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Abraxis Starts Anew (Side-Quest: Open)

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ALL of her friends were gone; there WERE NO Graymites, no Benaires...........No Housekeepers either!! She stared at the ceiling, still massaging her itchy throat; THAT did NOT change unfortunately. She still lacked the ability to speak on a verbal level, still in wonder about how she was able to communicate with people. Her warm covers snuggled against her soft skin as she laid on her bad, still in deep thought. She could remember sleeping with her childhood love, Lord Graymite, Conduit to a Charge.

A tap on the Window would turn her head to the lock mechanism; she already knew exactly WHOM it was that had a bottle of Absinthe with him. She reached for the lock to the windows, turning it softly to let HIM in. The voice would speak out in a very low tone, "Hello dear cousin...I'm very pleased to know you. We aren't of many, but you will have to get adjusted to this kind of life. Never lose your Reality!!!"

Abraxis nodded in agreement, now sitting up in her bed, still looking a bit puzzled. Even though she could not communicate verbally, she had no kind of Writing Utensil to use to express her thoughts since she did not even know just where she was exactly. Picking up a small notepad and a pencil, she stared at the paper in deep thought; did she FORGET how to WRITE down letters?

Avus Insectium, one of the most bizarre of the Invectium Race, was to grab a glass and pour himself a very hefty serving of Absinthe to consume. Abraxis was to snatch the glass from her own cousin's hand, now chugging it down, closing her eyes in disbelief; she didn't know how to WRITE!!!! And after all of the training Lord Graymite and Benaires put her through!!!


"Avus.....Abraxis? Are you two up drinking this early again? I swear......." Said a voice from behind the bedroom door. A rather short, Purple-haired woman was to enter into the bedroom. She had Seaweed Green eyes and was dressed in a business-type suit. She had on Slippers though and was carrying in a Silver platter with food stuffs on it. It was Lady Avixis Insectium; Avus' BIOLOGICAL MOTHER!!!!

"Mother......good morning to you." Said Avus, as IT reached out to ITS mother for a big hug. Abraxis only nodded her head in a type of greeting.

"She still doesn't know how to speak huh? Well, the Doctors say that her Vocal Chords are in perfect working order and that there should be no problems. Well, I made some Breakfast for the both of you; Fresh Crepes, Orange slices, Mint Tea and Strawberries. Eat on up and get ready you two...I'll be back in an hour or so to take you both to School."

Avus shook ITS head; no way in hell should SHE be able to talk!!! Avus then placed his left hand under her chin to examine her neck; and there it was: the incision that was made when she was younger; the surgery that silenced her voice box.

"No Mother; the Doctors are wrong; her Vocal Chords were stitched SHUT a long time ago; she CAN'T speak."



South Mundelein 7:57 AM


Argon was just getting out of the shower, drying her hair, when her Tele-com beeped loudly. She put a towel around her body and began sorting through some clothes to put on all while answering the device, "Talk Avus.....................Time is money and we all know you're broke!!!"

"WE have a problem. Do you remember my new cousin that recently was transferred here?"

"Yeah, sure I do..Lady Abraxis or something like that right?" Replied Argon cheerfully.

"Yes the same one...well, apparently, she doesn't know how to dress, bathe or even perform feminine hygiene upon herself. Look, there is much to explain and I do not know all of the specifics. Once you get dressed, can you please come on by and freshen her up?" Avus replied, now staring at a very sad and confused Abraxis. She stood in front of him with just a long tee-shirt on and nothing much else.



"She doesn't.......WHAAAA?????????????  Oh shit.................Okay, okay....I'll bring some things and Doll her up....just keep her company until I get there. I don't believe it. Where did you say she was from again? Oh never mind that; I'll be there in a few minutes...okay?"


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"Just sit on your bed dear cousin and try to eat some Breakfast. I'll have my Bird Seed and Absinthe thank you very much. How can my own Mother NOT know what my Nutritional needs ARE? Sometimes I just do not understand her at all. And WHY don't I have ANY money for times such as this?" Avus thought out loud to his cousin. Abraxis then pointed to AVUS, then back to her plate of food, staring at him, shrugging her shoulders.

"Oh......I'm sorry dear.....You see, even though we ARE related through blood, my genetic structure will not allow for my body to consume anything besides, Bird Seed, Water and Alcoholic Beverages.  What YOU are eating is very GOOD for you. Your OTHER Cousin Ptera eats just like me. You go one and eat sweetheart; you need the nourishment if you're going to go to school today you know." Avus replied, now smirking like the evil thing that IT was.

"Hey!!!!! I'm here Avus!!!! Where IS she?" Asked Argon, as she flooded through the bedroom door, stopping suddenly.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...........................HOLY SHIT MAN..........she is BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow....................Hi..................My name is Argon, and I'll be your NEW Conduit.......well.....I was ORDERED by Lord Graymite to take care of you until he returns from the Geostratum's work site."

Avus only blinked in befuddlement.

"YOU talked to Lord Graymite? When?" IT Asked. Argon only smiled happily, now taking a few Strawberries from the platter.

"Yeah...Graymite is helping to build something BIG, and he didn't have time to give me all of the details, SOOOOOOOOOOOOO I promised him that I would look after her. I'll give her a nice bath and I'll be her escort all throughout this mission."

Avus glared at Argon, then took another shot of Absinthe. How in the hell was Avus able to drink that early in the morning anyways?

