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It's been over a month since the bump in the last thread of this nature I posted and am posting a new one to take advantage of the widget

House Dali is my noble house in Ursa Madeum. I have a lot of plans for it, some already done, some in the process, and some still just aspirations. Everyone is pretty engaged so the answer is, get more people! 

You can learn more about Dali here: 


Some previous accomplishments, to give you an idea of things you can do which benefit both your character and the overall House

  1. Arranged marriages and / or formal trade agreements between other noble houses or external entities 
  2. Aided a noble house in investigating a suspicious death - the Wyrmalkers of House Dali are experts in intelligence 
  3. Established Faux-ton fast travel posts between Dali estate, Casper, Biazo, and have now connected Andelusia and Misral via their estate connection and a connection in Qrill (a town in Misral)
  4. Established a vineyard in Biazo
  5. Established a museum and art gallery in Misral
  6. Trendsetted some fashion standards and social networking at high class events

And the stuff that I'd like to do and need help with:

  1. The vineyard is a business - make it more successful 
  2. Gain an additional 5 square miles with another expansion thread
  3. Forge more alliances inside and outside of Ursa Madeum
  4. We have a lot of transmutation characters but could use more for the other guilds: Abjuration, Enchantment, Divination, Illusion
  5. Replace Tansy Wyrmwalker - in this case the existing character would transfer to you as a player rather than making a new character

I'm specifically looking to grow the Dali house so your character would either be a Dali from blood or marriage, whether recent or long past. You would also pick one of the sub-families/branches to be a part of (Wyrmwalker for intelligence, Goldcourt for fashion, etc)

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7 hours ago, Hachidori said:

Id be interested in making a character for your house. Possible to pm and talk about specifics of it?

Absolutely. Feel free to message away. If you have any of those goals I listed in mind let me know and we can use that as fertile ground in which to plant our plot seeds 

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