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The Reverie Maze [Accepted Participants Only]

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Right turn


She had not been mentally prepared to cross over that first swinging death blade. “YAAARGHHH! HOLY SHIT!” Rai screamed when ‘Hildena’ shoved her from behind. Somehow, they got past the first axe, its blade whipping past mere inches from Rai’s toes. Looking up at the mechanism powering the axes, she quickly identified the pivot points. Rai may not be the best fighter, but the treasure hunter was first and foremost an engineer, and she had a good head on her shoulders. Whipping out her magitech gun, which looked more like a complex child’s toy rather than an actual weapon, she shot at the pivots of the axes in front, firing two shots each for good measure. Small glass orbs flew out, shattered against the metal, and the mechanism froze instantly. The axes stopped mid-swing, but she knew that their heavy weight would crack the ice shortly.

“Gogogogogo!” Rai yelled at Teresa, pushing her ahead. Only when the other girl was clear of the second axe would Rai turn behind to face the boulder, which was mere seconds from turning them into minced meat. Would her bullets be enough to slow it down? Probably not. She looked up at the pivot of the last axe, which was just starting to swing downwards, and drew a deep breath to steady herself. The timing had to be exactly right. As the axe approached the center of the path, Rai shot a single bullet, hitting bullseye. The iron axe stopped right in front of the boulder. Not pausing to see what would happen, she turned around and ran for her life.

The massive boulder slammed into the axe, breaking it off and shattering its blade. The impact sent some of the smaller pieces hurtling into Rai and Teresa, cutting shallow gashes into their skin. The ice holding the other two axes gave way, and Rai leapt the final few feet towards safety, before they swung down behind her. The huge boulder, its momentum redirected, toppled and fell over the edge of the path into the abyss. Instead of hitting a bottom, however, it disappeared before their eyes, and the supposed abyss rippled. Another portal.

“Eh… eh?” Rai blinked, stunned. “So how were we supposed to know that we can go there?” She stood up, then unexpectedly, chuckled. “Well! I guess we’re alive, in any case!” She checked herself up and down, wincing and picking out little pieces of shattered blade embedded in her limbs, and offered to help Teresa to do the same if she needed it. “Nowhere to go but forward, I guess!” She dusted her overalls, adjusted her backpack and went around the next bend. Waiting for them there was a ruined tree, slashed and defaced beyond recognition, remnants of branches and leaves spewed on the ground. “Urk! Looks like something bad happened here!” She looked around to see if there were any other paths, but going through the dead tree was the only way forward.

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It’s been too long, Iyalon deliberates, since he’s last had a close encounter with another soul in the depths of the maze, but still, there is a niggling feeling in the back of his mind that is telling him to keep going, keep pushing forward.

Surely this sprawling dark expanse has an end to it, somehow?

He takes a brief moment to calm himself down, sit himself down on the ground to rest up a bit. He isn’t quite sure how long he’s been walking aimlessly around the maze at this point, but he might as well take some time to breathe in deep and examine his options. Dropping himself down to perch on a very welcoming rock, Iyalon tucks his knees under his chin and closes his eyes, enjoying the brief respite from whatever sort of madness he might yet encounter further into the maze.

And well, it is quite apparent, what happens next.

The knight awakens with stinging eyes and a dry throat—and all of his stones gone. Iyalon curses under his breath and jolts himself to standing, running off into whatever direction seems most appropriate, whatever direction his gut tells him to move towards, a little bit disorientated from the harsh awakening.


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Wrong Turn

She spun on him, a small, pleasant smile twisting her face into something disconcerting and unnatural. Her knees stung, and she was pretty sure her pinkie had all but shattered. The twisted, bumpy shape all but confirmed it for her, and, she struggled to transform her desire to snarl and snap into something more diplomatic. It wouldn't do any good to lash out at the Lad. 

"He's not here, is he Alistair?" she choked out, carefully wiping her face with her elbow.

