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Through Sigil’s Door (open)

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  Through the Sigil’s Door 




The room was dark. Yet a lone light shined against it, casting various shadows and silhouettes against the empty walls of this small space. A man coughed and gasped for air, he filled his lungs with oxygen as consciousness snapped him back into reality. He bled, from his forehead and from his lip, there was a slow trickle of blood falling to the ground. Bound and tied to a steel chair, the man soon realized he was less than ideal situation. But something else wasn’t right, he’d been tied up before, but there was a certain weight on him that he wasn’t accustomed to. It was a weight he felt around his neck. Something forged of iron and death. A brief moment of suspicion soon sank into the deep and dark reality of the situation he was in. 


”What do you want, luv?” He asked out into the darkness. 


Solomon the PlanesWalker, the wizard of Hellsgate, he sat there in the darkness and awaited a response. What found him were two piercing yellow eyes, artificial in nature they stared at him from the pitch black void that the lamp’s light couldn’t reach. Shifting and moving across the inky darkness, they settled their way towards the very edge of boarder where light repulsed the black.


”You know what I want. You know why I’m here.” The voice of Miss Blonde echoed back to him. 


There was a brief pause between the two. 


”No, luv. I really fuckin don’t.” Solomon The PlanesWalker, a Wizard of great power and demand looked around the dark room then focused back on the eyes in the dark with genuine confusion.


Another pause of long silence overtook the room. 


”Oh.... well this is awkward.” And it really was. 


Blond then stepped forward into the light to reveal herself to the wizard. She was dressed in an black suit and tie with a gas mask strapped firmly to her face, it’s visors alight in yellow LEDs that pierced the dim light of the lamp swaying above. She gave a small awkward laugh as she rubbed the back of her head in minor contemplation.


”I suppose this doesn’t change the situation then.” Blonde said as she began to pace back and forth a bit. 


Solomon simply responded by letting the metallic sound of his handcuffs scrape against his chair as he raised his hands as far as they’d go. 


”Oh, just so you know I wouldn’t try to cast a spell. The collar on your neck. Well let’s just say you’ll have one hell of a headache you won’t recover from.” What she was a fact. While Blonde deplored slavery, she had to admit the explosive slave collar was quite the motivator to get people to do what you wanted. 


”Right right. Well then I suppose the question is this.... WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT!!!” Solomon burst out in a fit of rage and anger as he struggled against his chair. 


Blonde simply responded with pressing a button on her wrist device that sent Solomon into a fit of constricted muscles and aches when an electric pain overtook him. Seriously those slave collars were great motivators. 


”Sigil, take me and a crew there.” Blonde said and was immediately confronted with laughter by Solomon. Though another zotz of electricity that quickly cut that short.


”Luv. To get myself thru a portal there. It’s like squeezing thru a tiny window, right. To get you and a crew, I’d need to ‘ave a ‘ell of a portal yeah.” Solomon laid his head back and gave another soft chuckle. 


”So go on, luv. Do what you’re gonna do.” The wizard let out a long sigh and accepted what would come next.


One last pause.


”Well it’s your lucky day. I happen to have an ‘ell of a portal.” Blonde said in a mocking tone of Solomon’s accent. 


”And you’re going to take us there, and when you’re done you have my word you’ll be set free.” She said with the authority of a woman who’d done this many times in the past. 


And what’s that worth, luv?” He asked her. 


”Absolutely nothing.” She said in response. 


”Right then. Let’s do this.” Solomon said as he lifted his hands up to be uncuffed from his chair. 


”Yeah. Let’s do this.” and that was it.

Everything rattled. A man vomited into the corner of a dimly light metallic room. Seated everywhere against the walls were men and women of varying degrees of danger, most clocking in at around heavily armed and extremely dangerous. Criminals, mercenaries, people who fought for coin and lacked a sense of honor. The exact people that Miss Blonde the Crime Lord tended to surround herself with. The kind of people who would do anything to get this job done, even if it meant burning down entire towns and leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. These people were on a mission and they had been paid well. Considering the risks they had to be paid generously. 


If one were to look out the window they’d see the dark and heavy storm clouds that belted out lightning and screamed thunder. In an massive airships cargo hold, the ship pushed its way through the storm that surrounded a massive portal in the center of this planet. What used to be a chunk of land was swallowed into itself and had become a portal to the multiverse, it was her opportunity to get back home. 


”Five minutes to drop!” A voice from the forward compartment yelled. 


