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The Reverie Maze [Accepted Participants Only]

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Wrong Turn

When Rai got knocked away in the neverland and the weird looking woman close to the tree started started screaming right before getting knocked the fuck out, Teresa just ran. It was all she could do really to not just scream and start crying. She’d always considered herself rather tough, but obviously she wasn’t that tough. Or even tough enough. Some maze. It was more like a pit of horrors and pain. The screaming in her shoulder agreed with that sentiment, kicking and punching her with its metaphoric appendages.

She had no idea which direction she was running, much less if it was the right way. Fuck, she didn’t even know if it was forward. Granted if she was in fact running back the way she’d come, well, it wasn’t like she would miss the giant shattered axes. If the maze kept to its current reputation, Teresa didn’t doubt that the traps had reset. That seemed just about right.

Turning the next corner hard Teresa almost slipped on the wet grass in both surprise and simply because she’d been running way to fast. Her legs had started to do that thing where it feels like you’re almost about to fall and suddenly it’s like your legs are going a bit outward and there’s no way to stop so eventually you just fall or hit something. Whichever comes first, really.

For Teresa, at least in this specific case, it was hit something. Very, very, very hard. Or, rather, something hit her.

I supposed that answers the question which force wins: immovable object or unstoppable force.

Though after she gave it a second though, that wasn’t quite right. It was more like unstoppable force hits lightweight angel girl. Yeah. That sounded more fucking right.

Fuck. This. Maze.

For a split second she blacked out. The thick branchy arm of a second whomping willow had slammed into her right as she’d turning the corner, sending her flying into a bush of thickets. When she tried to move, it held her form. Like fucking hands.

“Creator’s testicles be fucked,” she muttered, her curses only getting worse as the trials progressed. Thorns. She’d been launched in goddamned thorns. She tried to move again but all that happened with the thin points dug in deeper, red and gold blood spilling down to soak her shoes like she’d walked into swampy water.

She took a deep breath- or at least as deep as she could without her ever-so slowly growing chest pushing forward to much- being small had its occasional use, she supposed, and then she let loose a torrent of powerful wind magic. Her abilities were technically on changing the weather, but used right, they could mimic more basic elemental magicks. Like a mix of light blue and clarity, a ball of wind exploded with her as the center. The thorns were blasted backward, yanked from their roots in the wicked maelstrom of teenage rage. It was one of the only times she’d used her energy like a fucking train rather than a sharpened thin blade, but whatever. Fuck it.

The blast left her a bit winded but otherwise fine, excluding the scrapes she’d received as the wind had yanked the thorns from where they’d dug into her skin. She kicked a vine. “Fuck you, you stupid piece of backyard garbage.” She kicked it again and one of the thorns pierced her shoe to poke her toe.

“OW!” She blasted it with a wind kick and sent that specific piece of shitty nature over one of the tall maze walls.

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Wrong turn


“Ow ow ow,” Rai accepted Iyalon’s hand, and allowed herself to be pulled up, favouring one leg. Her other ankle was probably sprained. It hurt when she tried to put her weight on it.

“Ow,” she said again for good measure. “I-I’m okay. Not gonna die. That wasn’t half as bad as the swinging axes - I didn’t have to do anything this time, at least.” Her optimism shone through as she beamed at Iyalon. “Thanks!”

”Er, mind sharing what that had been about? I was not aware we were allowed to throw ourselves around.”

Rai scratched her head. “Well I’m not sure exactly, but I didn’t mean to do that. There was a slaughtered tree, and someone screaming at us, then the tree slammed itself into Hildena - do you know her? - Well, anyway, she sort of knocked into me, and suddenly I was in the air, you know? I saw the audience and everything! Then, well..” she pointed at the bushes she landed in, and showed a bouncing motion towards the ground. She grinned sheepishly. “Well, I’m glad you got rid of the imp! We should get on with the maze, I guess?”

Wincing, she limped slightly over to the next visible turn, trying to hide her pain. The path in front stretched out in length, and she gulped even though there were no traps or enemies in sight. “Uh, you might wanna go ahead first,” she told the man. “This.. is gonna take a while. I hope you win!” With her injury, there was little chance for her to win now. This maze had been much harder than she had anticipated. BUT at least there was no rolling boulder behind her!


