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What’s the meaning of your character’s name?

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Well, many of my character names were pulled out of a generator, so if they mean anything it is unintentional 😂

But there are a few with meaning, so I'll share them here:

Gormaric- Okay, you've got me, this is one of the generated names. But it sounds like the name of a man who is just standing there... menacingly! Also, the third result on a google search for Gormaric links to him and all of this threads on Val lmao. His last name, however, Warmoon... suffice to say that it's meaningful to events that will occur in the future 👀

Neque- This one is Latin and means something along the lines of "not", "neither", or "nor". It's very indicative of the experience he faced while his soul was shattered and his body annihilated, and also reflects a little on his nature. He may be known as the Shadow King, but he is neither fully evil nor fully good in the end... at least from his viewpoint, he falls more towards the center of the spectrum, going a little bit toward the 'evil' end.

Sibyla- The name is derived from the Sibyls of Greek legend, oracles/prophetesses who uhh, did exactly what you might expect. Something I've hinted at with the nature of the Inanis but haven't fully explored IC is how that power manifests differently depending on the wielder. The Inanis as used by Gormaric is very combative and militaristic in nature, used to strengthen his own power, to defend himself against incoming attacks, and to heal wounds (though far less effectively than dedicated healing magic would). As used by Sibyla, it is far more subtle and manipulative, letting her taking on different forms and identities to achieve her goals, to see deeply into others and try to subtly bend them to her will, to speak in the dreams of others, and, yes, to sometimes see fragments of the future and formulate plans and strategies for several possibilities extrapolated from these. As for Neque, well, it's a secret to everybody for the time being 🧐

Father Roggan- An Age of Empires reference on Val? It's more likely than you'd think. This guy is literally an Age of Empires priest unit converted into character form. His name is a reference to a unit's spoken phrase/taunt from the first/second Age of Empires game, and his catchphrase of 'Wololo' comes from the same boat. He's a blast to write for lol, I just don't have much opportunity to use him outside of memey/lighthearted threads.

Elson- A good quality boi whose name and personality are derived from a character from Paul Wang's Infinite Sea setting. Not much else to say about him, love to write for him but the threads he's in seem to run on Valve time sometimes, lol.

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Ragnar Amarth- I felt when I created something new and different from what I'm accustomed to creating. So I thought of something that'd be a real personal name to me in terms of real life personal. One of my favorite bands is Amon Amarth (heavy metal viking band) so I took Amarth from that and Ragnar was from my favorite Skyrim bard song "Ragnar the Red". Ragnar's fathers name is Vignar (someone also from Skyrim).

Minerva- Minerva was difficult to find an origin behind but I did decide on Minerva (Athenas counterpart). The goddess of war, strategy and wisdom seems to fit the ancient girl because she can summon an army of atronachs and strategize which kind of atronach will be used and how they'll be used based on the situation. She also got her wisdom from a demon named Astaroth (the Great Duke of Hell) and her one eye is the demons sigil which she is not afraid of people openly seeing.

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56 minutes ago, Thotification said:

Since @Tyler mentioned it 🤣 I'll break down one of my fave pc.

Holiness "Holly" Sheathe- When I created her I only wanted to make some lame joke about "Holly Sheathe." Did not expect her to develop this much tbh. Holiness worked well as a running gag for her nickname "Holly Sheathe" and her codename back in the Blackspear cartel as the "Black Hoe." Holly living her whole life life as a farmer and her recent return to UM as a noble vassal under the Hildebrand only made my naming sense even worse. This only led to making lame puns like "Sheathey Farms" "Land of Sheathes" and "Holly land". Also, Holly claiming the Oathblade Sunscar only lead to "The Sword and its Sheathe" line. 

Poor Holly. 🤣🤣🤣

Dash's real name is Holly too! Because Hollywood, and also I thought it would be funny to give him a girl's name, since considers himself the embodiment of masculinity.

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Draug is Sindarin for “wolf”, hence tattooed wolf hand and friendly wolf dog. I like to follow a theme. While draugr are irritating zombies in Skyrim, they have a far more interesting place in Nordic folklore. I was inspired by the tradition of draugs in Scandinavian folklore, where they were revenants of men that died at sea and are now land bound. It fits with his backstory of an adventurous stabman that has now locked up his former nature to focus on running Book|Ends. Like I said, I like themes. 

Vesper is both a nightly prayer and a cocktail in Casino Royale. I went with the nightly prayer thing, because she attacks in the night and you should probably start praying.

Ioreth is where I thought I was being clever (“lore” - “l” + “i” + “eth” = scholarly elf name), but was accidentally stealing a minor character’s name from Return of the King. The joke is on me, because Tolkien noted that Ioreth translates to “Old Woman” in Sindarin. 

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Good question 😍 Once again, starting with House Hildebrand and then working my way down later on:



For the UM farming house, it became apparent I needed some nature names, so here we are 😂

Varda - means pink rose in Hebrew and granter of boons in Hindu. In floriography, pink roses symbolize admiration, gentleness, and sympathy; it all rather sums up the Lady Hildebrand nicely 😊

Jasper - means bringer of treasure or treasurer in Persian, which eventually translated to his status as the Hildebrand steward and bursar. It can also refer to the gemstone of the same name; according to crystal meanings, the red jasper means patience, persistence, and stability.

Aspen - taken from the poplar tree also called aspen, which has heart-shaped leaves that quiver in the lightest breeze, hence its nickname as the "quaking" or "trembling" aspen. In Celtic mythology, the aspen tree is considered a sacred whispering tree: associated with language, communication, the wind, endurance, and resurrection—make of that what you will 👀

Nairne "Nai" - means dwells at the alder-tree river in Scottish Gaelic. In Celtic mythology, the alder tree represents the balance between male and female principles, courage, death and resurrection, and is also considered the tree of fairies.

