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Mykur: The thorn imperium

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It may have looked lodged but the legendary artifact Baeoi is quite the contrarian. Like its sister blades, it too can cut through inanimate objects like butter and the white-haired woman only needed to pull it back for a bit in time when the swing came. Mykur connected with the side of Baoi's blade where the woman had one hand on the hilt and the other arm bracing the blade's other side. Her feet however had mostly left the ground in time with the moment of impact lifting her body up and throwing her backward.

Her lips peeled back to bare an amused grin. Mykur was no match for Baeoi. This the woman knew right from the start. The only problem here is Cain.

Within that brief moment when her body was sent flying, six wisps of light formed around her person and each shot laser beam which are all targeted at her assailant. Her body would then reach the nearest wall and her feet would find purchase at the vertical surface.

"Time to bail."

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As the adrenaline began to fade, Shikai finally realized that his opponent was no longer moving, and let up on his attack. He sucked in a few deep lungfull's of air, and for the first time took in his surroundings. The room seemed to be an office of some sort, computer screens and a 3D printer the focal points. Standing up from the ruined mess of the drone, he sauntered over and sat down in the chair behind the desk.

"Let's see what you've got here Keli."

Computers were not his forte, but he was tech literate enough to operate the device. The first screen held specs for some kind of super drone that was labeled, "Keli Infinit." He didn't understand all the different jargon, but he got enough to know that this thing was dangerous.

"I bet he'd be pissed if I deleted this... but I bet Cain would like to see this too."

A quick search of the desk drawers revealed a usb drive that Shikai popped into a port on the computer. When the device came up, it already had a number of files on it, but there was just enough room for the Infinit design. The download was quick, and he withdrew the drive before deleting the file from the system. Turning his attention to the next design, he couldn't help but be intrigued. As he looked at it, a single word formed in his mind.


"Oh, I'm taking you home with me!"

A few quick strokes on the keyboard and the 3D printers got to work.

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Keli was powerful, but not in the same sense as the Mistress. Not in the way it took to wield a legendary blade. As she was rocketed into the far wall of the orb and found her unnatural footing, she was ready to attack. Keli was not ready for her attack. His arm was still splayed wide as the beams of light honed in on his form and pierced his torso. Keli found himself slammed backward into the far end of the orb, Mykur clattering to the ground where he once stood. 

“N-no!” came Keli’s voice as he reached for the blade futilely, panic uncharacteristic to his pitch. 

To the Mistress’s right, the two Kelis ran for the reanimated Cain. He was as amorphous as he needed to be, so they could have pummeled him for hours if they wanted to no avail— but the purple mist hissing into the orb wouldn’t give them that long. They had to do away with all three of these clowns and get out before they breathed in any of the same deanimation toxin that filled the syringe in Keli’s detached arm which Cain wielded as a sword.

When the two sentinels closed in on him, Cain leapt to the right and swung the arm inward, plunging the syringe into a spot between the ribs of one of the Kelis. As the liquid drained into its body its movements slowed, and then it froze, and then its skin turned to marble. This rigored Keli stood between Cain and the second one, but when he shoved his foot into the frozen one’s foot it rocketed into the second sentinel so hard it rocketed them both straight for the main, one-armed Keli. All three of them smashed into the orb, creating another spiderweb crack.

“Don’t breathe in any of the smoke!” shouted Cain.

Now all of the pressure and power that came with Cain surged back into him, and he clenched it in his left fist as the Big O stoked into ominous rotation around its wrist. He cocked his fist back and bolted for the three as purple haze filled the air around him and the Mistress, holding his free arm over his mouth. Jumping and blasting his fist down into the marble Keli, he shattered its body entirely before connecting with the real Keli’s sternum. The artist wouldn’t perish, but the orb around their platform shattered and the group escaped amid a cloud of toxic purple. They would barely have time to escape the orb, however, before the horrid sight of Keli’s cellar was made clear to them.

Hundreds, maybe thousands of Kelis had dislodged themselves from the cells lining the walls of the basement. Now a veritable army of 12-foot-tall obsidian cyborgs filled the basement floor and came grabbing for them. It appeared that even Cain, even the Mistress would be hard pressed to escape the barrage that was about to begin. In apparent panic, Cain swept his hand out and from a space that opened in his left palm a giant blue serpent was born. Even as it moved, the same black light as his punch swelled in his hand and summoned the Wyrm. Its roar echoed up the shaft and filled the bar upstairs as it thrashed about, clearing a quickly closing path for Cain and the Mistress toward the elevator shaft. It didn’t seem like they would be able to run the whole length of it before the Kelis closed back in on them.

