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List of 100 Curses

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This is a list of 100 curses for general forum use by any member. Dungeon Masters can spring them on their players, players can opt into a curse for whatever reason, and everyone can develop them for any use they deem fit.

How to Randomize Curses

- Go to the Dice Rolling thread and post.

- Use the d100 value to determine what number on this list your curse is. If there are extra rules to your curse, read as they pertain.

- Use the d10 value to determine the number of posts for which your character is affected (unless rules to curse state otherwise).

100 Curses

1. Character can't stop crying for the duration of this curse.

2. Character's gender is swapped for the duration of this curse.

3. Character falls into a highly sensual romance with the first object they see for the duration of this curse.

4. Character's head will be on backward.

5. Characters face will disappear.

6. Character will be transformed into a tree.

7. Curse of Tongues-Afflicted character speaks in multiple languages at once for the duration of the curse.

8. Curse of Dread-Afflicted character is overcome with a deep sensation of dread for the duration of the curse.

9. Curse of Hilarity-Afflicted character is unable to stop laughing for the duration of the curse.

10. Character draws friendly fire in combat situations for duration

11. Turn into a Teletype for duration (reference below)

12. Character forgets the last 15 minutes every time their name/nickname is said for the duration of the curse.

13. Character switches alignment for duration of curse. (Ex: Good becomes evil, lawful becomes chaotic, neutral changes to something else, etc...)

14. character hallucinates a swarm of spiders crawling on their body.

15. Berserk - disregards friend or foe, sees every moving thing as something to be defeated

16. Personality change - suddenly have an opposite personality (this can actually turn a gloomy person.. happy??)

17. Nightmare - seeing things that are not there or distorting everything into much worse than it is

18. Curse of The Djinn: Must speak in ryhme for a duration, cannot formulate any words or conjectures that don't have a matching couplet or otherwise it will be left unsaid

19. Curse of The Soldier: Must follow all suggestions, conversation, and vernacular as though they are direct orders for the duration

20. Cursing of the Mad God: Bursts of laughter, gibberish, and lies will emanate from you whilst you are convinced you must eat your weapon.

21. Curse of the Beefly: Turns into a Beefly. Random color of Beefly.

22. Curse of the Cat: Turn into a fluffy non-talkative cat

23. The character is compelled to hug all the other characters they come across, even if the circumstances would deem it inappropriate or awkward.

24. The character perceives traps everywhere they go where none exist.

25. The character must compulsively juggle items any time they come across two or more of the same object within easy reach.

26. Character will be transformed into a frog. (because seriously, it's the most cliche transformation out there) 26a. And require a kiss from royalty in order to break the curse before its duration

27. Character will be transformed into a horse.

28. Character will transform into whatever they fear the most! 28a. And overcome their fear because they got to walk a mile in the shoes of that thing? Maybe roll for 1 = overcome, 2 = over-empathize, and 3 = completely replace with new fear

29. Character's body will be changed into a geometric shape. (such as a sphere, cube, pyramid, etc.; no extremities and only able to wiggle for movement)

30. Character will blow up like a balloon and float away. (think Aunt Marge in Harry Potter 3)

31. Fragmentation curse. (could alternately be called a "Mr. Potatohead curse"; character's body falls into pieces that can individually function, but are no longer connected to one-another)

32. Body swap with another character.

33. The next item the character grabs is stuck to their body forever; they can never get rid of it until the curse wears off.

34. The character becomes incapable of visually seeing or perceiving living creatures.

35. When the character is travelling, a spectral servant follows them, clapping two halves of a coconut together to imitate the noise of a horse ?

36. The Fregoli delusion is a rare disorder in which a person holds a delusional belief that different people are in fact a single person who changes appearance or is in disguise.

37. Capgras delusion is a psychiatric disorder in which a person holds a delusion that a friend, spouse, parent, or other close family member (or pet) has been replaced by an identical impostor.