Standing up Miss Blonde stood at the front of the drop gate. She was short in stature, just a hair short of five feet tall. Yet she carried herself with a deadly seriousness and raw power that radiated off of her body. Facing all those who had decided to join her in this endeavor to secure a package and return it, she would give an operational briefing. So with her gas mask on and her robotic laced voice, Blonde spoke to her temporary employees. 


”Half of you will die or go MIA. That’s the best outcome of this mission.” She needed to tell the truth, this was not a moment to sugarcoat anything. 


”We will be dropping into a portal that will hopefully send us to a place known as Sigil. It is a city that lays at the center of the multiverse, and when I say hopefully I do mean hopefully. I will be leading the jump and will be the first off the ship, so if you follow me, and you stay on my six, and a breeze or lightning bolt doesn’t take you off course. Then you will be ok. Otherwise you will be lost to the multiverse, and let me make this perfectly clear.” Blonde paused and looked over all their faces. 


”Neither myself or anyone in my employ will come back for you. You are on your own and I expect that all of you would do the same for me. No matter what happens to me, you will complete the mission. Mission specifics will become unlocked in your data devices that you have been provided once we push through the portal. So make your peace with whatever god you subscribe to because this is it people.” Her briefing was short, unceremonious, and only slightly depressing. Yet it was what needed to be said. 


”Four minutes!!” The forward voice shouted once again. 


As everyone readied themselves, they would be provided with an portable inflatable raft and a parachute should they get blown off course or decide to leave. It was really more of a formality and safety blanket. This was after all a giant portal in the middle of the ocean, so chances were they wouldn’t come in handy. If anyone were to look over to Blonde they’d see her forgo the emergency supplies and just take what was most important. A rather body shaped sub machine-gun and a bandolier of grenades and ammo strapped across her black jacket. She was ready. 


As for everyone else. They had about four minutes until they would jump into hell. 

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Several feet away from the mysterious Miss Blonde stood a fair, statuesque woman with an aura of menace. Viera listened intently to the Crime Boss as she detailed what was to happen next. Miss Blonde herself was very intriguing to Viera, as she had never met anyone quite like her in all of her adventures. As Miss Blonde spoke of the jumping from this spectacular flying machine, Viera unclipped her cloak, letting it drop to the floor of the cargo hold. She tied up her hair before grabbing what Blonde had called a 'parachute', and swiftly threw it on. Her belt was the next thing to be adjusted as Viera made sure her rapier, and scythe were as secure as could be. "So make your peace with whatever god you subscribe to because this is it people.” Viera had a strong feeling that this portal business would turn out alright, but she took the woman's words into consideration. Viera held the pendant she carried around her neck, and her fingers caressed the image of a lions face centered in a spider's web. She silently sent a few prayers for good travels to the god of fate whom she worshiped. 

To any who would examine Viera, it would be clear that she has seen many a battle, evident through her many scars and her soldier-esque stature. However she seemed to radiate an energy that can only be described as unsettling. She may look conventionally beautiful, but she would seem the type to slay someone with her scythe, and clean the blade with her tongue. But other than all that, it was clear she was a cleric, by the holy symbol around her neck, and the prayers she had sent. Generally, people would lead to a consensus of not wanting to be on her bad side. Not because she would hurt you, or do something horrible to you. But because if you were moments from death, and she were there to heal you, she might instead walk by and spit on your wounds.

”Four minutes!!”

Viera heard the voice call out and began to cast a few minor abjuration spells on herself, making sure to generally protect her from a hard fall, lightning, or any pain and damage that might come from the speed of the winds as they fall. The spells were cast and glowing through her skin, and so she took a few moments to examine the individuals here. Few looked like the warriors, and allies she's worked with in the past. But there were some interesting folks on board this machine, she had to admit. So interesting that she even took a few steps away from them and toward the exit of this metal capsule. While she awaited the signal to jump, Viera stood alone, examining the device she had been given for this task, pressing all sorts of buttons on it, seeing what would light up, and what else it could do.

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If someone had asked John six months ago where he saw himself right now, he probably would have said drunk, or waking up from being drunk, or killing in the name of his ever-expanding criminal empire. He definitely wouldn't have called that he would be sitting in an airship, getting ready to travel through dimensions to retrieve the children of someone from one of those other dimensions. Of course, the fact that said someone was Blonde herself; the love of his life, had something to do with that. The two had known each other for a relatively short time, but both were now completely dedicated to the other. If something was important to one of them, then it was equally important to the other. That meant that Jack would do whatever it took to bring those kids back to this world. 