“Up here, Mistress!” yelled the First Officer, jumping onto the 50-foot creature’s back and running along its back toward the Ice Wyrm’s head.

Upstairs, Shikai successfully printed not Mykur, but a brown, round ball that hovered in the air. On its surface were four nodes of white in a line. It lazed forward in a circle around the zombie general, seeming to appraise him. Finally the four nodes hummed a pleasant autumn color as a female voice uttered from its surface.

“Are you Keli?”

Immediately following the question, Black stepped over some of the debris separating the office from the dining room.

“Damn you did a number on th-- oh, hello!” said Neon to the hovering bot. It turned and appraised him for a moment too.

“Are you Keli?”

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Shikai was of course disappointed when he realized that the printer was making not a sword, but some kind of sphere. He was instantly in high spirits again when the ball proved to be some kind of robot. It spun around him, inspecting him, before seemingly coming to some kind of conclusion.

"Hello little buddy! What's your name?"

On 9/9/2019 at 10:06 AM, amenities said:

“Are you Keli?

"Nope!" he said cheerfully.

That was when Black stumbled in and the little droid inquired if he was Keli. Realizing that this could become annoying if it were to be a habit, he sat back down at the computer and searched a bit more. Upon finding the schematics for the bot, he scrolled down until he found the information he was looking for. Then he got up, took the bot in his hand, and spoke to it.

"Command Overide: November, Echo, Memento."

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With all the commotion going around, the white-haired woman is starting to worry. Can she survive without relying on the legendary blade? She only summoned it because the bastard Keli started flexing on them which forced her to retaliate with her own blade. Now that the threat is temporarily gone, the woman too found it prudent to sheathe her blade and strap it on her back.

The gas was not much of a problem as the woman herself has no need of air. For safety's sake, however, she did put up a small vector barrier around her which would bend the particles of the smokey gas pass her own figure thus keeping her safe. For now.

The cellar was the worst of the bunch as thousands of Kelis began dropping en masse. Cracking her knuckles, the woman's lips curled up in a rather smug grin. Yes,  she had been waiting for this. She's be serving lots of donuts today.

Then she stated. Her body was a blur, always in motion, all of her limbs knocking back and breaking the grabby arms of the numerous Kelis. Her body felt stronger now thanks to Baeoi. The extra bonus to durability ensured her that no matter how much excess force she exerts, her body won't succumb to any self-destructive recoil.

When all is lost, the wyrm appeared just in time and the woman did not miss the opportunity. Leaping onto the beast's back, she trailed after Cain while her shining shimmering splendid motes of light are back to swirling around her dainty figure. Each motes of light would randomly shoot a beam of plasma which tore through any Keli it can reach but there are just too many.

Too many for one woman to handle.

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Cain had yet to touch it— the Puppet Master scarcely allowed himself to touch or grow near anything holy in this world— but one of the manifold tentacles black extending from him and the 50-meter Ice Wyrm wielded the legendary blade as deftly as any swordsman; it slashed through entire midsections and bisected heads horizontally as the running anomaly that was Rose jetted along the slithering body of his largest puppet, the Ice Wyrm. Cyborg Kelis were all above physical limitations, though, vaulting upon the Wyrm’s body to confront him. Cain, among many things, was most versed in Muay Thai and Krav Maga. While a mage skilled in one very utilisable form of blood magic, Cain’s roots were in hand-to-hand.

His reputation as the butcher of Tia was largely unknown, Architect of the Dead entirely unknown; and for being shrouded from them Cain was all the more powerful against these unknowing threats. These unknowing peons.

So it was that Keli was unable to deduce the threat he had entangled with. Let alone the Mistress, the thousand Kelis could never— would never— touch the boy who had slaughtered a nation in his early youth. To many, the last of the Shaman of Fear was but a legend. But to the governments of Terrenus and Genesaris, Cain’s face was that of an internationally renowned criminal. As Cain fought, his moves ran through a registry holding his file. After about 13 seconds of Cain fluidly destroying his spawn, Keli discovered one of whom he was dealing with on the lower level. 

