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Abraxis Starts Anew (Side-Quest: Open)

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ALL of her friends were gone; there WERE NO Graymites, no Benaires...........No Housekeepers either!! She stared at the ceiling, still massaging her itchy throat; THAT did NOT change unfortunately. She still lacked the ability to speak on a verbal level, still in wonder about how she was able to communicate with people. Her warm covers snuggled against her soft skin as she laid on her bad, still in deep thought. She could remember sleeping with her childhood love, Lord Graymite, Conduit to a Charge.

A tap on the Window would turn her head to the lock mechanism; she already knew exactly WHOM it was that had a bottle of Absinthe with him. She reached for the lock to the windows, turning it softly to let HIM in. The voice would speak out in a very low tone, "Hello dear cousin...I'm very pleased to know you. We aren't of many, but you will have to get adjusted to this kind of life. Never lose your Reality!!!"

Abraxis nodded in agreement, now sitting up in her bed, still looking a bit puzzled. Even though she could not communicate verbally, she had no kind of Writing Utensil to use to express her thoughts since she did not even know just where she was exactly. Picking up a small notepad and a pencil, she stared at the paper in deep thought; did she FORGET how to WRITE down letters?

Avus Insectium, one of the most bizarre of the Invectium Race, was to grab a glass and pour himself a very hefty serving of Absinthe to consume. Abraxis was to snatch the glass from her own cousin's hand, now chugging it down, closing her eyes in disbelief; she didn't know how to WRITE!!!! And after all of the training Lord Graymite and Benaires put her through!!!


"Avus.....Abraxis? Are you two up drinking this early again? I swear......." Said a voice from behind the bedroom door. A rather short, Purple-haired woman was to enter into the bedroom. She had Seaweed Green eyes and was dressed in a business-type suit. She had on Slippers though and was carrying in a Silver platter with food stuffs on it. It was Lady Avixis Insectium; Avus' BIOLOGICAL MOTHER!!!!

"Mother......good morning to you." Said Avus, as IT reached out to ITS mother for a big hug. Abraxis only nodded her head in a type of greeting.

"She still doesn't know how to speak huh? Well, the Doctors say that her Vocal Chords are in perfect working order and that there should be no problems. Well, I made some Breakfast for the both of you; Fresh Crepes, Orange slices, Mint Tea and Strawberries. Eat on up and get ready you two...I'll be back in an hour or so to take you both to School."

Avus shook ITS head; no way in hell should SHE be able to talk!!! Avus then placed his left hand under her chin to examine her neck; and there it was: the incision that was made when she was younger; the surgery that silenced her voice box.

"No Mother; the Doctors are wrong; her Vocal Chords were stitched SHUT a long time ago; she CAN'T speak."



South Mundelein 7:57 AM


Argon was just getting out of the shower, drying her hair, when her Tele-com beeped loudly. She put a towel around her body and began sorting through some clothes to put on all while answering the device, "Talk Avus.....................Time is money and we all know you're broke!!!"

"WE have a problem. Do you remember my new cousin that recently was transferred here?"

"Yeah, sure I do..Lady Abraxis or something like that right?" Replied Argon cheerfully.

"Yes the same one...well, apparently, she doesn't know how to dress, bathe or even perform feminine hygiene upon herself. Look, there is much to explain and I do not know all of the specifics. Once you get dressed, can you please come on by and freshen her up?" Avus replied, now staring at a very sad and confused Abraxis. She stood in front of him with just a long tee-shirt on and nothing much else.



"She doesn't.......WHAAAA?????????????  Oh shit.................Okay, okay....I'll bring some things and Doll her up....just keep her company until I get there. I don't believe it. Where did you say she was from again? Oh never mind that; I'll be there in a few minutes...okay?"


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"Just sit on your bed dear cousin and try to eat some Breakfast. I'll have my Bird Seed and Absinthe thank you very much. How can my own Mother NOT know what my Nutritional needs ARE? Sometimes I just do not understand her at all. And WHY don't I have ANY money for times such as this?" Avus thought out loud to his cousin. Abraxis then pointed to AVUS, then back to her plate of food, staring at him, shrugging her shoulders.

