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Rise Of The Tulpa: Reboot 4.0 (Open)

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Running through his mind, Artifice tossed and turned in his sleep; demons, the lot of them!! He was trapped in a pit of Sea Snakes, hands numb from various poisons as he placed one red hand on the rocks to pull himself free. Now huffing and puffing, he couldn't see anything familiar around him, as the Sunlight beamed down on him. For a moment, he was taking a break from all of this fighting.

"BEEEEEEEEPPPP!!"  Was the sound on his Alarm clock though. He turned over in his covers to see the time: 6:54am. He would hear his door creak open as a young female crept into his room. She looked about in her teens, letting forth a slight giggle of sorts. Artificer knew whom this was; his little sister, as she bothered him more than anything this early in the morning. Slipping under his covers, the young girl placed her arms around his waist, snuggling onto him, not saying a thing.

"Another nightmare?" He asked softly. The young girl nodded, whimpering. Art sighed, staring up at the ceiling; this girl was THIRTEEN years old and still having horrifying nightmares about something. She had been running to his room to seek shelter since she was six years old, and though his Father had told him to protect his sister, no matter what, he was beginning to question if this was ever going to get better.

"We've got to DO something about this Trina; if the Sleep studies aren't helping and the medicines aren't helping you sleep, then I've got to find something else to try. Look, I don't care that you're scared, but you're getting worse by the day...............never mind. Just get some sleep then Okay?"

Trina whispered in a very low tone, "Thanks bro....I'll make us some breakfast okay?"



West District, Mundelein; 7:15 am


"Witnesses say something large shattered through the glass and walked right down the street. No one could say anything about it much. It looked tall, wet and had long hair. Maybe it was some kind of a creature or something. Whatever it was, it was strong enough to break through three-inch Bullet-Proof Glass like it had nothing else better to do Chief." Said a female Officer in Uniform. Cameras flashed as reporters and various people were staring at the glass itself. What in the FUCK could break through Bullet-Proof Glass in THIS part of the city?

"This is the tenth time people have seen this THING walk down THIS particular street. I don't know what to make of this!!" Said the Chief, who was simply speechless at what was going on."


"It-It-It was HUGE!!! About twelve or maybe fifteen feet TALL!!! It had a very slow walk, but it gave off a stench that would make you VOMIT!!! It reeked of DEATH or something to that degree!! I stay right above in the Apartments of the same building, and we have never seen anything like that before I tell you!!" Said an older man, who was having a cigarette and shaking his head in disbelief!!

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Stroke her, came the whisper, as it always did when she was in the same bed. Slip your hand under her shirt. Was it his own thoughts, some dark part of him trying to entice him? Or was it some dark entity trying to subvert his thoughts?

Ganthronex, a name unknown to most, was hidden in the light here, now that he was weakened once more. The pair of them were his main staple now, and when they dreamed, ah, the delicious power that they offered him. Power enough to walk in open under the dawning sun and wreak such destruction and cause terror. Yes, that was what he was after. Though his true target in the building had eluded him, for the time being, he was still able to meet a goal. Now he had to bide his time, once more, until the pair were asleep and he could draw on their minds once more.

The boy struggled in his dreams, which gave them a different flavor than the others, those that he slipped into the dreams of and watched them run in abject terror. He even listened into the dreams of the girl, the one that slept so deeply and completely that she might as well be able to cross over into that alternate reality. And every time she awoke, she rushed to her brother, hoping he could protect her, when he couldn't even protect himself from that which hauunted their nights.

He would be sad when he finally broke them, but, to be honest, it was going to happen eventually, though he hoped later rather than sooner.

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He could HEAR him; the strangulated and perverted thoughts that traveled into this thing!!!


He would seek his own thoughts and project them right INTO Ganthronex:

"I don't know WHO you are, but I KNOW that I created you. You have been speaking from the shadows and in my dreams!!! I don't know where you are but I'm hearing news reports of a being breaking through 3-inch Tempered glass!! I don't care who it is that you are looking for, but you are going to GET ME ARRESTED if the Police find out who CREATED you. There are so many reports of YOUR kind causing trouble that I can't even keep up. My grades are slipping and my ONLY sister is AFRAID to sleep in her own FUCKING ROOM!!! You need to come back from WHEREVER you are and we need to TALK this through. I don't even know what you LOOK like for that matter. Do you even have a name? You talk from the Shadows at School, under the Gym's Bleechers, under the lunch tables, in my closet at night. What do you WANT from me?

