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Offering up a still-to-be polished Carina art in hopes the site will be appeased and will stop lagging ; - ;

Used a different technique here and used a reference heavily. A bit more stylized, but cleaner than the previous arts. Still have work to do on the hair and clothes


Edited by Csl
Valucre ate the image. Fixed it. Again.

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5 hours ago, Metty said:

Still looks the same to me lol

11 minutes ago, jaistlyn said:

Strange, I saw it yesterday, but it’s gone today. It’s like Instagram stories or something xD

Fixed it again. I hope it sticks this time. Here's an old pencil sketch of one of Cassandra's monsters for the inconvenience. <3 


Also the thought of Valucre having stories is hilarious omg. I'm making a meme of this at some point.

Edited by Csl

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A friend of a friend reached out to me for art commissions and because of Valucre I actually had some stuff to show her as proof I could actually do the drawing thing good! I got the commission and will be paid to art 8 faces by this Wednesday.

Bless this site and all the ways it forces me to be productive.

Rozharon WIP in celebration!


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