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Museum of Global Art and History

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The MOGAH is the brain-child of Ampelos Spiderwalker Dali in partnership with Evienne Goldcourt Dali [1], each of the Dali House of Ursa Madeum. The MOGAH can be found in Qrill, a township in Misral within (long) walking distance of the Tankred estate.

Qrill [2] is an industry town with a suppressed artistic community which is finding its voice thanks to the various local exhibitions and contests hosted by the MOGAH. Because of the attention and tourist-based commerce that the MOGAH is bringint to Qrill, town leadership has agreed to install a Faux-ton [3] within walking distance for accessibility. 


The purpose of the MOGAH is to serve as a repository and showcase for the significant artistic and cultural creations of societies the world over. It combines artistic expression of any medium, from paintings to sculpture to whatever avant-garde happens to be in season, with the historical context of those pieces so that one can learn about a country through its people, its pieces, and its past.


Not all inclusive; part of the security is that the best features are kept under lock and key so that thieves can't prepare for them. In terms of design a number of security features are concerned with keeping a thief inside as they are with deterring theft in the first place

  • Pressure and weight sensitive podiums and tiles
  • Night-vision and infrared sensors
  • Ex-military Recon officers for strategy and on-premise guard duty
  • 360-degree visibility from museum
  • Man-traps



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George C. Schmidt (d. 466 - 525 WTA)

The artist's primary medium was stone sourced from a quarry local to Norkotia and trended primarily to statues and statuettes. On occasion Schmidt used non-corrosive metals in his work, mostly stainless steel, and on even rarer occasion produced works of clay. Although primarily a sculptor, Schmidt has been known to paint as well, with a penchant for expansive fields, desert landscapes, and notable Sidereal Lake portraits. 

One such work is on loan to the MOGAH by the Schmidt estate. 

Attribution: william hart

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