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"Ah. Brief. He was early; I passed back out. I hadn't recovered enough from the last time I put myself to sleep."

He had spoken of The Masked Conjurer, causing Lucas' brow to lift as he rose up from the stool and motioned them both along. "I am sure the dangers we will face will not be so life-threatening, but where is your adventurer's spirit Avaerus? We may very well bleed together." And he had headed out the door, into the city with the strangest trio in town. It was incomprehensible. Some mundane human, a swell dressed black beast of the dark, and a golden dragonkin all walked out of a bar together. In the dangerous streets of Hell's Gate, they stood out like a beacon that said 'Kill me.'

'He is not to be trusted.'

Unheard, unseen. He couldn't speak of it. But as they traveled, he looked distracted from conversation or even their surroundings. He requested Farren lead to where she needed to go first. His storage unit could be visited on the way out, towards the Shawnee Glaciers. "It's where I live, after-all. I am sure that I won't have a problem fending off the usual dangers, but..."

He didn't really want to say it. But it would weigh on him if he didn't warn them. Those who willingly got involved.

"...There is a lot to be considered, going forward. At all times, being in my company is cause for concern," He explained with a visible frown as they traversed the city streets. "You can't believe that you're the only one who noticed me, Avaerus." A glance at the human woman he was suggesting he was endangering suddenly. "Expect the unexpected, I suppose is all I'm trying to say."

'You can only depend on us.'

He was, after-all, a beacon of darkness in the darkness. A creature so filled with compacted energies from ages of soul-drinking predation on past realms, on their denizens.

'Look only within for guidance. This dragon-man is the one who will endanger you and the woman.'

And more than that, he was like a ghost-ship of evil or chaotic powers. At least four different auras exuded the dark corruption of The Shade that lives inside Lucas.

"I do hope we can enjoy each other's company despite all that, though," He said after a while.

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JJV3wJs.pngThey had done the deed, going about getting their standard supplies to properly prep for their wild journey through the Shawnee. Along the way, they had lost their dragon-kin friend, but Farren believes they will eventually meet up along the way, so she did not fret. She and Lucas were left to fend for themselves for a time, a situation she isn't entirely sure she should be so comfortable with.

So comfortable, she had fallen asleep the instant she laid herself down in the back of the trudging caravan. The last few days her hands have been temperamental, making walking a less than enjoyable process, especially through forests and mountains. She attributed the sudden events to the change in weather that's slowly slipping from spring into summer; the fresh air is gradually changing to humid and heavy, and the sun is becoming merciless with its ever welcoming warmth. They were lucky to have run into the travel band of merry men and women searching for work and a home somewhere in the wilds of Terrenus.

Turning on her side, she reached over with the expectation she'd find Lucas relaxing nearby. What her eager fingers found was emptiness.


Her panic made her hands freeze up, straining the tendons and nerves that are already frazzled near to death. Having Lucas around has made her painfully aware that she has missed company; Lentil being on his own made her sad, but she understood he had his journies to finish. Nonetheless, Lucas has wiggled his way into her consciousness, leaving the woman somewhat bereft at the idea he too would disappear. Not immediately feeling him next to her made her mind wonder if he had been some specter haunting her dreams, or if he was indeed a real ghost living in the daylight.

Slowly the arms of sleep begin to release her. You're a bit foolish, ain't ya?, she chided herself. Who panics when a stranger isn't near? Lucas is his own person, the last thing he needs is her to worry about his health - as terrible as it is.

Awake now, she notices that they had stopped moving and that there is a faint whiff of smoke trailing in between the torn curtains of the mock entrance. The sound of people moving around about told her the time and why Lucas was outside smoking - break time. To stay along with the caravan, the two had agreed to help with the hunting and such to pay for their way. The afternoon has already crept by, and in another bout of panic, she hurriedly grabs her bow and arrows; dinner needs to be acquired, and she's undoubtedly slept away most of the active hours for catching anything reputable.

"Lucas! Why didn't you wake me up?!"

She whined while tripping out the wagon.


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