"Oh......I'm sorry dear.....You see, even though we ARE related through blood, my genetic structure will not allow for my body to consume anything besides, Bird Seed, Water and Alcoholic Beverages.  What YOU are eating is very GOOD for you. Your OTHER Cousin Ptera eats just like me. You go one and eat sweetheart; you need the nourishment if you're going to go to school today you know." Avus replied, now smirking like the evil thing that IT was.

"Hey!!!!! I'm here Avus!!!! Where IS she?" Asked Argon, as she flooded through the bedroom door, stopping suddenly.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...........................HOLY SHIT MAN..........she is BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow....................Hi..................My name is Argon, and I'll be your NEW Conduit.......well.....I was ORDERED by Lord Graymite to take care of you until he returns from the Geostratum's work site."

Avus only blinked in befuddlement.

"YOU talked to Lord Graymite? When?" IT Asked. Argon only smiled happily, now taking a few Strawberries from the platter.

"Yeah...Graymite is helping to build something BIG, and he didn't have time to give me all of the details, SOOOOOOOOOOOOO I promised him that I would look after her. I'll give her a nice bath and I'll be her escort all throughout this mission."

Avus glared at Argon, then took another shot of Absinthe. How in the hell was Avus able to drink that early in the morning anyways?

"Let me guess.................Someone is trying to KILL Benaires..............am I to say that I am Correct Argon?" Avus Asked.

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“The Lady is concerned about her health.”
“We all are. But is it necessary to station a doctor there for her?”
“A doctor. A driver. And a protection agent.”
“You want to crowd three more people into her life?”
“No, just one.”


The radio was playing slow, playful jazz on Doctor Lee Herrod’s drive to the residence. His fingers tapped lightly on the wheel, eyes fixed straight ahead, following a mental map to his new assignment.

The morning had been most stressful: a last-minute call from the police. One of their informants had been shot in a poorly-thought-out sting operation, and it had fallen to Herrod to keep the man alive until his information could be vetted. A harrowing two hours, full of screaming, near-misses, and flying bullets while the informant spilled his secrets under a cocktail of life-saving drugs and arterial clamps. It had been madness, utter madness, that had ended just before lunch. A bowl of seasoned pork in a rich sauce.

And now the radio was playing slow jazz. Today was turning out to be a splendid occasion.

The car eased into a slow, cautious park in front of the residence, clicking into position with barely a complaint, considering how recently he had to remove someone’s limp from the undercarriage. Herrod opened the door sharply, hefting his sleek black doctor’s bag out ahead of himself.  The patient was going to be a strange occasion: blessed and cursed with tremendous power, strange injuries, and mysterious allies. Idly, Herrod wondered if he had been sent to this assignment to dispose of him. Stopping at the door, he supposed that he would find out before long.

He paused to collect himself, counting a few seconds for each breath. First impressions were of the utmost important. A broad, warm smile appeared instantly on his face the second before the door opened.

“House call! Doctor Herrod for Lady Abraxis.”

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Avixis smiled at the good Doctor, nodding in greeting!!

"Doctor Herrod; the agency sure sent someone FAST heheh.....I don't know what's wrong with my niece Abraxis; the poor dear won't even eat her breakfast. She won't talk, won't use Sign language or anything. She's lethargic, confused, emotional....and just cries a lot. She won't bathe herself or anything. I don't know what to do, so I asked the Agency to send someone over who could diagnose her and perhaps treat her ailments. Uhm, take the first set of Stairs and they are in the first bed room to your right hand side Doctor. I have to finish cleaning the Kitchen. My Husband is hardly ever home, save to come back, shower, have a beer and then leave right back out to work. He does some very secretive research or something. Good luck then...."

By the time the good Doctor would make it to the room, Argon had fully showered and had dressed poor Abraxis in a school uniform. The Short skirt allowed for Argon to put leggings on under the skirt so not to show all of her business; wait: do female Invectium have reproductive organs?? She had tied her hair into two very neat ponytails with some matching bows on each end. Avus stood back and smirked; IT did not need to wear stupid and silly School Uniforms!!!

"She looks very nice; too bad I do not have to embarrass myself looking like a fucking Cub Scout. Anyways......I'm very elated that you came by to do this for me; she will be staying in MY room for a few weeks until she can learn to sleep on her own I guess." Avus scratched its plumage (Hair; or whatever Invectium have for HAIR); this was all new to IT.