There was something, had been something heavy here. Disappearing into the hedges, that she eyed with suspicion, they seemed banal enough. But, she daren't risk getting caught in a trap like the one Alistair had gotten caught in. Either way, she couldn't run through, or hack the vines away- that would result in a disqualification, Merida may yet be found in the maze. She tried to search for any clue, a lock of hair, or a strip of cloth or thread-- anything.

That's when she caught sight of the first bloom. Brilliantly blue in the dirt, and emanating a scent so cloyingly sweet she feared her belly would revolt once more. 

Then more appeared. Five. Ten. Twenty.

The scent clung to her, and she to the tree that she was bent over, paralyzed. 

Shallow breaths. She had to take shallow breaths, but so did Alistair, who had already been exposed to so much-- "Hold your goddamned breath, Lad." She snapped, backing away from the poisonous bloom.

With a sickening crackle of branches and leaves, the hedges that hid the track marks the boxes had left, parted before them, maliciously inviting. They had to retrace their steps. 

But, Merida might be where this path lead, scared and alone. Stumbling around in the dark. 

There were voices that emanated from the path. Small and high-pitched, and something felt oddly wrong with the thought of going down the path. It warned her not to go, and revolted hideously, beyond the searing pain of her broken fingernails, pressed against the boys' shirt, clutching his sleeve, tugging. Urgent, she wanted to scream. 

He needed to get away from the fumes, he didn't have her immunity. And, even then, she felt her head getting foggy- the leaves of the hedges pressed down around them, almost squeezing down on them turning green and gold and blue and red and pink.

Stupidly, Evienne wanted to giggle.

There wasn't a terrible long path to the voices, the path so narrow she felt every prick, prod and petal around them. The voices got louder, and louder; so shrill that it seemed to pierce her skull, and all she could think off was to keep going. Eventually, they stumble upon another clearing. Her Head spun so hard- the sky spun, and, at first she missed the strange creatures and their strange tables. One, was blue and fuzzy- his cloying, sick perfume reaching them, from where they stood. Two curved horns sprouted from his head, and juxtaposed greatly from the other who was more human. If not for the sickly yellow hue of his skin, and the darkness of his eyes. 

They were huddled onto one corner of the table, a chipped and broken tea set spread laid out before them. Questionable stains peppered the entire area, a kaleidescope of rust, yellow and a nauseating cracked white. She clung to Alistair's shirt when they turned their gazes upon on her, fear striking her like lightning. 

"There's no room for you here," The two shrieked in unison.

@Witches Brew

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Sera laid there on the cold hard ground, under a pile of broken branches and scattered leaves. She was distraught, perhaps even disturbed.

Why do I have to fight trees? Can't this maze give us proper enemies to battle? 

She sighed then, willing herself to roll out of her tiny hidey-hole. This was the limits of her capabilities. Her one true purpose.

Killing trees is the only thing I am good at. Woe me.

Now that she's clear of her cover Sera picked herself up. Her eyes took in all the destruction she had wrought and she felt joy.

Yes! Fucking trees deserved this! Fuckers better not mess with Sera!

There's not much to do then but to move forward. The only problem is, there are other people in the vicinity.

Who are these fuckers?

Her eyes narrowed as the duo approached, her hands settling themselves on her full hips. She was not amused by this development and would prefer not to to be entangled with other players.

There's more than enough problems and I don't want these two fuckers messing my shit up.

That was until she realized who it was. 

Oh? That's probably Teresa and one random dude. What should I do now?

Whatever she chose, she might not have time to work on it as hailed the pair of newcomers.

"Oi! Go back you turds! This is my turd!"

@Ataraxy  @jaistlyn


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Wrong Turn

Now she was doubly sure that her dad hadn't built the maze himself. He had, perhaps, laid down the foundation idea of it, but hidden trap doors and giant monsters? That... well, it didn't really have the sort of imperial aura you'd expect of an emperor. Whatever. In the end it didn't matter. Whomever had built the maze was fucked in the head. Everyone knew it by this point. 

