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Very Impressionable Posts (Open for discussion Valucre)

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Kunai then caught the scent of someone ELSE being ripped apart. Steve didn't slow down though; the engines roared even louder and he down-shifted the controls to pick up more speed. The Waterways were quite clear this early in the morning, as traffic wasn't really that demanding when the Manticore Alert sounded out. She could sense something was up; it smelled of fresh blood this time; someone young perhaps; untainted; could this person not get through to safety?

"You smell that Stein? Another one of our own being hurt. Steven keep going to the Hospital and then head on over to to Zone 7 to get our Work orders. you KNOW what I'm going to do already!!" kunai stated, as she was to unbuckle her safety belt, only to stand completely erect, now checking her wings. They were bloody in some places since she was always fighting in school and against the Manticores. She knew that she could fly up towards the Sky-labs to go and see Jillian for repairs to her wings anytime; the two were very good friends.

"Damn shame SOME humans choose to stay in the Sky Labs instead of down here with the rest of us. Anyways, I gotta go help out whoever this is that is bleeding like a fucking fountain guys."

"I do not understand why you have to put your life on the line to save a lower-ranked Elementals dear. We have workers in the Ceta Division for that kind of a task. I am not dirtying my hands to save those lower ones. They should've trained a bit more to get to MY Status you know. But, you're never going to listen are you?"

Kunai twisted her nose up at Stein, now pointing to her wings. "You are just putting your panties in a bunch because I do NOT need a permit to fly anywhere that I want to. I'm going to find out where those things ARE and scare them OFF. If you even had a piece of HUMANITY in that three-pound mass sitting inside of your SKULL Stein, you'd wake UP to what is really happening here. We are going to have even MORE problems IF we don't start sticking together in Unity, as ELEMENTALS and not by what our fucking RANKS are. Who invented that dumb shit in the first place? Nevermind Stein; you know what? This isn't even worth discussing right now....I'll be in touch Steve....make sure she doesn't break a nail or anything...." Kunai retorted, now pushing off the floor of the Taxi with her strong legs, only to speed off into the air like a bullet. Steve had to completely come to a HALT since the sheer force of Kunai taking off could make the Taxi capsize.

"She really does not have to go out of her WAY for everyone. Self-Preservation is one of the most important things...................." Stein had started to say, only to be shushed by Steve, who could detect a Manticore in the waterway.

"Shut-up Stein....Before you get us BOTH eaten...Go down in the Cabin and lay low while I go into silent mode please......There's some Wine in the Cooler and some snacks in the Fridge...."

She sped without much effort through the very air, staring down at the areas that were either closed off or being heavily-monitored by Military Personnel. Her ears caught the sound of someone falling in very dirty water, probably algae-covered at the surface from not being kept clean. 

"Oh dear...who in the hell is THIS Now? Whoever you are....I'm coming.....just give me a few seconds to clean up a mess....." She said outloud to herself, now smirking sheepishly. She hadn't let go of her frustration in quite some TIME, and most of the Elementals in her Unit knew of her fighting style; it was absolutely INSANE!!! Kunai herself didn't even know where she had learned of it; most people didn't bother in asking about it either. She could now see the group of Manticores still fighting over a set of fresh ripped Wings. She closed her eyes and grunted, clinching her fists in so much Anger; WHAT in the world was going on that this had to happen so fast?

Upon landing, she would take notice of the feathers being strewn about as well; they were almost Pearl White from what she could tell thus far. She folded her wings up neatly, chanting something to herself. This was about to be a bloodbath, should she not get eaten, and that more than likely was a factor to take into her memory. She scanned the area like some kind of machine; Steel Girder to the left of her, about 1,400 pounds, jagged edges; good for impaling these sons of bitches. Broken Electrical Conduit lying around; good for batting these things into the air. Concrete slab against the wall of the abandoned building to her right; about twenty feet away or more. She could push the wall on top of them and try to crush them if need be.  The Algae-ridden water could be used as a weapon for impaling them as well. She then counted the groups; 2, 4, 6, 8...total of 23 of them. Two Large Bull Males and smaller Pratz (Off-spring; similar to Children) Taking the large Bull Males out would make the rest cower and skitter along in retreat.

She took a deep breath, now letting out a loud WHISTLE to grab their attention. The two large ones were to turn around, the beady Red eyes bouncing around to try to focus on who it was that made that kind of noise.

"That's better...Who wants to play with me?" Kunai asked, while picking up a rather long piece of Conduit from off the ground. She was to begin walking towards the group of Manticores, now shaping the end of the conduit into a sharp edge or somewhat of a point.

