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The Madame and Baeoi in Talix (Talix-Engine Quest)

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As the Madame heads to the lair of her respective vampire lords, so too did the other members of the dissolved cartel. One by one they eliminated their own vampire lords and claimed the legendary blade each of these once possessed. The others gained their own special spoils as well.

Khakina Khatun has devoured her vampire lord, a meal well deserved. After her recent success with taming the banshee from Valdine, Natalya has shown her supremacy by taming this vampire lord as well. Holly, with the aid of Sunscar, manage to purge her own vampire lord, its ashes she had collected for a keepsake.

Then there was the Madame, head to head with the meanest vampire lord. It was a fierce battle, one that almost cost the Madame's life. However, Baeoi's presence greatly assisted her as somehow her wounds were healing faster than normal. Now she wonders if this is the legendary artifact's true power.

Finally, all vampire lords are dead and the group regroups, then after a brief celebration, went on their merry way. Where shall these artifact hunters go next?


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The Madame Linda Linda summons her old companions for the cartel to help hunt vampires in the city of Talix-Engine. Once they reached the center of the city, the party splits and each one must hunt their respective vampire lords. Alone, the Madame Linda Linda unsheathes her legendary artifact Baeoi and heads deeper into the city in search of her own vampire lord to kill. She first meets a horde of undead zombie which she manages to lure into a narrow alley where she deals with them one by one. Later on, she would be attacked by ghouls. Since the artifact blade cannot cut through living beings, the Madame had to improvise. She instead focused on crushing these monsters one by one but using the blade's flat side and pommel. Soon the Madame Linda Linda is now facing her vampire lord, which she cuts down with Baeoi. As she kills her own vampire, so too did the other members of the cartel. Khakina, Aslom, Anna, Teddy, Sera, Natalya, Wolnought, Mana Nahi, Sansalon and the Madame Linda Linda, all recover the vampire lord's blade, that special blade which repels and negates magic. Khakina even devours one vampire lords and Natalya enslaves the other one. Finally done with their loot, the whole party leaves the city with spoils in their hands.


The Madame and her companions, the ex-cartel agents travel to Talix-Engine in order for the Madame to test the strength of her artifact. Also, the powerful swords the vampires possessed are good spoils too. After a long battle, the Madame's party vanquishes the vampires and every member gets one of the vampire's swords.


**Last Baeoi thread out of the three chain-threquirementsments**

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