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"Hah! I would wager that we passed by each other numerous times without even exchanging so much as a word. But I suppose it makes sense with how busy we were."

Seeing Fidelitas' face for the first time made Gormaric think for a moment, of how he had only seen the paladin in his full armor, prepared for battle. The dark knight could see a similarity to himself there, though his reasons for perpetually wearing his own armor were due to rather different circumstances. And it was a reminder that Fidelitas was human, not some tireless construct. Gormaric smiled for a moment as he made a mental comparison to the Warpgolems that had arrived with the Aligorian contingent. Then, he removed his own helm, revealing the crimson eyes and black hair ever seen only by few people. It was the worn, rugged face of a man constantly at war, with the forces around him and sometimes... himself. 

Some would think of him as evil. And he had indeed done some atrocities in the name of Neque. But surely his efforts in Yh'mi served as a kind of atonement? He held little regret, but regardless, he felt that the evil of Yh'mi had to be contained, bottled up and never unleashed on greater Terrenus. And in that, he shared a cause with Fidelitas. He shook himself from his reverie and spoke to the paladin once more. 

"The rest of the group... I cannot speak for the right side's defenders, because I only saw a little of them through the gaps of the wagons, and a less distinct view from the air above. All I can say there is those men of... Norkotia, I believe. Wild, rowdy, lacking in self-preservation instinct. Effective in some ventures, but here in Yh'mi, that may as well be a death sentence. And well, their group did harbor the Twistlings that helped destroy the right-side wagons, from what I could see. I would keep a very close eye on them, but note they could be surprisingly helpful if properly directed. As for the left side defenders... Aside from myself, who I can't help but recommend as being the first to turn to when someone competent and experienced in the ways of Yh'mi is needed..."

He grinned insipidly at Fidelitas as he said that last statement.

"There's Sheryl, who was in my quadrant and helped secure the Magnus' demise. Competent, skilled, and undeniably attractive... though such a thing is rightfully rather low priority at this juncture, of course. Aside from her, well, I can only note those I saw in the other quadrant on the left. They boast some power, indeed, but they couldn't look any more unsuited for these lands... Overall, it is nothing short of a miracle that we weren't massacred, and had so few deaths to speak of. Our strength overall is great, but our cohesion, our discipline, it is sorely lacking. It is something we can fix, in the end, but the question we must answer is if we have the time to do so, and if they're willing to follow along with what we have planned."


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