38. I can't remember the name of this one to look it up but basically no.2 in reverse, where the sufferer believes that a stranger is a close friend

39. All animals in the vicinity attack the character on sight. You become public enemy #1 to the local wildlife.

40. The character’s shadow detaches, Peter Pan style, to cause general chaos for the party until it is re-attached.

41. Character de-ages to their child self. Up to the player if they retain their adult memories.

42. Any time the character wishes to leave a building or location, a local bear appears behind them and the character must Exit, pursued by a bear.

43. Angry Cacti Curse: Character transforms into a cactus.

44. A swarm of bees is conjured, following you and stinging you until X amount of turns.

45. You are now able to see the future, but every vision is totally wrong.

46. All cats in the vicinity start seeking you out and following you.

47. Your clothes transform into a princess dress - of the most inconvenient variety, even with a crown!

48. You turn invisible (good? bad?)

49. Inversion curse: left is right, up is down, you wish to move right but end up moving left.

50. Open Book curse: all thoughts are audibly heard by everyone either telepathically or by voice.

51. Bitter Taste: everything one consumes has a bitter taste to it.

52. Pigpen Curse: All items worn or carried by the afflicted attract a cloud of dirt, dust, and flies for the duration.

53. Who, Me? Curse: Afflicted develops a strong, distracting body odor, detectable at ranges of up to 50' (more or less depending on local wind conditions) that the afflicted cannot smell themselves.

54. Hayfever Curse: All plant life the afflicted is exposed to, including plant parts such as stems, roots, and pollen, cause the afflicted to experience excess nasal discharge, uncontrollable sneezing, and excessively watery eyes for the duration.

55. Fell Asleep On The Beach Curse: The afflicted develops a full-body 1st degree sunburn for the duration, regardless of how much of their skin was covered when the curse was activated.

56. What Did I Just Touch? Curse: The afflicted experiences a severe poison ivy contact rash on a part of the body to be determined by another D100 roll (1 - 40: Arms and Hands, 41 - 80: Legs and Feet, 81 - 90: Chest and Back, 91 - 97: Face, 98 - 00: Genitals and Anus)

57. Oh My God That's So Funny! Curse: The afflicted thinks everything that's said by any other person in earshot is incredibly funny, but every time they laugh, milk comes out of their nose.

58. Dance, Pardner! Curse: The bottoms of the afflicted's feet feel like they are bare and on asphalt under the noonday sun in July in south Texas, as long as they are touching the ground (flying character may be able to cheat this one) for the duration.

59. You Dirty Motherfucker. Curse: The afflicted's hands are undetectably coated in a thin layer of jalepeno juice for the duration, causing every eye rub or ball scratch to deposit the substance somewhere it really, really ought not to be. (This curse is named after what I said, out loud, to the jalepeno, after I took it out of the grocery bag, set it on the counter, and scratched my nose.)

60. Dear God, There's MORE? Curse: An inviolable ghostly figure appears and begins listing all of the things that are wrong with the afflicted; personality flaws, physical attractiveness, mental deficiencies, sexual disappointments, etc, each backed up with supporting evidence from the afflicted's past (as distant as necessary). The ghost will occasionally stop talking for a few seconds, long enough to make the afflicted think the curse is over,  then will begin again

60. Contagious Curse: Everyone touched by the afflicted individual will be cursed as well (roll for new curse for each individual effected). The carrier will not feel any different and won't have a way of figuring out they are spreading curses until they've already done so and reasoned it out.

61. Curse of the Hydra: The two closest people to the afflicted individual will be absorbed into their body and will become a head attached to said body. The original afflicted will maintain control of the body movements, but each head will be able to move independently. Every person subsequently touched by the afflicted will also be absorbed.

62. Character is transformed into a cow. However, if they wish to go home, they are excused.

63. Vicinity around character becomes almost unbearably hot.

64. Character must spin in a circle every turn for the duration of this curse.

65. Character becomes melancholic and battles with desires to quit current objective.

66. Character becomes giddily excited.

67. Let’s go Clubbing: Character’s arms turn into fingerless clubs.

68. Gingerbread man: Character becomes made of bread, and rain will cause them to dissolve. However, character’s speed is doubled.

