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Unlocking Baeoi (Whispernight Towers)

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The punch that hit the demon was nothing more than a tickle. It could barely feel the paltry thing. In fact, it let loose a boisterous laugh at the absurdity of the situation.

It thought the punch would be stronger but no, it can never compare to those that came before her.

The demon can smell it, the scent of its natural enemy. That disgusting scent that wafted from the female human spawn that was facing it. 

It knew then what it had to do.

Its body was close to fading as its summoners were already killed before this half-human, half-dragon spawn stumbled upon his existence.

It roared into the half-breed's face before then its body began to crack, slowly dissipating.

However it another source of amusement before it left this mortal plane of existence.

A portion of the demon's spirit split from its dissipating body and instead seeped into the half-breed's wounded figure.

Whatever reaction the spirit would deal with, the demon was no longer concerned as its time within this mortal plane has come to an end.

The demon bared its fangs one last time at its dead worshipers, then it was gone.

Gone forever. 



Meanwhile, the Madame has reached the top of the tower.

She knew then what she had to do.

Faced with the option of shutting the thing do or leaving it to foster, she needed to make a choice.

And she did choose.

Just not the option the world wanted.

She approached the tower's core then, that paltry thing that was the focus where all he tower's energy converged.

This was what she wanted all along.

The power within the tower.

Tightly grasping Baeoi in her hand, her free hand reached for the core.

Her fingertips touched and then her world turned white.


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 She could feel it. Immense power flowed into her mortal body, All the power generated by the tower coursing to her every vein, into the insides of her body. It was just on moment but it felt like an eternity. This is not something a normal human can handle but it seems the Madame Linda Linda had gone beyond what it means to be a normal human.

Her body screamed for rest, for release from this eternity of suffering. What is the point of gaining power if one were to die just from the act of acquiring it? If there is one thing the Madame Linda Linda excelled at it was determination. Even back when she was the vigilante Middy Ochre or the Mistress Black Head, all she ever had was her indomitable will, a simple trait that had kept her alive even against the most unbeatable odds.

Perhaps this is Baeoi's curse to keep her alive through torture. A body that may never die, a body that doesn't die from sickness. If this was a curse the the Madame gladly embraces it. Any power is welcome, she will overcome any obstacle, she was the Mistress- no the Madame Linda Linda, even if she had to fight the whole world, the gods themselves, she will persevere.

It was at this moment that Baeoi seemed to synchronize with the Madame's thoughts. Finally, it has relented to the Madame's will and thus unleashing the first portion of her skill.

BAEOI'S UNBLESSING. A small bubble of energy that surrounded the Madame appeared, weakening the effect of everything that assaults the Madame's body until the pain is no more. The power coursing through her was unaffected and seemed to grow more the longer time passes.

She could feel it now, the last dregs of power remaining within the tower. At that moment, she unleashed an inhuman cry. It was her cry of defiance against the harshness of reality, a reality that keeps on weighing down against her very being.

BAEOI'S BLESSING. Warm gentle energy filled her very being as the Madame tapped into Baeoi. The blade seemed to thrum under the Madame's inquisitive touch and easily relented to her kind request. Soon, waves of power emanated from the Madame, seeming to fill every nook and cranny of the room, later pouring outside and into every part of the tower. Restoration. The Madame tapped into Baeoi to help her restore the dilapidated tower back to its glory days. A simple feat but it was also another show of gratitude from the Madame herself.

Finally, the whole ordeal is done and the Madame would soon return to the mainland. But not before she marks the tower as her own. She'll back soon to reinforce it.

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