Cain and the Mistress, riding the slithering Ice Wyrm and deftly holding their own amid a black sea of Kelis, made their way to the spiral staircase heading upward toward Keli’s estate as Shikai made his way out of the multifaceted crater he had made of his Keli sentinel. Shikai would feel an earthquake of trembling beneath him as Cain and the Mistress mounted 2-3 steps at a time followed by an army of Kelis. During that scant time, however, he would uncover a small robotic node plugged into Keli’s PC from which he gleaned the command codes to the hovering robot as well as several other useful tidbits.

“Command Override: November, Echo, Memento.”

The bot before Shikai jittered for a moment like static before readjusting.

“New commander welcome! Mykur is nearing! Mykur is nearing!”

After a few seconds, the duo burst through the door to a ninja kick by the Mistress, an octopod of tentacles belonging to Cain holding Mykur. This occurred just as Shikai and Black reentered the foyer following the rumble after their own encounter. Without looking at the two, a roar echoed through the floor-level chambers of Keli’s estate while Cain and the Mistress bolted for the door. As if the ginger knew what came next, he did two things at once.

1) One of his seven tentacles whipped the legendary blade like a paper airplane directly at Shikai. It Razed Through The Air. A Keli dove en route only to be rendered in twain by the Legendary Blade of Genesaris as it flew. In the single throw entrusting its Great Destiny unto Shikai without ever touching it himself, enacting a great timeline entirely apart from if he were to claim such an artifact for himself, Cain unerringly and without so much as eye contact acknowledged Shikai’s achievements in his midst thus far.

2) Cain burst through Keli's estate's front doors, which normally swung inward, with ease followed by the Mistress, Black, Shikai, and a swarm of Kelis. The town would be terrorized by their leaping, crawling, Terminator-esque voices all night— at least until the Dead made it out of town. Meanwhile, as Cain’s tentacles withdrew into him, it became clear that they had taken another object: the original Keli’s head. Holding it in one hand as they ran, somehow never slowing even though his arms made dramatic movements, Cain’s right hand birthed four tendrils that hovered in on Keli’s head cradled in his other hand.


“Tell me, Mistress,” Cain said as they ran down the parkway from Keli’s estate, the four ninja-like figures jumping the metal gate with ease and jetting down the street with a hive of sleek black figures in tow. “What did you find that they have back at the auction house?”

A dropdown menu of the auction house’s contents scrolled upward from the exposed brain in Cain’s hands, ready to select the items she wanted and mark their location. Even now, 10-to-12 foot cyborgs of smooth black tackled at their heels. Efficiency was imperative.

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"I feel like princess," the Mistress giggled, "Riding a mount with the prince who saved my life."

It has been a while since she had faced such a large number of enemies. Not that she expected them to be a serious threat. Perhaps that too is part of Baeoi's curse. The more she grows closer with it, the more skewed is her perception of reality. She seemed to stray from the mortal coil farther and farther every day. A sad truth but such is the price for power.

"The Keli's are still disgusting though," she continued chatting while her body moved with practiced ease. Kali had always been her favored form but there's not much use for martial arts when a single hit from her could crush these Kelis. Another sad fate of hers.

“What did you find that they have back at the auction house?”

The woman turned to face Cain. "Lots of stuff. Most are found in Whispernight were I frequently go on vacation. It's a good thing that such rare items appear here at such a low low price."

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"Oh, there you guys are," Shikai mused, "And with more Keli's!"

In lieu of a greeting, Cain flung the sword that he had seen on the computer at him. He watched in awe as the blade cleaved through anything unfortunate enough to get in its way as it flew to him. The shinobi seemingly dodged to the side, only to catch the sword by the hilt and turn into a slash at the horde of Keli's following his companions. His cut wasn't the the best, technically speaking. Still, the black blade sliced through a dozen of the swarming androids.

"Mykur... what a beauty!"

He turned and ran with his comrades; lost in his admiration of his new blade.

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"What specifically are you looking for? So we can penetrate in and get out as quickly as possible," Cain asked the Mistress, Keli's face still suspended by the tendrils and his exposed amalgam between facial organs and machinery projecting a ghostly list of auction house materials before them.