Now as they approached the portal that would either take them to another world, or kill them, he walked to stand beside her. He turned her around to face him, not caring at all what the others present might think. The mask she wore into battle prevented him from kissing her like he wanted, but he looked into her eyes with all the love in his heart. He took her hand, and planted the kiss there instead.

"I'm not letting go," he promised, "Whatever is waiting for us, we'll greet it together."

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KHAKINA "KHAKI" KHATUN 3b23c26d3e3ff3f506fa56767b14a0be.jpg

It was time. Khakina Khatun was more than ready for this venture. It was her chance to explore the realms beyond her own. She had heard stories from PRTY about such worlds. The little girl in her was enamored with such things that she took everything the eldritch abomination told deep into her young, nubile heart. When word about an expedition to the realms far from her home, Khaki did not think twice before signing up.

She did not expect that her employer this time would be the questionable Miss Blonde. It seems this was quite the small world. There's not much of a choice there anyway. It's either one does or doesn't and Khakina was never one to back down from a challenge.

So there she is steadily approaching the portal, her dark coat fluttering in tune with her every step. Even the eldritch abomination inside her was giddy with anticipation. She can feel the thrum of power within every relic hidden within her possession. The presence of such powerful trinkets was very comforting for a young and nubile little girl like Khakina. She would not know what to do if these relics were not there to protect her. That and she's still carrying her pair of pistols, ones she handcrafted herself. This should do well until they can resupply later on in their journey.

Soon, she kept telling herself. Soon.

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A tall woman stood among the 

crowd. A monster among mortals keeping to herself to try and avoid being noticed by anything but the woman she came to see. The crime lord (Lady?) Whom she once knew from bygone days of war and interstellar travel.




Her shining black hair fluttered and whipped in the wind as the portal neared. Blades at her sides she had little need for weapons, these were mainly used for scaling walls. Her body was the main weapon. Kicks and punches like pistons. Atomic flames burned in her breast and her body was hard as tungsten. Even when reduced to this pitiful form she was a force to be reckoned with. A dragon at heart she stood firm and unafraid. Slowly  calmly and carefully she would approach Blonde before they jumped into the breach.


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@Turquoisie @danzilla3 @Thotification @The North Wind

It wasn’t enough. Just his touch on her hand wasn’t going to cut it. In truth, Blonde was scared. Not for her own life, she had long since passed the point of accepting her own demise at the hands of war and violence. No, she was scared for the lives of her children. She was scared for Jack, and the fact that she might lose him in this dangerous endeavor. She had fought wars against galactic empires, razed planets and cities to the ground, she had built an empire on the back of crime and death, yet nothing frightened her as much as losing her children and this man. So it simply wasn’t enough. 


A snap-hiss of depressurization sounded as Blonde’s mask slowly came undone. With her back to the group so none of them would see her face, she lifted the piece of magic and technology enhanced metal over her head and let it rest atop it. There were no words at first, just a long and drawn out kiss. Her lips pressed against his and she held it for as long as she could. His larger frame pulled down to her level and her small form standing on the tips of her toes. It felt like an eternity, yet even that was too short. It would just have to due. 


”I love you, Jack.” She whispered into his ear without the robotic augmentation of her mask. 


There was one last moment where she stared into his eyes, her piercing angelic blues meeting his own gaze. Then the mask was back on. The slow hiss of a pressurized and sealed environment latched on and the bright yellow LEDs once again light up.


”Two minutes! To the drop zone!” The voice yelled out. 


She wanted to tell him so many things. She wanted to say that if she didn’t make it, to take care of her children. She wanted to tell him that she cared for him so deeply and so immensely that even the passing thought of losing him was a nightmare. She wanted to tell him about what she knew might make or break him, but she didn’t. She didn’t tell him. He needed to be sharp for this mission, and so did she. So there was no time for it, and it could be sorted out when they returned. 


”We gotta go.” her now robotic laced voice said in a low tone. 


With weapons in hand she pushed all thoughts of love, happiness, and vulnerability aside. She was going to get this job done even if she died, even if she had to split the stars and heavens themselves open. She would see this through until the end. So with that in mind she walked casually over towards the drop station. An area of the airship where a mechanical ramp would slowly begin to creep open. 


”To the loading zone!”  Blonde yelled as she grabbed her gear and made way to the ramp. 


A hard wind began to fill the cabin as the ramp dropped down. As Blonde stepped towards the front of it she stood mere feet away from a drop that seemed near infinite. Lightning blotted the sky and rain hit the deck behind her. In the distance a massive swirling vortex of purple energy lay at the center of the storm. That was their target, that was where they’d jump into. 


