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Seinaru Forven

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Seinaru Forven

Important cities, towns, and villages:

Dashkanchay  Dawic  Eneraith  Karmathen  Kinumo Lo'Bre


Seinaru Forven was a piece of a land called Elendaron.  After a massive destruction of spirit and magic against reality, Elendaron was split and half of it had disappeared into the nothingness.  Seinaru Forven is a part that had survived, though not all of it. Some of the cities or villages have disappeared as well, leaving virgin lands taken over by the forests again, yet to be explored.  The Monarch, Queen Malia, had disappeared as well. Now there is only the ruins of what is left, and the survivors left behind. They have lost family, friends and neighbors to the tragedy. They fight to bring the land back, not to its former glory, but just to feel like a home once more.  


Topography - After the strange magical events that led to the culmination of having Elendaron ripped and torn, Seinaru Forven found parts of itself reassembled in the form of a floating island.  This land mass was now connected to the islands of Renevatio, a floating jumble of land masses extremely different from one another in many ways. The lands of Seinaru Forven are still very much the same, having mountains, plains, forests, and lakes.  The fact that they are a floating island somehow did not stop the fact that there are large masses of water surrounding Lo'Bre that are filled with fish and sea creatures. The how of it is as unexplained as the why.

Climate – The weather is mostly mild, with occasional rains, storms, and tornadoes.  The temperature can go from 30 degrees up to one hundred, depending on the seasons and areas.  

Vegetation – There are quite a few edible vegetation for the islanders, and some that are dangerous to the health of those not familiar with the area.  Magic is rich in the land and soil, which has affected the growth and characteristics of the vegetation. The forests are thick with old trees and even older plants.  Some plants have even been known to be carnivorous.


Population – The population has been greatly reduced now that the land has been through such a catastrophe.  There is a population of around ten million. Humans and dwarfs were hit hardest during the strange events, being less sturdy in physique.  The population still has them though, as well as many elves, vampires, demon, and fae. There are 61% male now, with a reduction of female to 39%.  

Culture – The culture of Seinaru Forven hasn't changed much from before.  Having to deal with wildly different climates and environments depending on where they are located, the people are a hearty and enduring people who are as familiar with sailing as they are with making their way through a jungle. They are a henotheistic culture, which means that many different parts of the populace will adhere to one particular god without discounting the possibility or existence of others. Seinaru people are known for their enchanted gems and jewelry, as their land is covered with crystals known to have magic properties.

Economy – Economy has become less financially stable.  The crystals that had provided them with so much to trade with are still located in abundance in Seinaru Forven.  The difference is that they have been trying to simply recover from the change in locations. The gathering of crystals had stopped for the time being, and  the whole land is going through the process of rebuilding and recovering.

Education – The education of the area is focused mainly on the strengths the areas are known for.  After Skacharm became regent, he made it clear that he wanted magic, medicinal, and ecological fields to be the main areas of study as well.  The ecological field was a new focus, but he believed that the study of living things and their environment might have been the reason for the land fighting among itself.  Magic against magic, and spiritual against reality.

Occupations – There is much construction to be done to repair damage caused, and there is no lack for those jobs to be filled.  Medicinal fields have been very prosperous too. The military is looking for a few able bodies that can help defend their home, and those that can are happy to oblige.  The mines will soon be in business as well, for the crystals are still valuable to the land.

Transportation – There are mainly carriages for travel, and airships have been booming since the land mass became a floating island.  Portals are few and far between, and not many things are working as they had before. You could go into a portal and never return. So the portals are restricted for the time being.  And don't forget the Obsidian Tear, a magic train that appears out of nowhere to help passengers travel all over Seinaru Forven.  



Elective Monarchy -  The events that led to the current situation the Seinaru Forven inhabitants found themselves made them have to change their ideas on how their kingdom would now be governed.  Before they had a hereditary monarchy, with Queen Malia as the reigning queen. She had never gotten a full foothold on the running of her land, and though she is now missing not many of her people are seeing this as a total tragedy.  Now they have Skacharm as regent until the queen may be found. After the destruction of the kingdom, chances are slim that she is still alive. Skacharm is respected by the kingdom, seen as a strong replacement for the queen, and they would like to see him stay.  

Military – Pearl Song has been made the Supreme Commander of the Seinaru Forven military.  She has quite a bit of experience in that field, which she had previously strayed away from.  Now she is back and better than ever, making Seinaru Forven's military as strong as she can with the few resources they have left.  

Foreign Relations – Seinaru Forven's stand on foreign relations is to have a very diplomatic way.  They are weak from the change in locations, the loss of quite a few of their people, and the loss of their leader.  But with strife comes strength. They are now survivors, and there is a reason they are still alive. They will try to make friends with their neighbors, but they will not back down from threats that may come their way.  

General Information:

Bestiary and Vegetation




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