Why could it just have been a normal maze with normal obstacles?

Luckily Rai had been able to redirect the death boulder. Unluckily though- Teresa grunted as she used her free hand to pull out a few pieces of metal shards embedded in her probably broken arm she'd used to block the majority of the shattered ax. Better to just use what's already useless, she supposed. When Rai offered her helps, Teresa was helpless to say no in face of the pain and the fact that without both her arms there were a bunch out of reach. It hurt and she winced, but otherwise came out of the trap with little more than a couple scrapes and punctures. Looked like her luck was already starting to turn. 

Oh yeah. From hellish to shit. What a fucking improvement. Why did I even volunteer to do this thing?

Because she'd lost in the Hell's Gate tournament. Obviously. Damage pride. Kicked ego. Why else would someone toss themselves willingly into the Creator's deuce? 

"Urk! Looks like something bad happened here!” Rai said, knocking Teresa back into the present. The girl's words struck Teresa as horridly underwhelming. The tree they were both staring out was more than damaged, it was dilapidated. If a tree could have been beheaded and left to rot of a decade, this would be that tree. She'd heard the expression "every tree has bad apples" but this was the first notion she'd ever seen that "every forest has some fucked up trees." If the tree was a human it would've been a thousand year old wrinkled hag. If the tre-

Okay, okay, enough with the analogies Teresa, she scolded herself silently. Get your shit together.

Last one.

"This tree looks like an avocado had sex with an older, more disgusting avocado." She meant to stop but really just couldn't. "It looks like if Zengi face fucked a topographical map of black ridge." Okay, now she was done. 

Especially since the willow trees whipped at a large branch and slammed it into Teresa while she was busy coming up with new insults for it. Guess maybe the tree has a brain. Who knew? The pain of the branch crunch smacking into her already broken arm wasn't as bad as she'd thought it might be. Maybe it was just that she'd grown use to the pain or the arm was completely numb. 

This time, however, the branch carried Teresa into Rai and there were both blasted away from where they stood with the force of a car. 

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Wrong turn (no surprise here, fuck)

"N-no, he isn't here." Alistair said, and he ran a hand through his hair, staring at the ground. Evienne was in bad shape, this is the worst he's ever seen a person look, even counting that one time his father ate an entire roasted chicken by himself, and then an entire cherry tart. He couldn't move for three days after, his mother almost called a doctor to pump his stomach, but his father refused saying that "No Mosgrove man accepts defeat, especially from a dead chicken!" 

He was so focused on watching Lady Goldcourt that he didn't notice the flowers blooming around him. But she did. 

"Hold your goddamned breath Lad" She growled, and he put his sleeve to his nose, using it to filter the air. What was going on? As Lady Evienne moved, he moved. She didn't seem alright by herself, and honestly, he just wanted out of this damn maze, with Lady Merida safe with them, and then they'd go back home, and forget all about mazes and stupid balls, and no Uldwars to bother her. 

He just wanted to leave. 

"Lady Goldco- uh, Evie, where are we going?" Alistair asked, following her closely. Was the worry driving her crazy? But then he heard the voices, and he thought it was just from his head being all fuzzy. He shook his head, trying to shake the feeling as he and Evie walked down the narrow path, petals scattering over his shoes. Thrones tugged at his suit, tearing at the fabric. His mother was going to be so pissed when they got out of there, this suit was expensive. 

Once they reached a clearing, he noticed that there were two beings sitting at an obscenely large table, yet they only sat at one end, sipping tea from chipped glasses, resting on shattered saucers. As they turned their attention on them, Evie clung to his shirt, and he put an arm around her protectively. 

They shrieked at them, saying that there was no more room, but he rose a brow at them, a smile on his face. He felt so light, perhaps it was from the flowers earlier. 