"This is a bit confusing; why in the world would Graymite simply just DUMP her on ME of all people? I don't even know much about her to be honest. Mother is sending a Doctor to look her over; she still does not believe the reports that explained mental damage that was done to her mind after all of those years in that cursed Asylum. He'll probably look her over like some old man and a teenage school girl. I hear those kind of fetishes are the norm or something."

Argon giggled some; she knew that Abraxis could not laugh, but she would see a light snicker escape her lips though.

"Hey!!! You SNICKERED Abraxis!!!! that is sooooooo cute!!! Okay, uhm.....I have something for you...let me fetch it from my Gym bag really fast..." Argon said, waltzing lazily over to Avus' closet to get it. She pulled out a yellow-looking Electronic pad of some kind with a very large pen-type device. Abraxis' eyes bulged open; she hadn't used it in quite some time!!! She was to bolt over to Avus and hug him, closing her eyes. Avus was almost knocked over by the act itself!!!

"Uhm, you are welcome dear cousin; I told the dumb Furball to run out and have you another one designed just how you liked the one Graymite made for you. It works the exact same way. I'm sure Argon can teach you how to write again."  Abraxis shook her head and walked over to Argon to get her device. She was to immediately switch it on and, after a few whirrs and beeps, she began to write something on it;

"I know how to configure these. I was on the Committee who first came up with the Interface. Thanks dear cousin. It seems that this model has some vast improvements as well; it has an audio interface option at the bottom of the screen, but artificial voices annoy me, so you will simply have to do a lot of reading until I can figure out how to project my thoughts again in this house. Avus, I don't know what to say. I really don't know anyone besides Erixa, Asher, Rebecca, Graymite and Benaires, so I'm a bit out of place here. I DO know that I was told while I was in the Asylum that I had a mighty cousin and a good friend though."

Avus only smirked again, taking yet another shot of the Liquor while IT swallowed down a hand full of Bird Seed.

"I think that projection spell should be in those notes in your bag Argon. You should read them over and see what you have to do as her new Conduit. Graymite had been studying his job to take care of Lady Abraxis since he was just eight years OLD, so I'm sure that he has much more experience than you do since you are starting off fresh this time. Thankfully, I do have a lot of old notes that the Dumb Furball jotted down, so I will be studying them to see how all of this is supposed to go."

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Doctor Herrod held the smile through the conversation, and nodded graciously at the invitation inside, mentally filing away the relevant parts of the introduction. Lethargy, confusion, lack of self-care, silence....secretive research? Not part of the diagnosis, but still quite interesting.

I'm pleased I could be available.” He piped up as the conversation ended, politely removing his shoes as he entered the house.

The furniture was of fine quality, at least in terms of stopping bullets. The dining room table look particularly robust, and he logged that fact just before making the turn and climbing the stairs deliberately. He tried to count them, for reference, but the catchy jazz tune from the car was still in his head, so he vowed to make a better appraisal of the house later.

Frustratingly, the file on his patient was still very small, and offered little indication of what he might be up against. It did have a curious mention of her caretaker....Conduit, was the word, and his notable absence of late. There were more names in the file, but it was clear the Agency was not as well-educated on the patient as they wanted to be.

He stopped in front of the correct bedroom door, pausing outside at the sound of voices. He counted two, and his new patient supposedly could not speak. At least three, then, hopefully none of them armed and twitchy. House call!” He rapped his knuckles once on the door before nudging it open, slowly, to give anyone time to react to his presence before he came into view. A sickly pyromancer had once nearly killed him when he walked in unannounced, and that was enough for him to adopt a cautious demeanor when meeting new patients.

The smell of liquor, and the odd crunch of birdseed were his first impressions of the room. That was a new combination for his senses. He didn't recognize any of them as he entered, nodding his head courteously around the room, trying to decide which of the three was the one who had unsettling words like 'anti-matter' and 'instantaneous destruction' in their dossier.

The incision was nearly perfect, her throat had been sewn back together with incredible skill, and it was only a momentary play of the light that gave away the mark. Herrod grasped the doctor's bag handle with both hands, and offered a half-bow.

