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What’s the meaning of your character’s name?

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Well, time for my Player Characters:



Erin Hale: One of three characters I consider my in-universe avatars (along with Shane Haydes and Joseph Tynes). Her first name I got off a shortlist of female baby names my mom had picked out had I been born a girl. Last name was mainly picked because it fit, though it was also partially because my actual last name begins with an "H", and I like to Ty tie my avatar characters in with my own name a lot. I'd used Erin as a name for female characters of mine in medieval video games such as Dragon Age or Skyrim in the past, and the Valucre Erin is basically an RP version of my Skyrim character.


Shane Haydes: Similar story as Erin, except Shane was on the shortlist of male baby names mom had picked out. His last name was also because of the "H", and was a very ill-advised synthesis of the name "Haynes" and the word "Hades". The resulting name sounds worse than either name and I really regret it. But I guess I always have at least one character whose name I regret. lol


Abigail Karradeen: Nothing to see here. Ataraxy created the surname, and I picked Abigail as the first name because it just sounded like it'd fit as snobby British lady's name.


Rodan Allagi: Only one of my player characters who has a name that was picked specifically because of its translated meaning. His surname "Allagi" is the approximate Greek translation for the word "Change", and well... the Mutator's main thing is about changing stuff.


Nikki Stratton: Even if I don't consider Nikki an in-universe avatar, her first name (Nicole) was also taken from the same female baby name list as Erin. The last name "Stratton" I think I got from the company Briggs & Stratton (literally two awesome-sounding last names in one company), though it wasn't really meant as a reference. The name "Nikki Stratton" just sounded cool. It also is a name that predates Valucre, as I've used it before in certain video games as well.


Joseph Tynes: My middle name is Joseph. My first name is Tyler. You see where this is going? Yeah, not subtle. However, there is a little more history to this name than just that. I had two separate characters with similar names back when I wrote articles on a Star Wars Fan Fiction wiki, one of those characters also being a bit of inspiration for Joseph in terms of backstory and aspirations. One had the first name "Joseph" the other had the last name "Tynes", which I combined together for this character. You have to admit the name flows well. Also the surname Tynes I originally got from a football player, not because I cared about the player, but just because I heard the name and thought it sounded cool, so I used it.


Mara Mercer: Main reason for her name is just because it sounds cool. However, perhaps unintentionally, the name is also quite fitting. The name "Mara" refers to a biblical characters whose main thing was "grief" and "sorrow", and the character is mentioned in a prayer in connection with "bitterness", all of which are things that apply to Mara after she lost her family as a teenager. The last name Mercer, originally lifted from the PotC character Ian Mercer, because it's an awesome sounding name, also sounds kind of like the word "merciless", which I think also fits pretty well. 


So, I do echo Die Shize a bit in that I don't usually have a lot of deeper meaning in my character names. But most of them do have at least a little story or reason why they were picked at least.

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9 minutes ago, jaistlyn said:

@Tyler I thought Mercer was short form for mercenary!

That works too! Haha. But no, it was really just because I liked the name "Mercer". I had that name in mind before I came up with her first name, actually.

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I'm really not the best when it comes to names.

"Avarice Lynch" was named for his chronic ambition issues, plus the Agent Lynch character from Liam Neeson's A-Team movie

"Roht", his overstrong but less-clever bodyguard, is just Thor backwards.

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cracks knuckles

sadly some of my character's names aren't that very special though (they sound pretty cool)


Sunhild Scarborough: Did some digging around and it turns out her name either means "battle of the sun" or "sun battle maiden".
Candelaria Scarborough: Candelaria is from the spanish word for candle, candela. It also given in honour of a church festival in Mexico, which commemorates the presentation of Christ in the temple and the purification of the Virgin Mary. Ironically, her name is more angelic than demonic


Roxanne Robicheaux: Inspired by the musical Chicago. Also, it's a hot name.
Ramsey Robicheaux: Urban dictionary says Ramsey is slang for knife. Hmmmmm???
Ares 'Shezmu': Ares is the greek god of war, meanwhile Shezmu is a ancient egyptian deity who was considered very vindictive and bloodthirsty, apparently called the lord of blood, great slaughterer of the gods and he who dismembers bodies.