"No room?" he said, and he pointed to the rest of the table. "There's quite a bit of room there." 

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Right Turn


Ilyana attempted to shrug off the pain she felt in her thighs and walk it off but the throbbing never ceased. Even as Obtenebra worked diligently to restore flesh and augment her healing, she felt herself affected by the pain which sparked memories that made her face contort into a mix of sadness and anger. She wished she was back home, sipping on some expensive wine and enjoying someone’s company but she just had to come here in search of opportunity and promise. Hell’s Gate was not enough to contain her ambition despite the plethora of promise her beloved city held but traveling to foreign countries only to submit herself to this daunting maze? Perhaps it wasn’t all worth it.


This notion became as palpable as her pain when she felt herself getting launched unforgivably forward by some unknown force. Concussive blasts propelled her body to and fro, battering her body though the bruising would remain minimal as Obtenebra was forced to absorb much of the force. It wasn’t clear what she had triggered to cause this or if foul play was involved but the end result left Ilyana tossed several feet into a narrow pathway surrounded by shrubbery and with one sole exit. She felt blood trickle down her lips and her hair clinging to her body now while Obtenebra violently jutted out from her form as if angered by what had just occurred. The black ichor pressed into the floor and pushed her slowly to a stand before urging her forward by whipping a tendril like appendage forward.


“This all better be worth it.”

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Round 5

Your seven days start.....



Round 1,2, 3, & 4 Results

Teresa (Ataraxy) | Right -> Right -> Wrong  -> Wrong

Luis (Grubs) | Right -> Wrong -> Right -> Right

Iyalon (Vielle) | Right -> Right -> Right -> Wrong

Sera (Thot) | Right -> Wrong -> Wrong -> Right

Merida (Witches Brew) | Wrong -> Wrong -> Wrong -> Wrong

Rai (Jaistlyn) |  Wrong -> Wrong -> Wrong -> Right

Ilyana (Dolor Aeternum) | Wrong -> Right -> Right -> Right

Evienne (LikelyMissFortune) | Wrong -> Right -> Wrong -> Wrong

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Wrong turn

During their time in the labyrinth, Luis had been getting to know the strange alter ego that was living inside of him. This darker presence inside of him seemed cordial, somewhat outgoing even as they were able to hold a conversation just by thought alone. Something about this...this thing simply didn't seem right to Luis though, beyond even the basic assumption that it was, in many ways, an evil entity.

What is your name? Luis wondered idly, taking a left towards a corridor he hoped would get him to the exit much quicker.

You can call me-

That's not what I asked, he said internally. What is your name?

That's not how this is gonna work, buddy. I'm not just gonna give you my name so you can work that magic on me, oh no. Don't forget, I've been learning all the same stuff you have in your little classes, so everything you know about trying to subjugate spirits is locked up tight in my mind. 

A frustrating notion, but one he would have to accept in order to continue facilitating a working relationship. 

That's right, friend. If we're gonna survive, you're gonna have to trust me on this. I do a lot better without someone trying to micromanage me.

Luis certainly wasn't pleased knowing that a demon had unfettered access to his thoughts and senses, but he had shown he was willing to help the young wizard out at times. Whether it was to actually help Luis survive, or more likely, to make sure that he stayed alive, they were now in this together, for better or for worse. 

If I can't know your real name, Luis conceded, then what can I call you?

Nietchze has a nice ring to it. That's what you can call me, buddy old pal of mine.

Rolling his eyes, Luis committed the name to his memory, turning another corner, only to freeze still in fear. Just beyond the threshold, a Vizzerdrix lay sleeping, the very same one who had tried to kill him earlier. Just as Luis took a step back, it's eyes snapped open immediately, and it reared up to charge straight for him. 

Well looks like those legs of yours are going to get a pretty intense workout now, so run!