You must be Abraxis. Doctor Herrod, the Agency set me to help take care of you.” A quick glance to the room's other two occupants. “I see I'm not alone in that task.”

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"A pleasure indeed Doctor. I am Avus of the Invectium Race. This young lady next to me is Argon, who is my childhood friend from long ago, ANNNDD, this buxom beauty is none other than Lady Abraxis. Say hello tot he good Doctor Counsin...." Avus finished, now bowing into that direction respectfully.

Argon only giggled: perhaps something COULD be done to help Abraxis understand herself a bit more. "This is going to be fun....you are in for a treat Doctor. I"ll be right back...I'm going to get some Orange Juice for this Absinthe....Stay here Abraxis and tell the Doctor what he needs to know okay? I'll be back in a Jiffy."

Abraxis nodded, now writing something else down on her Writing Utensil, "I am pleased to make of your Acquaintance Doctor Herrod. Please sit down on the Bean Bag Chair and I can begin to explain things TO you."

Avus pointed to the nice Bean Bag Chair for the Doctor to take a seat to whilst Abraxis would try her best to begin to explain things to him. Abraxis began writing something else down frantically, "My Mother had my Vocal chords stitched shut when I was only 6. She thought that I spoke of evil things, but I just don't know the range of my powers is all. There was an eight-year old boy named Graymite, whose only job was to be my Conduit; a Caretaker and trainer of many professions. Unfortunately, during my last assignment for " The Company," Which are the OWNERS of the Agency whom you WORK for, our assignment was cut short and everyone went their separate ways, even my Master Benaires, who was the one that showed me so much while I was in that Asylum many years ago. When I first met Lord Graymite, I felt SO excited inside. He was always making my lunch, teaching me about things like Math, Social studies....I even know how to translate from one language to another for some odd reason. I don't know how to bathe; I never learned because I had Graymite with me. Today is supposed to be my first day of something called School; this is the uniform that the students wear while attending classes. Argon will be accompanying me for awhile until I can find my Graymite again. This also doubles as my training as well. I have a tingling sensation in my toes, and I tend to cry a lot. I'm not sure why. I have to ability to even be fully active even while sleeping. I love Sleep Paralysis; I can channel previous events as well.

Let's see; I have a very strange ability to summon Anti-matter as well, so please be careful not to make me upset. The last school Ithat attended was completely erased off the map from my anger. They say that when I would speak, I would cause people to BLEED from their EARS. I dont' like to hurt people. Master Benaires told me that he'd always be by side, but I cannot seem to locate him. I love him so much; he's always flirting with me though. He was engaged to a very powerful Telepath, but her and her brother were whisked away for some BIG mission. I couldn't go and Graymite had to start training with Master Benaires. Something about constructing a Geostratum of Antiquity or whatever THAT is or something.

I Love taking LONG showers though; the water seems to cleanse my spirit. Rose Petals are delicious with Absinthe. I will sit down next to you and you can examine my fet, alright? This just started a few days ago when I was taking a shower. Poor Avus must be exhausted."

She then removed her shoes and socks, exposing her soft and well-maintained toes for the Doctor to examine. Argon was to finally return, now snatching the Absinthe from Avus' left hand, slurping it down quickly. She then poured some of the strong alcoholic beverage into her 12-OZ Glass of Orange juice, filling it to the brim of the glass itself, now passing Avus ITS liquor back.

"So, based on what she told you Doctor, what do you think it could BE?" Asked Avus. Just then, another young female was to wrap at the door, speaking out loudly, "Hey Abraxis, it's ME, Rebecca!!! I'm coming in!!!"


Rebecca Jones was Lord Graymites half-sister!!! She waltzed on in, waving at Avus first; she had known of this drinking Owl-Thing for many years, so it was always good to see a familiar face.

"Well wonders never cease; Rebecca!!! How are you?" Asked Argon, who was now sipping on her mixture.


"Hey there girl!!!! I see they found a Doctor to examine Abraxis eh? Well, its about time someone did SOMETHING about her tingling toes!!! I still don't know why that sensation came out of NOWHERE!!! Don't mind me...go on and finish checking her out Doctor. I'm going sit right here and have some Absinthe. Pour me cup Avus; you know how this goes...."