Tommy Hudson: Her name was inspired by a character who had the same name in the game The Last of Us, and, apparently Tommy means 'twin'.
Pluto: Named after the roman god of the underworld, Pluto is cognate with the Greek word 'Ploutos' (wealth, cf. plutocracy), alluding to his golden blood (aka a money-making machine)
Raine Rhodlyn: Back then when she was a different type of witch, Raine literally meant rain, and Rhodlyn meant the valley of the frogs.


Lotor Loyola: Lotor is neo-latin for 'washing', it's also a binomial name for the raccoon; procyon lotor. Loyola is the last name of a spanish saint.
Harlem: It's a black ghetto in NY. Jazz hands
'Mugo' AKA Viamiti Dasyatis: The nickname Mugo comes from yet another character from a videogame; Blade & Soul, named after an admiral who founded a large organized group of pirates. Viamiti, according to the internet, is Tahitian for vai "water" and miti "sea, salt". Dasyatis is a genus of stingray.
Keratos Bovem: An upcoming character whose sheet I've yet to finish! Keratos is from kerato-, a combining form that relates to keratin or horny tissue and the cornea. Bovem literally means bull in latin.

BONUS: im supposed to be studying



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Some of my names are pretty straight-forward.

Lucas Black's whole family has a dual naming nature in which one receives an impersonal 'family name,' and is then taught to take up a 'true name tied to one's heart.' Additionally, they follow a rule of being tracked back to Biblical Latin usage. Lucas is meant to mean someone is luminous or white. He's a bit like a Solar Exalted in that they're all about being "Excellent" even if he's hella depressed, and it was he who survived the extermination of his family line as well. Alternatively, the family actually has eastern origins, and the true names while not following conventional rules at all, do tend to be something like "Shen," which is Lucas' true name.

Amraphensbane does not care for names. He was given the name Amraphensbane by another and liked it, so he kept it. It's created from the Biblical name Amraphel, which means one who speaks of dark things, or he whose words are dark. Amraphensbane is basically just a murderer wrapped up in the veil of organized crime.

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Corvinus is latin for Raven or Little Raven depending on how you want to interpret the word. I based him off of Matthias Corvinus, King of Hungary and Croatia.

Connor was Karina's choice, and knowing how she loves Assassin's Creed its obvious. In Irish Gaelic it means "lover of hounds" and in Scottish Gaelic wise. At least what I could find in a google search.

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I didn't tie in specific elements to specific personality traits or anything, because although I do it sometimes the rest of the times I don't believe a character's name matters all that much and will sometimes just throw things together (like Twizzen), but in this particular case with the Metireal family I wanted to have a running gag

So far there's Steel Metireal as the big brother, Cadmium Metireal as the little brother who I've ranked up through the military from Private, and a few other as-yet-unnamed siblings who will follow a similar pattern. They may end up being any element but likely I'll make them all some kind of metal

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Well I know my characters are not well known, but I'll do this anyway. 

Dyloceus was a name I made up trying to make him sound Greek. Having grown up with Greek mythology dominating my life it was only natural I name my first character in Valucre someone Greek sounding. 

Cerebri is named after the infamous 3 headed dog o'hell, and this was because I wanted the character to sound rather gruff and at the same time have all eyes on the ball when he does his deliveries. 

Lancaster was a euphemism based on 2 words: Lan Jiao (blue bird in a Chinese dialect, which means the male genitalia) and caster, and you can basically guess what his name means (spread that thing far and wide yo). 

Aryssin was basically meant to sound like assassin, and was also a combination of two words, array and sin. Her backstory is that she was once an assassin for a kingdom, thus the array of sin she has committed over the years. 

That's all I guess. 

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Agony - He literally chose that name because it was the first potent emotion he experienced in-story when he arrived here and he uses the name as a reminder of his goals.

Obtenebra - The black ooze is as much a character as my characters it is attached to. Used the name literally just to reference darkness and obfuscation.

Luz Yllende - She is super infatuated with another character of mine that they call 'their Light' and since Luz is just light in Spanish I thought it was something cool to do.


All of my other character's names were just randomly chosen because I like how they sound or thought it would be fitting for them.


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