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Wrong Turn

Ilyana’s body was drug by Obtenebra and into an open valley where all of the exits rested above the center of this section of the maze. It took some time for her to recover any semblance of movement on her own, her twitching legs the first sign that she could attempt to right herself instead of being carried by her savior’s gift. Forcing herself into a sit she narrowed her eyes as she looked at the bottom of the valley which of course looked inconspicuous to the naked eye. No longer holding the luxury of underestimating any area she encountered now, she pushed herself with her hands to a stand and then began carefully traversing the valley, decidedly avoiding the central portion of this room.


Bare feet felt the grass underneath her, the dew present on the blades providing a cool touch that she allowed herself to indulge in for just a few moments before she regained all of her mobility again. She had initially elected to continue straight forward toward the northern exit but noticed she was no closer to reaching it then she had been when she first managed to get up. She ran and ran toward any exit she could find but did not notice any progress as the ground beneath her almost seemed to shift contrary to her movements. The inclines she faced aimed to tire her out before she ever managed to exit here. This was starting to become ridiculous and her anger began to boil at the situation. Obtenebra responded in kind by thrashing all around her every chance it got.


“I am starting to think the reward isn’t worth the trouble. I could have earned more back home pandering to the nobles there…”

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SERRAIDA MAVAJO (Finally another right turn)

When her consciousness returned, Sera opened her eyes to see a plant-like monster looking at her. It was what most call a treant but Sera did not know much about such stupid things. All she knows is that any monster that obstructs her path must be dealt with swiftly. And swiftly she shall.

Without missing a beat, Sera rolled away from the treant who's aged face showed a disturbing expression of worry. Whatever the treant was worried about, Sera did not fucking care. Not one bit. What she cared about is engaging in the time-honored tradition of murder-death-kill which she was rather good at. This she expressed rather clearly as lightning arced around her body then converging into her closed fist.

Seeing Sera's rather aggressive stance the poor treant, backed away holding a branchy arm up in hopes of warding off Sera's attack while his other armed seemed to be clutching something else, which the treant quickly hid behind his trunk-like body. This subtle act of defiance only flared Sera's anger and suspicion making her jump on the poor treant and proceeded to murder the treant dead.

There wasn't much resistance at all and with one shot the treant was down, its body mostly burned from taking all that electricity at once. There was a big hole in its chest where Sera's fist went through and the mad woman was already reveling in her kill. She just made a donut treant and the feeling was exhilarating. 

There was the concern on her face about the treant's hidden weapon but as she opened those clutched twig-like fingers only to find a lone berry which emitted a soft gentle aura of healing. Shrugging, Sera took the poor berry and ate it in one go.

There was no point in thinking about things. The treant's patience and worry. It's lack of resistance against Sera's attack. The berry, the treant, tried to hide from her. The berry, the treant protected with its pathetic life. All of it Sera shoved deep into the back of her mind as she moved on.

She was not one to ponder about such absurdities rather deeply after all. She just wanted to be out of this maze.

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Iyalon purses his lips as he gazes at the woman before him, quiet worry simmering in the pit of his gut. Despite her persistence shining through her wild babble, he isn’t quite convinced she’s still cut out to continue on in the maze, but really, who is he to judge a book by its cover, albeit bruised and battered?

“Miss,” he begins, but then she is already limping away, turning a corner just ahead of them. The knight shifts his weight for a moment, clearly hesitant, before striding off to follow her. This action may be considered a deviation—or at the very least, a temporary diversion—from his original goal to win, but he rather fancies that his Lady would prefer him making sure this woman is brought out of this maze safe and sound.

“Perhaps I may accompany you for a few twists and turns, at least,” Iyalon calls out to her, his steps quickening to catch up before she disappears from his line of sight. “It’s getting quite lonely in here. I could use another voice in my head aside from my own, lest I grow mad and shove my head through the hedge wall.” A weary smile makes itself known on his lips.



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