Cain emboldened his troops with every move he could make. Even as massive Kelis dove for his bare heels, even as the gestation juice sloughed from his face and shoulders from a forced rebirth, Cain hurled legendary blades and beheaded enemies who were their very own singularities for the sheer information he could gain to help those around him. This cause was the self-same precedent of his very life so far, so why when he could did he not impart greatness and power in its many facets to those for whom he cared?

Care was a funny word coming from Cain, though. He helped the self-sustaining while loathing those who were too distraught by their conditions to do anything with them. He gave to the voracious poor while ignoring the wholly indigent. Luckily, by virtue of the voracious poor, these helped the wholly indigent; but without their empowerment would not the indigent be left to ruin? Certainly Rose helped everyone by helping the second-to-lowest tiers, he thought. Those who could still fight, would. So it was that these three figures carved their way across the city night- carved their wretched tabula rasa upon the diamond tablets of yet another great lore.

Shikai was instrumental from the very first blow he ever made with Mykur. While perfection is always a far cry from inception, greatness can be stole from the very beginning. Mykur’s single flash in the general’s hand heralded the backward flight of 11 Kelis. It withheld the swarm as Cain and the Mistress burst through the doors.

“Very impressive, sir!” said the brown node studden in blue lights as it floated around Shikai’s head. “This is Mykur. My sensors indicate that you are not Keli. Reset Mykur user?”

Now, with the three running up an inclined street, the rooftop of the auction house could be seen rising in the distance. Behind, though, the Kelis nipped at their heels. Giant hands grazed their achilles in attempt to grab ankles and drag them back into the swarm’s grasp, but Black Neon was somewhat skilled at crowd control. Holding his right arm against his chest as they ran, Neon gathered pressure in his hand and it began swelling. The appendage grew until his fist was the size of a large man in the fetal position, then Black launched it back behind them in a sweeping backhand. The gigantic hand pummeled into the front lines of Kelis chasing them and plowed them sideways, half shattering through a storefront and half launching down the alleyway right beside the store.

Four Kelis leaped over the giant hand with olympic agility, and one of them was able to land a hand around the Mistress’s ankle just as her and Cain were picking out the items they would take from the auction house. In fromt of the group, uphill about 10 meters, a couple Kelis had run along the rooftops to get in front of them and jumped in the street to cut them off. 

Cain didn’t even look up, preoccupied pulling material locations out of Keli.

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On 10/12/2019 at 9:37 AM, amenities said:

“Very impressive, sir!” said the brown node studden in blue lights as it floated around Shikai’s head. “This is Mykur. My sensors indicate that you are not Keli. Reset Mykur user?”


The Keli hoard was closing in on them with the ferocious tenacity of attack dogs; all of them clamoring to get a hold on their prey and drag them down to be torn apart. No attack seemed to push them back for long. Even when Black hit them with a gigantic fist, they simply kept on coming. Shikai saw one of them grab the Mistress by the ankle, and he responded by severing the hand at the wrist, and pulling her up.

"Watch your step my dear!"

Next he turned his attention to the Keli's that had managed to get ahead of them. He threw the sword through the air; skewering two of them on the blade before calling it back to him with a mental command.

"Oh, that's nifty!"

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On 10/13/2019 at 12:37 AM, amenities said:

"What specifically are you looking for? So we can penetrate in and get out as quickly as possible,"

"Well, everything," the white-haired woman replied, "Exalta weapons. Black Exalta Prisms. . Cobran alpha wolf furs. Ballard Bay shields. The elusive Vintel berries. A half-dead monster from Moonwood, ready for binding. A baby phoenix from the Cold Mountains. Then the rare materials. Bloodstones. Elemental Stones. Celuro. Stryderian scales. Runestones. I could go on and on but I don't think we have the time to keep talking-"

Her words were cut off as one of the Keli's managed to grab her ankle, thankfully Shikia was there to save her sorry ass like a damsel in distress. 

"As I was saying, we should get as many as possible while we can. I'm sure we can manage," the woman continued. "That said, I need a breather."

Even as she ran, the woman pulled out a stick of cigar from her pocket and lighted it before placing it on her full lips. Meanwhile, the rotating motes of light surrounding her transformed into six angelic guardians, fully armed and ready for battle, Each of these guardians soared in the air matching the woman's pace while hacking away at the Keli's that tried to attack the group.

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