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Herrod took a seat in the bean bag chair, setting his dark duffel bag at his feet as he settled in gentl, taking a quick stock of the others as he did. It was a welcoming enough environment, a feeling which ran at odds to his initial assessment of the operation. He nodded his thanks, and gently took her foot as she raised it, softly pressing his thumbs into the sole of her foot and watching for any reactions.

"There are a number of afflictions with which you may be suffering, and we will address them individually to try to find the problem. Acute stress, for one, which we will remedy through a strict prescription of getting outside of this house and rejoining the world." His warm smile hid a lingering concern: a human might suffer depression with typical symptoms, but changing the mood of someone who could control anti-matter was a substantially riskier operation. Without her medical history, it would take some time to do a proper diagnosis, but he assumed she could hold her own against most enemies outside of her own mind.

He couldn't help but glance back at the tiny scar on his neck. The incision was nearly perfect, an artful and elegant suture. Horrific and debilitating, of course, but also a level of professionalism to be appreciated. Herrod leaned back with a reassuring smile and patted her knee confidently, taking a quick mental stock of how much ammunition he had brought with him in the car. If someone was after Benaires, Graymite, or Abraxis herself, they were unlikely to come unprepared.

"But you are fortunate to have friends to surround yourself with. Concern yourself only with enjoying yourself, and your school. Your companions and I will concern ourselves with your safety."

He turned his head as Rebecca entered, and resumed the welcoming smile he wore most waking hours. "Lovely. Do you know Lady Abraxis well?"

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Rebecca smirked sheepishly at the good Doctor, now putting her drink onto a small night stand that was near Abraxis' bed. She began to stretch her arms out a bit, yawning in the process; Rebecca did not really care much for manners at times.

"Why come I ain't never seen you around here before? You SURE you know what you're doing Doc? I mean, it's not like Abraxis is a walk in the park when it comes to curing her ailments you know. You gotta really be GOOD to mess with HER; if you know what I mean. Right guys?" Rebecca asked the group. Avus nodded in agreement, along with Argon, who was till trying to fix Abraxis' ponytails a bit.

"I have to admit, even while she was at the Asylum the Dcotors and Nurses THERE didn't really want to examine her, even for a light head cold. Why would you of all people take a deep interest in THIS one? I mean, it's not like we don't KNOW what's wrong with her or anything because we DON"T. We just accept it for what it IS." Said Rebecca once more; always the one for riling up controversy and conversation at the same time.

"Well, whatever you know.......I sure HOPE you can get her back into NORMAL Society. People spit at her, call her rude and derogatory names...all sorts of stuff. Avus.....YOU know her better than the rest of us....what gives bro? Why do you not speak up on her behalf for the verbal abuse at least..........."  Said Argon, who was still trying to adjust the bows on the ends of Abraxis long pony tails.


"Hmmmmm............Well, let us step OUT while the Doctor examines her feet SHEEPLE...." Said Avus, who was to just LEAP out of his OWN Bedroom window!!! Argon nodded and gently kissed Abraxis on the Cheek, making her blush, holding her kiss point of contact. Rebecca smiled at the Doctor and lightly tapped him on the shoulder, winking at him. They were to ALL leave out, not talking much; just whispering amongst themselves, now leaving Abraxis and the Doctor alone; now trying to build o what her ailments were and how to fix the problem.


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You gotta really be GOOD to mess with HER; if you know what I mean. Right guys?”

I assure you, my dear, I come highly recommended from people with money and good taste. They assure me that my presence will be of benefit. And besides, I suspect my superiors would not be overly upset if I was destroyed in a flash of anti-matter either.” It was a joke, matched with a playful wink, but undercut with a bit of truth to it. He knew most of them would be glad to be rid of him if it came to that, but thus far he had proven too stubborn to end up dead. He kept moving his hands, a steady motion designed to calm her nerves and relax the muscles of her feet.

Your social health is just as important, and I wish I could say your school will be a good environment for that sort of thing. But as your lovely friend says, "normal" society is unkind. Remember that words are words, and were they able to do injury, my surgeries would be much simpler."

Herrod smiled and nodded graciously at Rebecca as she left, and raised an eyebrow as Avus disappeared through the window itself. He glanced back at Abraxis and started to say something, but caught himself and closed his mouth instead.