”NOW I’M SURE YOU’VE ALL NOTICED THE MASSIVE SPINNING VORTEX OF DEATH!! THAT IS OUR JUMP POINT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! FOLLOW ME AND MOST OF YOU WILL SURVIVE!! ONE MINUTE TO DROP!! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND REMEMBER IT’S A GREAT DAY TO DIE!!” Blonde then turned towards the objective, towards the massive portal at the center of this world. Her heart raced and if not for her experience and ability to push her fear down, she’d of been overtook by the sheer audacity and ludicrous nature of the situation. 


”ready Solomon.” She said on her private comms. 


”Yes ma’am. Do me a favor while you’re home.” a familiar voice said to her.


”Pick me up some death sticks and ciggaras.” And that was it. Everyone just needed to assemble and make their final preparations and say their final prayers.

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Viera finished examining her snazzy device, and glanced up to see a man approaching Blonde. As soon as they faced each other, Miss Blonde's energy changed. Viera couldn't see anything, but the edges of her body peeking out from behind the man, and even the way she held herself was different. When the man kissed her hand, and then they shared a kiss together, it was crystal clear. But if a couple like those two were so obviously frightened and nervous by this task, then the mission must either be something they've never done before, or something that means something to them. Viera remembers moments like that with her love, Harold. They had been on so many adventures together, and they had been separated last time around. Hopefully she'll find him when they get back to Valucre.

Shortly following her moment of daydreaming about romance, Viera took notice of a very young girl on board. Her first thought was that it was incredibly strange and irresponsible to allow a child on a quest like this. But her second thought was more of a feeling, that there was something more to this girl. She had no clue what, but Viera has had her fair share of changes through the years. From emotional shifts, to being mentally overtaken by the evil that was stored within an ancient tome, Viera had felt many things. And now she was confident that this girl must know what she's doing if they allowed her on this flying machine. 

Viera took a few steps toward the entrance/exit of this machine, the 'jump zone' as it seems to be called. Partially moving because it was almost time, and partly moving because of the gargantuan woman standing so near to her. This woman also didn't carry anything, save for a few blades, and not even much clothing it seemed. That showed Viera that either she was really confident and cocky, or that she didn't need any weapons because she is a weapon herself. A strong fighter it seemed, almost a monster in size. These individuals definitely stood out among the rest of the poor souls aboard this vessel. 

As Viera stood, nearer to Miss Blonde and the jump zone, she looked out into the storm, and at the insane hole that they were about to leap into. It shook her up a bit, but she stayed calm and ready. 


Viera heard Miss Blonde's little speech, glad to see her being her stern, obdurate self again. Commencing a few prayers and minor spells, Viera did her best to ward the tough-looking individuals from being struck with lightning. It may not protect them from it completely, but she was sure it would lower their chances of being hit. As soon as the signal was given, Viera was ready to jump.

"Good luck to you all, may the gods be with you." She spoke for the first time, hoping that a capable team would make it through.

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There was one person who hadn't responded, hadn't moved, and hadn't done much of anything, really. That was a young woman, in her early 20s. She had light brown hair which leaked out of her loose hood like water dripping from a faucet. The ends of her hair were stained red with some mysterious substance, giving her hair the illusion that it was shifting from red at the very ends to light brown at the top. Her eyes were closed, and she wore a midnight black traveler's cloak that covered her body, leaving only her boots exposed.

No one who did not possess mind reading could tell anything about the conversations within her head.


Is it really a good day to die?


And why is that so?

It's too muggy, Raya.

Is it? I thought you don't care about the conditions people die in.

This is us we're talking about here, Raya. I care how and when I die. Don't you?

Not really. Once we're dead, we really don't care anymore.

You're right on that one, I suppose.

Did you remember to pack the medical gear?

Did you?

I did. All of it.

You're just mad that I'm still a better healer than you.

You're just mad that I'm still a better shifter than you.

You're right on that one.

Two distinct trains of thought were running simultaneously in her head as she bobbed her head back and forth, back and forth, as though asleep.


We have a weird group.

Weirder than you?

Shut up, Syd. 

Oh, you know it's weird. A little girl, a pair of lovebirds...

Wait, who?

Employer and the other man.


You really are asleep, damn it. How many men are here?


Good girl.

Oh, don't try that on me.

What are you going to do, kick me out of your head?

No. But I can shut you up.

Can you?

...point taken, Syd.