Esme - means esteemed, beloved, emerald from French and Persian origin. According to Indian mythology, the name emerald was first translated from Sanskrit as marakata, meaning "the green of growing things."

Kalika - means rosebud in Greek, which eventually translated to the character's love for red roses. Kalika is also taken from the Hindu goddess associated with empowerment, time, and change; kali comes from kāla, which means black, time, and lord of death 👀

Suri - means princess or rose in Persian, or the sun in Sanskrit, which eventually translated to her role as the light of her parents' otherwise murky lives, as well as her status as the little princess of House Hildebrand.

Hildebrand - a character from Germanic legend. The word hild means "battle" and brand means "sword", hence relating to House Hildebrand's history as warriors prior to settling down and tending to their fields under Queen Decamron. There are plenty of stories and songs that show the Germanic Hildebrand fighting members of his own family, such as his son and his half-brother, with often fatal consequences 👀


Merelese "Merel" - @ethela penna's character; after some digging, I found out her name is the Dutch word for blackbird, and it also means "shining sea", according to other sources.

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10 minutes ago, vielle said:

Kalika - means rosebud in Greek, which eventually translated to the character's love for red roses. Kalika is also taken from the Hindu goddess associated with empowerment, time, and change; kali comes from kāla, which means black, time, and lord of death 👀


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3 hours ago, Laughingmad said:

That moment you realize your characte'rs names mean nothing because they were thrown together...

lol that’s fine too, half of my characters’ names are from name generators hahaha!

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Thurgood Singlance- he was born in Greenwood, Indiana in the late eighties (1987 to be exact), which was a fair bit of time after the Civil Rights movement of the sixties and seventies, and white people were trying to demonstrate their lack of racism, so his parents named him after the first United States Supreme Court Justice that had a skin tone darker than light tan, Thurgood Marshall. Then the PJs aired...

...don't ever call him "Goody" or mention the Hati Lady.

Challara Arabett- I formed her first name, and family name from options on this site, from "chal", meaning earth or stable, and "lara" that means cynic, death, or end. 

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Since I never can just directly answer these questions straight away, first some filler--

I'm kinda torn between giving deliberate meaning to my character names and not giving meaning.
After all, unless the character has some kind of fate/destiny tied to them, then a name is just a name to me. You don't name your child knowing what they're going to become. Your child just becomes.

Giving my warrior character a name that means "battle" or "steel" or "bloody carnage" is an example of this.
Unless that character was pre-destined to be a warrior, it's kinda cheesy for me.
On the other hand, naming said warrior character something that means "leaf" or "potato" or "born in a sandy place" is more realistic; a name that otherwise has absolutely no bearing on what kind of character I have. It's just a name, not a name that defines the person, but a person who (later) defines the name.

Granted, it's a fictional setting, so the Rule of Cool trumps the rule of reality more often than not.
Still, it's a personal note that I sometimes try to refrain from conceiving character names that connect with their personality, since their personality isn't determined until they grow.


That being said, here are examples where I've yet purposely chosen 'special' name meanings for my characters (and I'm therefore excluding listing characters with name meanings that have no real bearing on the characters themselves):

Name: Kaori Tongwa
Name Meanings: Kaori: Smell, perfume, fragrance, weaving | Tongwa: Spirit of the lake
This is a name meaning that directly connects with the character, but also due to a 'pre-destined' reason. There's more to Kaori than meets the eye, as well as her birth, so I thought it fitting to give her a name that pretty much defines her. It's as much IC as it is OOC.

Name: Wallace Ambrose
Name Meanings: Wallace - "foreigner" | Ambrose - "immortal"
This one is coincidental. I randomly chose "Wallace Ambrose" and only later discovered the real life meanings behind the names. Wouldn't you know, they also connect quite well with the character.

Name: Certos Franco
Name Meanings: No idea
This one is more in line with a pun. I respelled Hernando "Cortes", the Spanish conquistador in real world history, and Francisco "Franco", a dictator of Spain.

Name: Vadrian Dawnwood
Name Meanings: Vadrian - "light of steel" | Dawnwood - compound name of "Dawn" and "Wood"

Vadrian's character is closely associated with dawn and light, iron and steel, so I first chose "Vadrian" because I liked the sound and gave meaning to it after the fact.
Meanwhile, House Dawnwood was incepted from a union between the Knights of the Dawn and the Goran of Wolfwood, both located in Orisia.


And, as a relevant writing resource, check this out:



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Cain Rose was based on— you guessed it— the biblical Cain.  But there's more intersectionality than just the name. The biblical curse of Cain, for example, cursed the land Cain farmed to remain barren but Cain would be protected by God from premature death, or from anyone killing him. In my young opinion, Cain was original sin apart from deities, and he got off super light by God's hand in punishment. He raised a family and built cities afterward, however successful/unsuccessful they were. Cain has certainly done that, and growing then leaving or dissolving territories for others with him is a habit I've come to enjoy and embodies that.

Cain being my bad guy, I wanted him to be a symbol of original humanly sin apart from gods and devils.

My Cain also has the Troll, which marks his face, my interpretation of the Mark of Cain.

Then you also have the descendants of Cain as lore to be the slaves and used of the earth. This is a play on the puppeteering I have Cain do.

Really, my Cain is a painfully precise metaphor for bible Cain and I don't do much to hide it.

I've even tried to develop a Mark of Cain for all Cain's puppets, but it didn't play as well as I'd like so I ditched the idea.

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DeLamprey is an ET parasite type creature and lampreys are blood suckers 

Evelyn cause Lamprey sounds gross to me and Evelyn sounds pretty so I thought it made a nice dichotomy on that level 

The “de” was to make it fancy sounding cause it’s a sophisticated alien brain bug 

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