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Looking at his meaty hands, Xavier realized something that caused him to frown. Obtenebra had decided to remove itself from any connection to the suit and Xavier was alone in this new virtual world. He could still feel Obtenebra but there was a sense of detachment that provoked a certain sadness that only made the orc that much more uncomfortable as he finally gained his bearings. He hardly looked any different than his actual self except for the fact that his skin was mostly black and did not hold the green hue that his tribe was known for.


He felt some relief that he was still recognized by the group he entered this world in as Lycoris addressed him and then asked him where the others were. Xavier made the assumption that the faint silhouette near him was in fact Erin and he saw Eldwine immediately so he motioned to them without responding vocally for now. Once Erin finally loaded after taking much longer than the others, he noticed her childlike appearance, raised a brow and then let out a hearty laugh that was drowned out by the all the noise around them.


“Suits you…”


They might not have heard him at all as he starts to walk away from the group, having heard Eldwine ask for help finding a ‘Hyppogenium’? Whatever it was he decided to just outright ask an avatar of a woman passing by, stepping in front of her with his imposing figure which stopped her in her tracks just enough for him to deliver his question.


“Hey, do you know where the Hypposeum is?”


The woman, clad in some clingy leather with a blond ponytail, blinked and then looked at Xavier incredulously. Xavier noticed the similarity of attire with who he knew to be Lycoris and idly wondered if there was an archetype in Terrenus that he was unaware of.


“If you mean the Hypnogium then…”


The woman just pointed downward as if that meant anything to Xavier and then started to walk away. Xavier took some time to process the gesticulation before shrugging and turning to the rest of the group and mimicking the motion. See…already helpful…

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638ddd939bd0d5c7ac89cb547f752950.jpg?response-cache-control=max-age=2628000lycoris romanova


Eldwine materializes out of nowhere, or at least his avatar; the differences are so minute, she had almost missed them had she not been looking. He promptly jumps right to business, explaining that they need to look for a colosseum known as the Hypnogeum, when—

"I. Fucking. Hate. Technology."

Thank Gaia the Crow had beaten self-control right into her very bones, or Lycoris would have burst out laughing by now. The scenario still calls for a slight display of amusement, and so she smiles ever so faintly as she regards Erin’s young appearance, Xavier’s booming laugh echoing around them before the sound is inevitably swallowed up by the din of the crowd moving around them.

"You look nice, friend," she tells the apparent youngest in the group, nodding in both sympathy and nonchalance; it's nothing they need to be concerned of for now.

Time to go to work, then.

The orc wanders off to ask some random passerby, and Lycoris studies Erin for a while, wondering whether the other woman would appreciate some help of pretending to be her mother or perhaps her sister, before she eventually dismisses it; now is not the time for it yet. Instead, she opts to move in the opposite direction of where Xavier had gone, taking time to gaze up at the signs, blinking the brightness from her eyes as she squints both upwards to the tower spiralling up into the sky, and downwards to the tower spiralling down below her feet.

Perhaps this Hypnogeum colosseum has some sort of large sign pointing towards it?




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