You talk to me in the Bathroom, even while I'm on School Camping trips at night. You are a very creepy THING, and I'm tired of this mis-communication. I don't have any weapons to FIGHT you with, but I DO know this: I CREATED you from my MIND and I can OBLIETERATE you if you do NOT start OBEYING my orders. My Mom is going to NEED COUNSELING AFTER THIS!!! Please...I implore to you...bring your frame BACK to my closet, where you BELONG!!! This is my LAST WARNING WHATEVER you are!!!


And would you STOP sexually suggesting that I have incestuous relations with my kid sister......that's just IMMORAL!!!"

However, his own sister was partially Telekinetic, and could sense everything that he was saying.

"I don't think it's wrong for two people to fall in LOVE you know. You're all that I have Artifice. I hate getting along with those bitches at my school; they are shallow, but you are sweet, kind and treat me like a woman. If you were to ask for my hand in Marriage, I'd gladly accept. Are you talking to IT? Hello Gary!!! I hope to meet you someday!!! You have been protecting me from the bullies at school. Thanks you!!!!!"


"You're showing up at her SCHOOL????? I'm going to get arrested!!! Meet me in the basement in 25 minutes. USE THE SHADOWS and do NOT BREAK ANYTHING IN THIS HOUSE!!! GOT IT?????"

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There was obviously a startled surprise to this. You're talking to me that way? And in all seriousness too. This made his non-existent blood boil. The one known as Ganthronex may very well have come into existence because of the male, those repressed emotions slowly having built to the point that he was brought into being, but after that point the Tulpa felt he was a separate entity. Dependent on said creature, but his own self none the less.

His appearance in the basement was quite noticeable, almost like something the size of the empire state building had crammed itself inside the tiny space that was their home. You will come down here, now, the voice inside Artificer's mind said, implying there would not be any argument with this. Anger was as palpable in the air as humidity would be jsut before a thunderstorm. 

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Art slipped out of his bed, releasing himself from his sister's grip, only to slip on some House Shoes to begin heading out into the hallways and downstairs to the first floor. His mother was still passed out on the couch, having had a bit too much to drink the night before. He was to remove the empty Wine glass from her left hand, now placing a blanket over her while she slept soundly.

He could feel the presence in the basement, now turning the knob and opening the basement door to head down the stairs. It was well-lit for the staircase, but a bit dimmer once he set a foot on the basement floor. he could smell water and hair right at that moment. A silouhette of a life form could be seen in the far East corner of the basement; something tall and lanky so to speak. Art froze in his footsteps, now taking a deep breath.

"Is that YOU? Step out into the light so that I can see you better and introduce yourself."

Art's sister had now awakened only to not see her dear brother in the bed. She stretched out quietly, only to swing her legs over the edge of the bed, now I wonder about where he had gone to. She rubbed he sleepy eyes and sighed to herself.

"I can't deal with my dreams and HE goes off like he doesn't have anything else BETTER to do than protecting his family; that dolt!!!"

She thought to herself out loud, as she headed out into the hallways, now going downstairs into the Kitchen to make some breakfast as she promised. She then stopped for a minute: Why was the Basement door ajar? Thinking nothing of it, she was to sloppily drag her feet over to the Cupboard to find some bread, tomatoes and Cheese. Shaking her head, she was to turn on the Stove by simply thinking of turning the control knob. She could do SOME things with her power, but dared not to tell her brother about how she had been perfecting her skills for years upon end.

She grabbed a few skillets and she began slicing up some bacon, along with some fresh Oranges. Shaking her head, Trina huffed and puffed; the headaches were getting worse and her vision had been pretty impaired over the past few weeks.

"He won't even sit with me and check on my headaches; he's always wondering about Gary and where his Imaginary friend IS!!! I should put some Arsenic in his Oatmeal; the BIG DUMMY!!!"