He pulled out a prescription pad, complete with his personal watermark and an ostentatious gilded border, and flipped one of the sheets over backwards. His hand passed over the paper, making quick flicks with a ballpoint pen to spell out letters, and turned the pad towards her. Herrod was more than willing to communicate in her medium of writing, and he wanted to make doubly sure no one was listening to them until he understood all the pieces in play. He spoke a little louder than usual as he adjusted the pad so she could read it.

It's important that you maintain healthy circulation, we'll work on daily walks to help with that.”

The paper read: Do you know who is after your friends?

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She didn't say anything, blushing. Without a Conduit at her side, Abraxis would NOT communicate with ANYONE. She only lowered her head in sadness since her friends left out o the room. She did NOT know of this man; was he evil? Was he out to beat on her like the people at that cursed Asylum did? She just sat there and started to cry. She did NOT like strangers!!

Avus then leaped through the window, landing on ITS bare feet and onto the plush carpet. IT then walked over to the good Doctor, placing ITS hand on the Doc's shoulder.

"She is only going to communicate with people that she KNOWS or unless someone that she TRUSTS is in the same room with her Doctor. I refuse to let her be alone with someone whom she does not know yet. I do not have any quarrels with you in particular, but my dear cousin has been through enough as it currently is. Her main love has gone away on yet another assignment, her loving MASTER is away somewhere, and her only MOTHER sent her away to get treated at MY home of all places. Abraxis, it is alright to communicate with him. Please do not cry dear cousin. You have my word that I WILL help you get over this and to move on with your life. Now, please talk with him.........Wait just a minute Doctor...just hold still for a few seconds...."

Avus then closed its eyes, placing his hand into Abraxis' soft left hand. A glow would envelop all three of them of blue, then fade away.

"WHAT IF HE BEATS ME? I cannot let that happen!!! OH SHIT!!!! I'm TALKING outloud through Psychic connection!!! Geez, do I sound THAT loud? Oh shit........he's kinda cute...UHm, sorry....I have trust issues Doctor uhmm...what was it again? Wow...this echo is fantastic!!! How did he know what spell to use? Only Lord Graymite knows the incantation for the Psychic Release Spell. Hey, Avus......what did you study? Answer me? OH, sorry...Doc, could you please finish examining my feet? I've got School in twenty minutes!! You ARE going WITH me right? I..........don't want to be harassed again...."

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(I'm going to go ahead and move this forward since our good Doctor has been caught up with work and family lol)


Abraxis was now walking to school with Argon, Rebecca and Avus of course. She looked absolutely stunning, but wasn't trying to smile; she was trying to concentrate on not being made fun of first, and that would not be easy. AS they were to slowly approach the School gates, young men and women alike were to whisper a bit about this new student who looked quite radiant. Avus stepped up ahead first, now taking a deep breath; IT hated Scholastic organizations, but could tolerate them for awhile.

"The smell of hormones in the air; how disgusting. Anyways, let's get you into the building to get yourself registered shall we dear cousin?" Avus said, now smirking sheepishly. Argon shook here head; Avus was always finding ways to detest education. One young girl was to come right to Abraxis, now smiling at her. Argon tugged on  Rebecca's shirt to get her to pay attention.

"So you must be the new student that everyone is talking about then? Wow, you look cute!!! How do you do? My name is Theresa Myers; I'm Captain of the Kendo Club but I'm also your guide for this week. It's a pleasure to meet someone so beautiful!!!"

Abraxis stared at this young lady in total wonder. She had forgotten how to even greet people!!!!

"Uhm, I am Lady Argon Theresa; I am Abraxis' Conduit, which means that I will be handling all of her duties, functions and day to day tasks whiles teaching her to blend in."

Theresa had noticed that Argon did not have on a School Uniform first, then she turned her nose up at her in such a manner that it made Abraxis flinch a bit. This sistuation was beginning to become awkward, and Abraxis was not about to take anyone away from her right now. She had just gotten comfortable with Argon.

'Well, unfortunately, if you are not attending this school, you are not allowed in the building. School Rules Argon. I'm sorry about that." Theresa retorted, now smiling at Abraxis again. Avus waved his shirt around from his backpack, now smirking again, "I go anywhere in this dump that I please. You ask ME to leave and I'll slap you so hard your hair will fall out. I'm going on ahead...you all figure this out...toodles...."


