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Die Shize

Family First - A Valucre Announcement

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17 hours ago, Die Shize said:

They say that family comes first, and in many situations it does. My current situation is one of them.

Something was sprung on me that needs immediate and consistent attention. My family needs attention. To achieve this, I need to divert my attention to them and elsewhere.

I will be at a decreased posting capacity from hereon out, which may honestly turn into zero posting capacity. I don't say that lightly or dramatically, and I don't write this announcement in those ways either.

I'm in a number of threads that, up until now, I was able to juggle well enough. That's why I kept getting into more threads lol. I could handle it. I enjoyed handling it.

But this isn't about how many threads I'm in. This is about where I'm at. And I can't really be on Valucre regarding where I need to be. Sound cryptic? Yes, and individuals like supernal and others probably don't deserve it.

However, all it takes is a change in schedule for me to not make my own on Valucre, so I will defer to the thread participants to make a judgment call on whether to skip me, continue skipping me or give me the boot. I won't hold anything against my fellow Valucreans for what they decide.

This is not an emotional decision. This is not an easy decision. I've become quite active on this site because I've enjoyed this site. Ask the person beside you, and if they've seen my activity then they can probably agree. I've also weighed minimal activity and minimal threads, to retain at least a measure of activity, but it's not doable.

This is as sudden an announcement as it is a situation, one that I don't want to get into discussing, though I appreciate anyone's thoughts. And I do mean sudden. I mean, I just jumped into Ataraxy's war on Nu Martyr with total intention to see it through to the end. I'm one post in and I may not be able to even make another, but suffice to say that I don't make announcements like these without being aware of what I'm announcing.

Listed below are various things that I'm involved in, from IC threads to projects, and I've tagged people where appropriate for awareness.
They are listed to both advise and to make the message clear that these things may be flat out abandoned on my part depending on how inactive I become on this site.

@amenities @Ataraxy


@danzilla3 @Unicorgi

@jaistlyn @vielle



@Ataraxy @everyone else 'cause too many to tag

@-Lilium- @Fallen Joy @Rin

@Darling König @jaistlyn @Rin

@Ataraxy @everyone else 'cause too many to tag

@-Lilium- @Ace @supernal (supernal tagged due to Terrenus Quest)

@amenities @Thotification @Neondragon7

@TheEyeOfNight @Darling König @AngryCacti @Dizzy00

@Ace @Wade @carrionjackal @amenities @Sanonymous


My GM capacity here was intentionally minimal as it is. Consider a group effort to see the roleplay through if it continues with or without me.

[insert missed threads here]

@anyone who I may have missed

A lot of threads, pardners. I reckon.

If people want to reach out to me such as for how I might even exit a thread entirely, feel free to do so, and I will respond as I can.

Thank you all.

Stay thirsty, my friends.

Family DOES come first pardner'. Good on ya. Try to keep your spirits high while you're doing what you gotta do. Remember to laugh. A simple laugh can really improve someones else mood, which in turn can improve yours. 

I'll be here if and when you get back!😉

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