69. Character turns into a mangy dog.

70. Every time the character speaks a loud bell clangs nearby, nearly deafening all within earshot.

71. Angry mom: A woman in a bonnet and apron with a frying pan chases your character, throwing deftly accurate sandals after them.

72. Angry dad: A man stands nearby, grimacing and shaking his head at your every decision.

73: Disappointed parents: Two elderly figures appear, making suggestions to better your character’s lifestyle. They’re not mad at your character’s decisions, they’re just a little disappointed.

74: The wasp effect: Character becomes a wasp, drawn to every flower they see out of a sense of duty.

75. Character falls in love with the first person or object he/she sees.

76. Rumble Curse: Every turn you are affected by the Rumble Curse, you roll a new d100 to determine which curse affects you this turn.

78: Beeflies of all types spawn near and swarm your character.

79: The Rude Scyzophrenic: A second, persistent voice enters your character’s head. Your character can still say whatever they want, but immediately after your character speaks, the voice booms from your character’s lips denouncing whatever your character just said.

80: Quzzical: Every statement your character makes must be a question.

81: Your character is blind for the duration of this curse.

82: Your character now deigns down on others, suddenly under the impression that they are of kingly/queenly stature and those around them are but squires.

83: Drunk: Your character is inebriated heavily for the duration of this curse.

84: Left Losey: Your character cannot turn left for the duration of this curse.

85: Kro’Gorah Kurse: Your character must speak in rhyme for the duration of this course.

86: Burning man: Everything you touch turns to flames.

87: Dancin’ Man: Nobody can hear your character’s voice. Instead, they must communicate through interpretive dance. Everywhere your character goes, he/she must dance.

88: Headless Horseman: Your character’s head turns into a jack-o-lantern! Keep it on their shoulders or carry it around!

89: BARUMPUMPUMPUM: Every time your character speaks, all that comes out is a melodic “BARUMPUMPUMPUM!”

90: Your character is convinced everyone around them is just a figment of his or her imagination.

91: Your character thinks they are invisible, but they are not.

92: Moral Swap: If your character is normally moral, they suddenly become highly immoral for the rest of the thread. If they are regularly immoral, the effect is the opposite.

93: Giving Candy to Babies: Children are attracted to your character under the impression that he/she will give them candy. This decreases stealth because children are always accosting your character for sweets.

94: Your character gains a new fear voted on by the rest of your party for the duration of curse.

95: Flaccid Sword: Your character now wields a floppy sword that can only be slapped into enemies— the sword does not cut.

96. The Curse of Fatal Death: Your character instantly dies. Then regenerates. Upon regeneration, memories and general alignment remain the same, but your character's appearance and personality are altered, as if they were a 're-imagining' of the same character. Over the course of the next ten minutes, your character will die and regenerate anywhere from one to four more times (either pick a number or roll it), with the final regeneration returning them to their original self.

97. The Curse of Curses: Re-roll three times. You are now affected by all three curses you rolled. If two curses contradict each other, either merge them or pick one. If one of the three re-rolls is this curse, then guess what: it still applies.

98. The Curse of Cursing: Your character is now indescribably angry, and for the duration of the curse must insert at least three expletives in every sentence they speak or think. Expletives cannot be repeated within a given sentence (e.g. no "fucking fucker," be creative).

99: Rubs face curse. Your character must rub their face with one hand for the duration of this turn.

100: Curse of Decay: The individual begins to sprout patches of mold, the less they move around the more moldy they become.


In the posts below I, and you if you wish, will link threads and posts where this can be found so you can gauge the IC and OOC effects yourselves.

~credit and gratitude to @supernal @-Lilium- @Tyler @Grubbistch @AngryCacti @jaistlyn @Djinn&Juice @vielle @Dolor Aeternum @Veloci-Rapture @bfc @Fierach @Flame Hero: Endeavor and everyone else I bothered for ideas!

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