Two of the smaller ones begin skittering towards Kunai, drool literally running from their lower jaws of two. She giggled, now beginning to run into their direction as well. The rather larger Bull Male Manticores sat back to watch this go on; as if they were trying to gather information on just who this person was that was brave enough to even FIGHT them after all of this time. Kunai swung the weapons with ease, actually impaling the both of them without any kind of struggle. Both creatures screamed in agony and pain, as a black substance began gushing out from the wounds and onto the ground. A few more of the larger Manticores began Howling and screaming, now skittering towards the algae-ridden water instead of confronting this strange woman!!! Kunai spun on the balls of her feet, now tossing the impaled creatures back into the water. Snapping her head towards the two larger Bull Male Manticores this time.

"DON'T RUN NOW YOU FUCKERS!!! The PARTY IS JUST GETTING STARTED....don't you want to stay for Dinner!!!!! HUH??" she yelled out, now watching as a group of over 20+ Manticores retreat in fear; NO ONE had done something to their species before, and this was just a surprise to witness!!! She began running over the water, now letting out light sparks of electrical current!!!

"Don't you RUNNNNNNNNNNN FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! How bout a HOT BATH you sons of BITCHES???!!! Take THIIIIIIIIISSSS!!!!!!!" she yelled out again, now slamming both fists into the dirty water. A huge rush of Electricity began POURING from her body and into the very water itself, starting a violent chain reaction of Electrolysis of the water. Bubbles, steam and splashing of the liquid could be seen as it rose up almost 45 feet into the air in some places. Manticores were literally exploding, screaming, hollering in anguish and in death itself; this was the end for the few of them. Windows on nearby buildings shattered like a balloon dipped in pure liquid Nitrogen; Concrete from the abandoned buildings exploded outward, leaving dust and debris everywhere. A Camera flashed in the distance, perhaps atop a small house though. Someone was documenting this incident in the background. 

By the time the dust had settled, the Military had already arrived in the seconds of the fight to assess the situation at hand.

Kunai was filling out some various paperwork, speaking to a few of the Soldiers about what had happened.

"Twenty three confirmed huh? They are gathering in larger groups than normal....How many did you exterminate Miss uhm...."

"Oh, sorry...Im Kunai....Just call me Liz for short. eheheh.." She said, now smiling at the very handsome young soldier indeed.

"Kunai......Kunai.......Never heard of you.....You got some identification sweetheart?" Asked the soldier, who was now staring at her cleavage!!!

"Uhm...keep your eyes on my face and nowhere else sir.....here ya go....it's all there..." She replied, now taking her wings and folding them to the front of her to hide her Breasts!! The Soldier looked the cards over and wrote down a few random notes, mumbling to himself as he jotted things down. He then stopped writing, dropping his pen in awe....

"Y-You....you're a TETRA-Level Elemental Miss Kunai?" he asked, while staring at the data sheets along with a few more soldiers.



"Clenching to every small amount of strength, that he had left, he jumped against the soil of the water awkwardly, and reached the surface of the filthy water, before seeing that the fall was just there.

Soon a broken body was falling downwards into the pool of water, splashing. Only to resurface and float towards the shore. For now, his scent was washed away. His wings were gone. His body, sullied, making him poorly visible. But the blood loss, and the lack of energy, would set the nail in coffin, unless a miracle happens. The dark eyes closed, as he fell in light slumber. Powerless, and incapable of motion.  He resembled a human, more than anything at this point. Still... it felt, like no one will save him.



Death was calling for him, as a massive amount of feathers filled the skies that day..."


"Hey!!!......Jeff and the Squad FOUND a SURVIVOR from an attack from these things Chief!!!! He's beaten up pretty bad, but they PATCHED him up and he's recovering in the old infirmary!!!" Yelled out another Grunt, who saluted the Chief in charge. Kunai smiled at the Chief; she was just on HER way to go and find this guy!!!

"Alright!!! We got a SURVIVOR!! I'm on my way to go and investigate a bit further........See ya Chief!!!!" Kunai said, now taking off into the Sky once again.


Kunai giggled something silly, but replied out in a boisterous voice to the Grunt, "Z-345-P157:  Call after nine!!! My Bust is 36-D!!! I LIKE CHOCOLATES!!!!"



I Fucking SNAPPED with this post. And my new buddy Lime-Chicken (That's is his nick name, since I LOVE Lime-Chicken IRL lol), is a very GOOD poster. This cat must've ready my MIND when I told him to post up and just follow along. I don't have any words...I am HOPING to continue this adventure and keep the posts coming. You are ALL Welcome to JOIN in the FIGHT against the EVIL Manticores, repair damage to the entire PLANET and HOPEFULLY find out where GOD IS..................This RP is MORE complex than I am revealing.....




And Lime-Chicken, THANK you for joining. I hope we can work together in the future as well!!!! ^_^

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