feed kicked in. When Issac put on his helmet, the two would be communicating through radio connection.

"Whatever we find up there, I'm happy to be part of this," said Amantis.

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"Me too!" Issac said.

Now all that was left was to go over the preflight checks that would ensure that the rocket didn't end up carrying them to their graves instead of outer space. In all of the simulations he had done thus far, this was his least favorite part of the process, as it was quite tedious. Worse yet, it was both tedious and vital, as one screw up would spell death for him and Amantis. Fortunately, he had run through the necessary steps so many times by now that he was able to do it practically without thinking. Once all the checks were done, he pulled up the newest reports from flight control.

"All systems green. It looks like there's a storm moving in from the south, but we should be off well before it gets here. Stick is yours, launch on your mark."

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