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Wrong turn


Rai started laughing when Teresa used her choice words against the tree. “Oh my, that’s-“

A few things happened at once. One, she spotted a movement from someone near the remains of the tree, mistaking it as a zombie and almost shooting at it until the person hollered at them. Before she could reply however, Teresa slammed straight back into her. The impact halted Teresa’s trajectory, but caused Rai to sail into the air, slightly above the walls of the maze. Since it wasn’t a voluntary flouting of rules, the maze’s boundary magic didn’t bother to stop her.



For a moment, Rai spied the audience, who saw her at the same time, and both parties gasped in surprise. Excited murmurs went through the crowd, who had been impatiently waiting for the first winner to emerge. Her vantage point didn’t last long, as Rai fell back towards the ground. She desperately tried to angle herself towards the vegetation, since that seemed like it would be a softer landing than the hard ground. She mostly succeeded, though the branches that tore at her and her clothes were still far from pleasant. She was ejected onto another path, and lay there on the ground for a moment, trying to decide if she was mostly alive. She looked a mess, with leaves and dirt clinging on to her hair and clothes, and scratches all over her body.

Footsteps. Rai pushed herself onto her elbows. It was the man from earlier, the one who had been chased by the imps. "Oh hi, uh, sorry for dropping in unannounced?" she said, copying Teresa's gag.

@Ataraxy @Thotification @vielle

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Wrong Turn

Ilyana gingerly continued through this narrow passage, inevitably forced to see it through to the end in the name of progress which seemed fickle and fleeting. The host of this event in all of his/her benevolence better provide accurate reward that matched the hardship that was faced. Her business acumen caused her to think of how she would improve upon this entire event or how she would have approached the marketing. This distraction was welcome as she felt the throbbing pain cease and forgot about the rest of the discomfort caused by being tossed around like a ragdoll for now.


Obtenebra, however, did not as it struggled to maintain its structure in light of optimizing its protection for its host. Gone was the formal attire in favor of a form fitting suit that clung to Ilyana and covered all of the skin that had been exposed. Ilyana felt the restriction that caused as she no longer felt the wind along her legs and arms but she did not question her gift this time. Reaching the end of the narrow pathway, she emerged at an opening shaped like a square and surrounded by a floral arrangement that aimed to purposefully distract. A myriad of colors were present all around her which almost caused her to smile were it not for the sudden sound of air being displaced as the flowers around her began to expel a distinct concoction that smelled sweet but caused her muscles to relax and her eyes to go heavy.


Obtenebra sprung into action and jutted out of her body but not before completely covering her face and plugging her nose. Any semblance of humanity on her face was gone now, left with nothing but black as her gift began to literally drag her toward an exit to the east. The audience looked on and cheered for her through the hardship though she couldn’t hear any of it. A few had to look away, unable to fathom what this woman was if she was a woman at all. Despite whatever she/it was the audience began to doubt that any mere mortal could end up the victor here.

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A few minutes into his newfound path, Iyalon is getting the distinct feeling that he’s being led somewhere that is decidedly not where the exit is. The maze walls keep closing on him every time he makes a turn, and to be quite honest, he is beginning to feel extreme frustration far more intense than is necessary towards a glorified puzzle made out of hedges. Just as he is about to kick a boulder into the grass in a show of annoyance, a sudden blur emerges from the other side of the eastern wall, flinging itself into the bushes on the far end of the path.

Um. Suffice to say, the knight is confused to no end. His bewilderment only grows when he approaches the leaf-and-dirt-clad stranger who turns to gaze up at him.

"Oh hi, uh, sorry for dropping in unannounced?"

Iyalon blinks for a moment, then offers his hand towards the woman. “Are—are you alright, miss?” His gaze shifts for a moment towards the edge of the wall she had exploded from, and then back towards her. “Er, mind sharing what that had been about? I was not aware we were allowed to throw ourselves around.” If they had been, Iyalon would have been racing above the walls by now.