...damn, it's really not a good day to die.

Too muggy?


Thus Syderia Ereina Iranai, the group's supposedly dedicated healer, prepared herself mentally to jump. Raya Erei Irai, the man in her head, continued annoying her until the command to jump came, as he normally did.

They were already physically ready. They just needed a command to get up and run.

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Jack kissed Blonde with the same intensity that she kissed him; each preparing for the possibility that this might be the last time they saw the other. The thought made his chest ache; something like fear turning the blood in his veins to ice. But he pushed it away, refusing to let himself believe in the worst case scenario. He was going to make it through this damn it, and so was she, and those kids on the other side. The thought banished the dread in his heart, and the smile on his face resumed the same cocky, self-assured quality that it always had. He bounced on his feet like a boxer, and grinned widely.

"Time to fly ladies and gentlemen!"

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@danzilla3 @The North Wind@Turquoisie @Thotification @vielle

The airship shook violently. Lightning blotted the sky and thunder rocked and rattled the bones of those around it as air pressure and temperature exploded within the clouds. While conditions were far beyond ideal, this was something she had to do. With the ramp lowered, she looked down at the vortex that they approached ever so quickly. Yet there was another sound that seemed to fill the cockpit, the clinking and rattle of chains scraping and clanging against a metal floor. Slowly but surly the sound grew and grew until it was revealed to be a man in a dirty and beaten up suit. Bearded and with the greasy hair of a man who had not showered in a few days, it would be clear to most perceptive people that this man was most likely not here by his own choosing. With a heavy collar attached to his neck, and another well well dressed man escorting him up to Miss Blonde, the prisoner was placed near her so they could have a quick chat. 


”Bloody hell. You’re actually gonna go through wit it.” Solomon said as he looked at the massive portal in the distance. 


”It seems so. How much time can you give us?” Blonde’s response was quick and to the point. Information was key here. 


”twenty-four hours, luv. That’s bout it.” Solomon said as his eyes fixated on the portal to the multiverse. 


”I don’t need to tell you what will happen to you should we fail or you try anything funny right?” There wasn’t a hint of malice in her voice, she simply let Solomon know the facts of the situation. 


”The collar around my neck goes bang. Yeah we’ve established that, luv. Let’s just do this.” Solomon would then limp away from Blonde and towards the crowd of people. 


”Listen up, twats! You’re about to go through the portal yeah! Well, your body isn’t meant to do so. Your bodies, right! They were specifically evolved to live laugh and fuckin die on a planet like this one. So ya see that massive portal of pain and suffering, ya?! That’s ya death. Your bodies weren’t made for traveling through that. Luckily old uncle Soly is ‘ere for ya! You got twenty four hours to make it through that portal, do ya fuckin jobs! Then get back ‘ere and save my ass! So good luck.” With a slight bow a magical energy radiated off of the filth covered wizard and formed an glowed a soft purple around each member of the crew before turning invisible. 

Then everything went silent. The rain, the thunder, the lightning. It all ceased as the airship flew right into the eye of the storm. Beneath them the portal of gargantuan size awaited. It was time to go. 


”Jump zone optimal. 10.” The voice from the cockpit yelled.












”Jump!!” Darkness. Pure darkness enveloped everyone.


A dim red light began to slowly began to fill the eyes of the travelers. Hard cobblestone streets could be felt beneath them. Miss Blonde in particular began to slowly regain consciousness and get her bearings. Taking a good look around her, she could see the unconscious bodies of about sixty percent of the original crew of men and women she had hired. A lot of them didn’t make the jump apparently, but this was still more than her original expectations. Bringing herself up on wobbly legs, Blonde buckled a few times at first then could see the scenery around her. 


Massive iron forges and factories surrounded them. Sunlight or any form of light not coming from the molten hot metal and industry was non existent. Indescribable beings from everything between horror and beauty walked through the streets speaking multitudes of alien and foreign languages that were incomprehensible to most. This was it, they were in the Lower Wards of the City of Doors. They were in Sigil, and at last the quest could truly begin.

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John couldn't remember much after he jumped from the craft and went through the portal. Given the otherworldly nature of the thing, perhaps that was a good thing; as it kept him from seeing anything that might damage his sanity. Still, it looked like he had been blown slightly off course, and had landed in someones living room. Currently there were three humanoid lifeforms standing over him, obviously not sure what to think of him. He stood up, dusted himself off, and made for the door, glancing behind him before walking out. Luckily it didn't take him long for him to find Blonde, who was practically right outside. Jack ran to her and embraced her.