A ringing sound would echo out from the wall of the Kitchen, as Trina walked over to answer the Phone, still pouting a bit.

"Is Artifice around Trina? Tell him Dr. Blotch wanted to ask a few questions." said a voice on the phone.

"You'll have to call him back later Doc; He's somewhere chasing homework or something. I'll tell him that you called, okay?"

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The laugh that sounded was as mirthless as it was hard to pinpoint. True, where Artifice saw the shadow was very well likely where the other was standing, in the darkest corner of the basement, but the sound of its voice came from all around while at the same time being in the center of his mind. What's the matter, little Artifice? Afraid of a little darkness? the voice said, mocking him for his supposed courage. Then the creature did walk forward, but, nothing more than the general shape was revealed, as it seemed like a constant fog of darkness was billowing from the creature, cloaking it from the lights in the basement.

There was also a slowly growing fear, building up with every step the creature took towards Artifice. Was it being generated by the creature or was it some part of his own fight or flight at seeing something that wasn't willing to be seen, yet. You smell... there was a pause as the unmistakable sound of something taking several deep inhalations was heard from the creature's direction, mmm, so very delicious... It's a lucky thing for you that I've already had my fill... It had stopped several steps from the lad, but, even still, the lights were dimming more, casting deeper shadows with every passing moment.

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Artifice cringed in an episode of horror; this tall THING was the voice behind the shadows at night? This THING was the reason why his little sister wasn't afraid to go to school anymore? Why in the hell were his fears flooding his mind, and yet the excitement of having his own, REAL Tulpa standing before him pooled together? Art stepped forward even more, now placing his hand onto Ganthronec's giant hand, now lifting to examine it.



"Cold, clammy. Your skin is just fucking cold.............are you Anemic or something? Do you have a name? You've GOT to be a Tulpa!!! There's only ONE theory in my mind that I have. YOU were my imaginary friend all of those years ago. When I almost fell off that roof-top, you caught me pushed me back into the window. My mother STILL thinks you're a Guardian Angel, and you're FAAARRRR from that Category, I tell you THAT much. I can't believe it. You're incredibly tall. Sorry about having to scooch down; this basement isn't as big as Dad had plans on making it. He's always at work somewhere."


Art was more CURIOUS than afraid at this moments. he would leave that to his machinations of sitting down into a chair and offer the Tulpa a Red Apple.

"Here.......an ice-breaker Tulpa. Tell me a bit about yourself if you don't mind. And for that matter, why do you keep walking around the city in the daylight? You are going to scare the living shit out of the people in this city."




7:35 am, East Mundelein City


"Name?" Asked a lady at a counter.

"Serenity Invectium, age twenty 27. I'm here to look for a relative of mines."

"uhm, can i see some documentation for that miss Serenity?" the woman at the counter asked, while smiling. Serenity smirked sheepishly, reaching into her Satchel to extract the documents that the lady at the counter requested. She kindly handed them over to the woman, all while trying to fake a painful smile. She did not have time fore the theatrics, as time was not on her side. She had to find that Tulpa, and to DO that she would have to find out who CREATED it in the first place.

"Okay....everything seems to be in order. Do you play sports or something young lady? you are rather tall to be twenty seven years old."


Serenity's anger had shifted into high gear, but she could not harm anyone. She retorted as she sheepishly giggled out loud, "Heheheh...You're not the first person to tell me that. Actually I used to study Archery, but my sponsors bailed out on me for a Tour for next year. Most of the Competitors refuse to acknowledge me, so I've been somewhat obscure from city to city. I make a decent amount of coin and money, but I can't compete in the Professional tournaments without a good Sponsor unfortunately.; I hate it, but....I will find  a good Sponsor someday. Uhm, how much will it be for the Imprint then? I'm a in a bit of  a rush dear..."

"Oh, Oh....no problem....that will be $145.90 miss Serenity."

"Hmmm...Will THIS do for payment? I'm unfamiliar with the currency system around here...." She responded, now handing the woman a hand full of solid gold coins.



"Uhm, I don't think that I can break this down into your change Miss Serenity....."

"I do not care...keep all of it......"

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