"Let me guess.................Someone is trying to KILL Benaires..............am I to say that I am Correct Argon?" Avus Asked.

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“The Lady is concerned about her health.”
“We all are. But is it necessary to station a doctor there for her?”
“A doctor. A driver. And a protection agent.”
“You want to crowd three more people into her life?”
“No, just one.”


The radio was playing slow, playful jazz on Doctor Lee Herrod’s drive to the residence. His fingers tapped lightly on the wheel, eyes fixed straight ahead, following a mental map to his new assignment.

The morning had been most stressful: a last-minute call from the police. One of their informants had been shot in a poorly-thought-out sting operation, and it had fallen to Herrod to keep the man alive until his information could be vetted. A harrowing two hours, full of screaming, near-misses, and flying bullets while the informant spilled his secrets under a cocktail of life-saving drugs and arterial clamps. It had been madness, utter madness, that had ended just before lunch. A bowl of seasoned pork in a rich sauce.

And now the radio was playing slow jazz. Today was turning out to be a splendid occasion.

The car eased into a slow, cautious park in front of the residence, clicking into position with barely a complaint, considering how recently he had to remove someone’s limp from the undercarriage. Herrod opened the door sharply, hefting his sleek black doctor’s bag out ahead of himself.  The patient was going to be a strange occasion: blessed and cursed with tremendous power, strange injuries, and mysterious allies. Idly, Herrod wondered if he had been sent to this assignment to dispose of him. Stopping at the door, he supposed that he would find out before long.

He paused to collect himself, counting a few seconds for each breath. First impressions were of the utmost important. A broad, warm smile appeared instantly on his face the second before the door opened.

“House call! Doctor Herrod for Lady Abraxis.”

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Avixis smiled at the good Doctor, nodding in greeting!!

"Doctor Herrod; the agency sure sent someone FAST heheh.....I don't know what's wrong with my niece Abraxis; the poor dear won't even eat her breakfast. She won't talk, won't use Sign language or anything. She's lethargic, confused, emotional....and just cries a lot. She won't bathe herself or anything. I don't know what to do, so I asked the Agency to send someone over who could diagnose her and perhaps treat her ailments. Uhm, take the first set of Stairs and they are in the first bed room to your right hand side Doctor. I have to finish cleaning the Kitchen. My Husband is hardly ever home, save to come back, shower, have a beer and then leave right back out to work. He does some very secretive research or something. Good luck then...."

By the time the good Doctor would make it to the room, Argon had fully showered and had dressed poor Abraxis in a school uniform. The Short skirt allowed for Argon to put leggings on under the skirt so not to show all of her business; wait: do female Invectium have reproductive organs?? She had tied her hair into a very neat ponytails with some matching bows on each end. Avus stood back and smirked; IT did not need to wear stupid and silly School Uniforms!!!

"She looks very nice; too bad I do not have to embarrass myself looking like a fucking Cub Scout. Anyways......I'm very elated that you came by to do this for me; she will be staying in MY room for a few weeks until she can learn to sleep on her own I guess." Avus scratched its plumage (Hair; or whatever Invectium have for HAIR); this was all new to IT.

"This is a bit confusing; why in the world would Graymite simply just DUMP her on ME of all people? I don't even know much about her to be honest. Mother is sending a Doctor to look her over; she still does not believe the reports that explained mental damage that was done to her mind after all of those years in that cursed Asylum. He'll probably look her over like some old man and a teenage school girl. I hear those kind of fetishes are the norm or something."

Argon giggled some; she knew that Abraxis could not laugh, but she would see a light snicker escape her lips though.

"Hey!!! You SNICKERED Abraxis!!!! that is sooooooo cute!!! Okay, uhm.....I have something for you...let me fetch it from my Gym bag really fast..." Argon said, waltzing lazily over to Avus' closet to get it. She pulled out a yellow-looking Electronic pad of some kind with a very large pen-type device. Abraxis' eyes bulged open; she hadn't used it in quite some time!!! She was to bolt over to Avus and hug him, closing her eyes. Avus was almost knocked over!!!

"Uhm, you are welcome dear cousin; I told the dumb Furball to run out and have you another one designed just how you liked the one Graymite made for you. It works the exact same way. I'm sure Argon can teach you how to write again."  Abraxis shook her head and walked over to Argon to get her device. She was to immediately switch it on and, after a few whirrs and beeps, she began to write something on it;

"I know how to configure these. I was on the Committee who first came up with the Interface. Thanks dear cousin. It seems that this model has some vast improvements as well; it has an audio interface option at the bottom of the screen, but artificial voices annoy me, so you will simply have to do a lot of reading until I can figure out how to project my thoughts again in this house. Avus, I don't know what to say. I really don't know anyone besides Erixa, Asher, Rebecca, Graymite and Benaires, so I'm a bit out of place here. I DO know that I was told while I was in the Asylum that I had a mighty cousin and a good friend though."

Avus only smirked again, taking yet another shot of the Liquor while IT swallowed down a hand full of Bird Seed.

"I think that projection spell should be in those notes in your bag Argon. You should read them over and see what you have to do as her new Conduit. Graymite had been studying his job to take care of Lady Abraxis since he was just eight years OLD, so I'm sure that he has much more experience than you do since you are starting off fresh this time. Thankfully, I do have a lot of old notes that the Dumb Furball jotted down, so I will be studying them to see how all of this is supposed to go."

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