Abraxis' self-confidence plummeted immediately. She reached out for her cousin in fear; she did not want to be alone with strangers!! Argon sighed; this was going to be a very trying day!!

"Don't worry Abraxis; I'm still going to go in with you and at least to talk to someone about this entire ordeal. Rebecca, you head on back to the house and get on the phone with The Chief. Get me a permit or something okay? if I don't go in WITH her now, she will just stand here and cry."


Avus was walking into the building barefoot yet again, as other students giggled at IT, pointing and saying snide remarks. Avus did not care about any of that. As it approached the main hallway, there two Security Guards standing there who were to stop this crazed individual.

"Now Avus, you DO know that wearing shoes and your Uniform is part of School Policy. This is the seventh time we've had to write you a demerit." Said One Officer. Avus then replied to the both of them, "You LET that Pencil touch that pad and you will be WEARING That pencil in your EYE SOCKET!!! I don't have time for this...I'm going to my Locker...."

"Avus!! Now you KNOW that you have to wear your Uniform shirt and some shoes. I can't keep telling you this every single day you know." Said a female Teacher. Avus turned on the balls of his feet to smirk in protest. "And do you really think that I will listen to even YOU Mrs Abernathy? I don't care much for the rules around here, as you can probably tell. My cousin is starting this Semester in YOUR class. YOU should focus on helping her come out of her shell so that she can try to function in this institution. I'll get my Sandals from my locker if that will appease to your whining."

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(OOC: @princeben07 Going with the whole spirit portal thing I saw that connects Valucre to other worlds just because I'm trying to start my character off with some personal canon for him.  If anything I wrote doesn't make sense, or there's information about the setting/people that I messed up, please let me know, and I'd be happy to correct it!)


Biological processes were functioning optimally in the incubator since I last left...what time is it...11:30?  Thirty minutes without supervision could result in explosive evolutionary relapse...probability increasing exponentially with a factor of e to 1.27th power every thirty minutes thereafter.  So with five hours having passed...probably should have gotten someone to watch that for me...oh well.  Shouldn't be too terribly messy to clean up...why are freestanding harvestable nonsentient synapse structures so bloody difficult to maintain!?

A curious-looking fellow in a white labcoat, khakis, and a disheveled t-shirt was speed-walking down the halls of this particular school purposefully, his sky-blue hands and arms full of folders, papers, books, and other extraneous materials he didn't have the foresight to bring a bag for.  Though Ouros may have looked like a frazzled grad student with a half-done thesis due next week, he was actually a teacher.  Temporarily, anyway.  These kinds of extra-dimensional jobs were not normally on his radar when it came to making a quick buck for his research, but he was the kind of person to send out applications willy-nilly to every possible job opening in his path without actually reading them, and it appeared that the folks at this particular school had connections literally everywhere.  He tried not to think about the implications of him, of all people, being the prime candidate for a substitute chemistry teacher position out of a literal universe of possible applicants, but at least it helped to perk up his self-esteem a bit.    And at least it was a far cry better than the time he confused his application for an on-site alchemist at an apothecary with an enlistment form to join the Altherian Army.  

Wait a minute.  Where was this classroom again?  

He stood stock still for a moment, before taking a sharp left and nearly sideswiping some poor, hairy-looking kid just trying to open a locker.  He barked out a sincere, but very hurried apology before continuing on his fevered pace.  He really freaking needed payment, what with the new tariffs on the iridescent hell-scarab shells he needed to perfect his new-and-improved dragonfire napalm recipe, and he couldn't afford to be too, too late to his class.  Even if he surmised what he was supposed to teach was probably boring stuff, the fundamentals of sorts...like carbon bonding, or the discovery of element 16 and three-quarters.  Ugh!  He couldn't think about teaching that mundane junk without quickening his pace.  He refused to lose a promising new generation of scientists to a passionless bureaucrat churning out brain-numbing curriculum!

After moodily chucking the school-issued teacher's edition of the chemistry textbook off of the pile of assorted items he was hauling, nearly clocking some jock in the head with it by accident, he thought he could see the room he was supposed to be in ahead...1031, that was it, he was so close!

