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NOTICE: Recruiting now closed. Sorry.


So, work is slow, and all my threads are even slower, and I feel the need to do something. I'm looking for one or two people to join me on a preferably fast-paced expedition into the wilds of Taen. When I say fast-paced, I mean I'd like to see one post per day, except on the weekends, since I appreciate that a lot of people (myself included) are often pretty busy then. But otherwise, on Monday through Friday,  I'd like to see my partner(s) be able to post each day so this moves along at a steady pace. I do want to have fun with the thread, and I don't want the other person irritated with me, but really... threads where I have to wait a week for one person to post are just kind of irritating to me. lol

I'm not going to officially say I want to follow "Brevity Rules", but I would prefer people write shorter posts if it means they can post more frequently. Naturally I don't mean too short of posts, because I wanna canonize this, but there's no need to write five paragraphs unless you're setting a scene or something. I would prefer more concise, to the point posts so we can have a bit more organic "action" and back-and-forth banter. 


The Scenario:

Countess Abigail Karradeen is personally leading an expedition into the desert wilderness of Taen to recover the rumored artifact known as the Soulspeaker. The expedition is partially in reaction to a rival pirate faction having ostensibly discovered a clue to the artifact's location, leading Abigail to organize a force to go after them and try to recover it before they do. But as she is mainly a sailor, noble and merchant, not an adventurer, she may take on a couple people who can help guide her and her men to the sight of the artifact. Individuals with a background of adventuring in Taen are preferred. They will be paid well in gold for their efforts.

I would also generally prefer only mid or low-level characters, just since high-powered demigod-type characters wouldn't really fit the type of setting I'm going for here. Like I said at the top, I'm going for a little more of an Indiana Jones (or Tomb Raider, The Mummy, Uncharted, if those float your boat better)-style adventure, so I general prefer the magic to be focused into the artifacts and obstacles rather than the characters. 


ONE more thing. As I did with last time I advertised and GM'd a thread, I'm gonna add a personal rule to this one. If you disappear off Valcure and do not respond to my attempts to contact you about posting, then I will assume you are gone for good, and I will kill your character in the narrative. I don't like it when people sign on to something, then just vanish without a trace and leave their fellow writers hanging. I will wait one week before I do this. So long as you communicate with me and ensure I know you're still around, we'll be good. Again, this is only if you disappear off the site; just missing your post time limit will only result in you forfeiting your turn for a round.


Anyway, if I haven't scared you away already with my restrictions and expectations, please do submit a character sheet and sign on for a desert expedition!

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16 hours ago, Tyler said:

Naturally I don't mean too short of posts, because I wanna canonize this

As an FYI the minimum for canonization is 80 words. The paragraph I quoted from is 78, just to give people an idea. Brevity rules gives a max of a few hundred but the minimum is less than 100 so it can easily support daily or multiple times a day posting imo 

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7 minutes ago, Moonbay said:

I’d be interested in this.I have a bit of time on my hands as of late.

Cool! Got a character in mind? If so, can I see their sheet?

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2 hours ago, Voldemort said:

I'd be interested in joining you guys for this

I would be using this character:


Alright, you're in!

If @Moonbay is still around and able to go, I can get this started tomorrow, since two people is certainly enough. But I will need to see a character sheet first.

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10 minutes ago, Lady Gilaen said:

I’m interested! 


Sounds good. I'm gonna go ahead and close the interest check and start working on the thread, if my job permits me the time (this week has been the opposite of last week 😣). If Moonbay chooses to join, we'll have four members, if not, three. Either works with me.

As we're coming up fast on the weekend, I won't expect rapid posting from you guys, but I'm hoping to set a decently brisk pace once we arrive on the other end of the weekend!

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27 minutes ago, Lady Gilaen said:


Cool! Just say when the thread is up and I'm ready to get started. My posts will probably be a little shorter than usual to move at a fast pace, but I don't think I'v ever posted something too small for canonization.

Might wind up being tomorrow, a little later than I wanted, but stuff started happening (including here on Val) over the weekend and I haven't taken the time to start the new thread.

But don't worry about post length, so long as we're long enough for canonization it's all good.

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