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Reinstein, Marcus

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nVVbGu8.jpgF.I.S.T Candidate report: Reinstein, Marcus

Date of Birth: [REDACTED]

Birthplace: [REACTED]

Physical attributes: Displayed excellent physical strength and conditioning during thorough testing of power and endurance. Fully recovered from knee injury from [REDACTED] incident that occurred 10 years ago. Candidate considered psychically healthy and fit for active duty. 

Mental evaluation: Demonstrated exceptional resolve and tactical reasoning to complex situations and conditions. When confronted and intentionally provoked with [REDACTED] incident, candidate showed a signs of exceeding hostility. Interview concluded with the Candidate forced to be restrained and the interviewer was relived and sent to the medical center with a fractured nasal cavity. Candidate exhibit potential exploitable trauma and may become violent if pressed with [REDACTED] incident, caution advised. 

End of report. 



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