He had tried quite hard, and got this far.  But in the end, it didn't really matter, as he collided right into the side of what he guessed was a very defiant-sounding, shoeless student currently in an argument with someone, falling sideways with a yelp as all of the junk he was carrying hit the ground with a heavy thud.  He immediately scrambled to get his papers together while still laying prone, sheepishly smiling at the people that were undoubtedly staring at his massive gaffe.  But he soon remembered that  he might have actually hurt someone, and immediately got to his feet, attempting to offer a helping hand if he was still on the ground, or bowing his head in apology if the kid he impacted was still standing.  

"I-I'm so, so sorry, truly didn't mean that!  Sincerest apologies!"  His face, a strange mix of dragon-like and slightly unnatural (perhaps given the white feathers he currently called hair), was currently contorted in a state of immense worry.  Partially because he was pretty sure substitute teachers didn't benefit from any kind of tenure protection when student abuse was concerned, but mainly because he hoped he didn't hurt this...definitely interesting being in front of him.  He looked a bit like a hybrid of sorts, similar to him.  Ouros almost wanted to ask if he was a fellow alchemist...but to be fair, most of his contemporaries didn't run around their workplaces with bare feet.  "Are you alright lad?"

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Such a young THING.

IT would actually CLASP a left HAND to the Professor..........................


"The Prince TOLD ME ABOUT you.................TAKE ME WITH YOU RIGHT NOW!!!" IT was to reply......The Professor would probably stop and just stare at this normal student!! Students all around, who were busily going to their classes only sped along faster...who WAS this Dragon-like being....?


"We NEED Help!! FORGET CLASSES!!! Take me with you to the ROOF...RIGHT NOW!!!! We have to TALKK Sire...Now COME ON!!!"

Said the EVIL and  Demonic voice that was KNOWN as the Avus insectium!!!





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Oh no.  Oh, hell no.  There were many things in this great multiverse that Ouros would brave for a research grant.  But as desperate for money as he might have been, a demonic possession in the middle of a school day was far above his current pay-grade.  It sounded so much like a fiend, in fact, given this not-quite-student's fearsome voice, that Ouros was ready to bolt.

"Alright, hold on, let's take it easy lad..." he chided, attempting to maintain his cool, making a calming gesture with his hands.  Unfortunately, however, it seemed as though this kid had a vice-like grip on his shoulder, and he wasn't letting go any time soon.  Perhaps if he were less of a geeky type he'd actually have the strength to pull away from him...but as it stood, he could only mentally chastise himself for being such a fool in school for cutting gym.

Based on what this kid was saying, however, it seemed like he wanted Ouros to...take him to the roof and talk?  And then he called him sire?  Either this was a serious case of mistaken identity, or the poor scientist was now way in over his head.  He hoped and prayed it was the former.

"N-now hold on a second friend, I...I literally don't know anything about a Prince, about being anyone's sire, h...hell I don't even have the keys to the bloody roof!  You've got the wrong man...or, demon or devil or whatever you're looking for, whatever it is, I'm not it!"  

He gulped a little bit, his mind working fast enough to remember that demons didn't really like things that weren't of any use to them.  He had way too many things to study yet to die just yet...and the work he had gotten through on himself wasn't even close to complete, to begin with.  He'd have to appease it somehow...

"Bu-but I can probably still help...tell me what's the deal already, what's the deal!?  And please stop breaking my shoulder, I really, really need my  rotary cuff intact for precision measurements and fine motor skills..."

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"Oh...sorry My Elder....I................Got a bit excited....Allow for me to introduce myself should you follow me to the ROOF of this building...........GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY!!! I'm GOING TO THE FUCKING ROOF....If you do NOT move...I WILL MOVE you to the HOSPITAL!!! GOT IT ???" He yelled out....ALL of the students would make a way for Avus and the new teacher to head on up to the ROOFF!!!

Avus would basically keep that hand clasped around the good Prefessor's wrist...hauling him up three flights of stairs and finally up to the roof, where IT would basically use his left FREE hand to PUCH the damned doors OUT, making them fly to either side, banging and clanging around, now taking them to the very roof top itself!!

"I AM Avus insectium, age of 17-19. I have a few problems that YOU are going to FIX OR I will tell my master, who will destroy you upon SENTIENT conformance!"


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