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Dali vineyard

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Owner: Dali estate
Business manager: Merida Spidervalley


The Dali vineyard has been in the family for centuries and, from historical record, was often used as a private vacation home for various bloodline members of the house. It was forgotten and neglected for a time, but recently discovered by Ampelos Spiderwalker, renovated for new enterprise, and outfitted with a stock of genetically modified, fast-growing grape vines, which have come about as a result of collaboration between Dali transmutation guildmembers and the botanists of Floracle.

Dali makes expert use of the volcanic ash settled all across Biazo Isle to bring a unique and bold flavor to their wines which cannot be replicated outside of the Isle without considerable cost. 


Although once for the exclusive use of Dali members, Ampelos has put the vineyard in the hands of Merida Spidervalley (cousin; member of the transmutation guild; junior associate on the aforementioned botanical project), who yields executive management power in all things relating to the vineyard. She has been given a charter to see the vineyard turned into public vacation hotspot and its wines sold commercially across the nation.

Although the exact details remain a mystery, the Dali estate has announced its working on expanding its transgenic manipulation method to food crops. If they can get yields to anticipated levels, they will ship 10% of their food product to Aspyn to help feed the refugees.  


  • Una Estoria: Dali-Floracle Syrah wine. Certain vintages now available in major retailers; special vintages available only on premise
  • Book|Ends scones
  • Floracle herbal teas

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