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Wrong Turn

There's a horrific stillness in the air. Uncanny gazes fixed on their counterparts, daring for one to move, one to flinch, one to look away. The air is thick enough, musty with the scent of the blooms, of earth and of sweat and blood, it was easy to snap into the corner. A loaded spring, wound tight; ready to snap at a moment's notice. This was the Dali Dangersense, blossoming in the pregnant pause.

In the end, it was the blue creature that moved first. Limbs that moved in disjointed, awkward fashion as though it were formed from pliable clay, a faintly humorous sight, were it not for the thick, cloying scent spread with every move. He-She-It tapped a golden watch with furry fingers, not for a second breaking its gaze from Alistairs.

"What day of the month is it?" It croaked, and Evie noted the three exists. One behind the creatures, one to the left, and the last one behind them... It was her gut that told her to aim for the one beind them, the wider one. 

It was also her gut that warned her to keep her gazes on them. Not to move, not to breathe, not to exist.

Alas, there was no forward without movement- and, they had to keep going forward. Merida might still be in the maze, she had to look after the Lord Mosgrove, the cartoonish creatures would not stop her from accomplishing her goals. Thus, it was with shaky resolve, that she spoke up, darting a leg out; easing herself into a slow half step to the left. 

"It's Reverie." 

She must've seemed terrified, or it was the tremor of her voice- her foot, or perhaps it was the glint of steel alerting the two outlandish creatures. Either way, the Blue one suddenly tilted i's head back, farther than it should have, along with a shriek of braying laughter. It was the other one that lunged at them from across the table, plates and cups smashing onto the ground.

Her cry is, as much that of surprise then terror- a dagger lodging beside the creature's flouncy sleeve. The pain brought tears to her eyes, fingers creaking with protest.

Her aim was off, but it stunned the blue into silence- and the green one paused in his advancement. Evie dashed tot he left, she should go straight ahead- her instincts screamed at her to take that exist, but it was too far away and the Lad was cumbersomely tall.

Even as she led the way into the narrow path, she could hear the cackling laughter- and the shuffle of footsteps, in hot pursuit.

@Witches Brew

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So much for my well-deserved solitude. These shit fucks popping out of nowhere and making shit more complicated.

Cursing the bastards that seemed to invade her personal space, Sera slowly scuttled away from prying eyes. Using the cover of the scattered mutilated branches and twigs and leaves, sidled towards the nearest exit she can find.

Now am I getting myself sucked into talking with these shits. I just can't give them my trust. Who knows if they'd would shank me from behind given the chance.

She's so close to the fork now, just a few more meters. She just needed to lie low and move as slowly and as quietly as possible. Soon, she won't have to deal with these fucktards who are out there to mess with her chances at surviving this stinking shit of a maze.

Fuck the bastards who designed this thing. I will beat this maze. I will beat those bastard maze makers. I will win this shit. I will survive!

It took a while but Sera finally reached the end of the path, stopping just a step before the divisive fork. She was at a loss on where to choose. The right or the left? The last time she made a wrong choice, she had to fight against a whole shitload of fucking trees. Still, she needed to make a choice and sitting around while twiddling her thumbs won't get her nearer to the exit of this goddamned maze- 

What the actual fuc-

Sera never finished whatever curse she wanted to spat as something else happened to her body. Her bumbling advances must have sprung some sort of hidden trap on the ground under her. The trap seemed to be some kind of pressure-plate thingy and once triggered, Sera's body was sent flying forward towards the unknown. 

Thinking that this sudden development was to her favor, the soaring idiot turned to look at those she left behind and lifted both of her fists upwards before flipping everyone off.


Then once again another friendly coincidentally appear out of nowhere and the idiot never saw it coming. The back of her head hit the trunk and her words were cut off as she just bit her tongue from the impact. In fact, it may have been a bit too strong as her consciousness began to fade out. Soon, her unconscious figure slid down the trunk's upright figure. Oh, how the mighty has fallen!

@jaistlyn @Ataraxy @vielle 

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