"Well, we made it here."

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It was a rather queer and peculiar feeling to go through the portal. While it was not really her first time going through such gateways between dimensions but she was a bit uncomfortable jumping into one that she nor any member of the Black Spear Cartel had created. Perhaps there is a beauty in making use of one's own personal portal after all.

Like using your personal vehicle instead of taking the public bus or train. So disturbing....

Her body was a bit groggy after the exit but the little girl was made of sterner stuff. She, however, cannot let such things hamper her own performance. She was always on the ready and even now her body is slowly preparing itself for the inevitable.

I would rather not get caught off guard. Not again.

It did not take long for her to find the others and her big round eyes lit up as she saw the figures of both John and Miss Blonde. She ran to give them a salute-

"Khakina Khatun reporting for-" only to stop as it seemed the two individuals are pre-occupied with each other. Bumbling, the little girl turned her back on them and apologized.

"Um...Just don't mind me."

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The woman in black skin tight armor faced the portal with all the dignity and bravery befitting her draconic blood. Her mind had none of the protection like that of weak mortals, all sort of pain blockers had been disabled, she could feel in an instant every atom every cell, molecule and atom being ripped apart and reassembled on the other side.
A roar of pain, flame and fury from within her soul could be felt as an aura in those directly around her. Nocturna's eyes welled up with the surge of tears that she had not known possible. 

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Portals were something that Syderia and Raya were unfamiliar with, and the effect on their bodies was something Syderia wanted to study. Thankfully, with two people experiencing the same thing at once, they really had no problems going through with it.

Except for the fact that the world they were going into seemed to not really like the idea of two separate entities in a single body. Syderia had her body, but Raya didn't have a body for himself anymore. 

Maybe that's why Raya felt himself being forcibly ripped from Syderia's mind, only to be saved from complete annihilation by Solomon's spell warding. He could compare it to torture, but that would be seriously lowballing the pain the visitor to Syderia's body felt.

Thus it was that when Syderia's eyes blinked open, even as nausea-stricken as she was, she felt very clearly that Raya's presence in her mind was distinctly faint, as though he had been repressed. An interesting phenomenon for sure, and she appreciated the silence, but she was unsure of how to feel about Raya dying for this.

The sky was muggy, the light was dim, it reminded her of a smoldering volcano, and she felt like she was going to vomit as she sat down and covered her mouth, focusing on recovering from that trip.

It really wasn't a good day to die, after all.

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As the chained man marched forth from the darkness of the cargo plane, Viera listened intently. She was a cleric with magic, yes, but her abilities weren't anything like this man. Viera looked over him as he spoke, keeping every word in mind from this intelligent 'Uncle Soly', as Blonde had called him. When he finished his little instructional speech about this portal, Viera felt the wave of magic surge across her, a ward she had not known of before. She had been given yet another layer of protection against the possible doom to come. Viera stood and steeled her mind as the countdown began.

”Jump zone optimal. 10. 9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...” 


Viera leaped from the aircraft with all of the others as they began to fall for what felt like hours. As she glanced around, she could see that most of the individuals who had jumped from the metal beast had fallen unconscious. Many had started to get swept away by the storm, most were still tumbling towards the portal. One person stood out as being very conscious, and it was the scantily clad Dragon-wench type woman. She was headed down with determination, just as Viera was. As the portal grew nearer, Viera reminded herself of all the portals that she's been through in her life, and all of the magical travel she has done. But not even that could calm her nerves. Mere feet from the portal now, she could feel the tingling sensation that she would always get from portals, but the feeling started to escalate into pain very quickly. When this happened, Viera could see flashes or echoes of herself and the others, just falling. It seemed that the energy of this portal was affecting time and space around it. Before she could see further, Viera was knocked unconscious by a very large man, crashing into her skull, mid-air.


When Viera next open her eyes, everything was bright and unfamiliar, and there was speaking, and normalcy. She took a quick look around, as she saw a bright sky, large buildings, and she was lying on solid stone. She wearily pushed herself off of the ground, and stumbled forward, soon realizing that she had, in fact, landed on a roof. Peering off of the side of the building Viera could see several of the others scattered around the street below.  Spotting Miss Blonde down there as well, Viera climbed partway down the stone structure, being careful of her bruised body, and jumped the last several feet off. With a grunt she landed, and then she made her way next to the young girl, facing Blonde and her companion.

"Well Blonde, we've got twenty-four hours, no time to waste. Once the rest of these people wake up, what's our next move?"

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