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Agony is an ancient entity cast down by forces unknown to the land of Valucre. Comprised mostly of a dark primordial ooze that seems organic in nature but is resistant to any organic manipulation or anti-magic, it chose to observe the sentient beings of this world in an attempt to find its place and purpose. One of the leaders of the Abaddon Triumvirate, he has gone on several quests to further their agenda which consists of amassing enough power to ensure the safety of the oppressed and prevent further oppression.


Valucre Exploits/Threads

1. Journey (Completed)


Agony's first introduction to Valucre lies here. Confronting Alukai and Lucis DuGrace, Agony is left reeling after annoying the two relatives. Mentions of Irene Gabriela Du'Grace seem to cause the being to twitch for some unknown reason.

2. Power Beckons (Completed)


Agony appears and formally displays his affiliation with an organization called the Abaddon Triumvirate. The Abaddon Triumvirate recruits several interested individuals, with Agony suddenly being joined by a curious fae named Lunara.

3. Safe riots and kidnapping (Completed)


Agony along with his subordinates search for a gypsy artificer named Bruga with the intent to recruit her to the Triumvirate's ranks. There they encounter opposition from those who have kidnapped her and seek to eliminate said opposition in order to acquire a new asset.

4. Walking in a Winter Wonderland  [Black Queen Arc] (Completed)


Agony, along with Lunara, Rodan, and Nines attend the second coronation of the Black Queen of Orisia in an attempt to use the uncertainty of her reign to gain influence and power in the Summer Isles. Agony is disguised as a knight of Patia named Dolor. Malice, the Orisian Warlord, enters in gruesome fashion. After observing the Black Queen and other attendees, Agony hatches a plot to kidnap the depressed Black Queen to free her from her burdens but is met with opposition from Malice. Agony coaxes Lunara into providing some of her fae blood so that the queen ingests it, knowing its magical effects would make the queen easier to handle. Gabriela, the Black Queen of Orisia, ingests some bloodwyne laced with that blood out of frustration from the disaster of the coronation ceremony. Malice assumes an assassination plan is underway and thus singles Agony out to end the plan before it sees its end. Malice ejects Agony from the building, thrusting him through one of the castle windows where a fight between two behemoths commences.

5. Gardens garnished in Gore [Black Queen Arc] (Completed)


Agony confronts Malice and after the warlord gains the upper hand in battle by eradicating most of Obtenebra, Agony divulges his affiliation with the Abaddon Triumvirate as well as his plan to kidnap the queen. Malice strikes a deal for Agony to become his informant within Terrenus and other lands while also introducing the potent energy of La'Ruta to him. Malice also lets Agony know he will not become an obstruction to the kidnapping plan as long as Gabriela returns to Orisia. Obtenebra learns how to regenerate itself from complete eradication thus making Agony that much more unpredictable and dangerous.

6. Maze Undue [Anima Imperium] [Black Queen Arc] (Completed)


Agony and the rest of the Black Queen's kidnappers are forced to confront the two beings that care for her the most. Agony attempts to appeal to Roen's hospitable nature but the betrayal of Dr. Marigold Ravenspire sparks a series of events that see Lunara, Rodan, and Agony stuck between the Dreaded Margrave and the Carmine Emperor all while Gabriela breaks then goes into labor. Cunning allows Agony, Lunara, and Rodan to escape but not before ensuring the ill will of at least one of the pursuers and the release of a chaotic entity that was kept secret within the Anima Imperium.

7. Long Road Home [Black Queen Arc] (Completed)


After the events that occurred at the Anima Imperium, the three members of the Abbadon Triumvirate involved (Agony, Lunara, and Rodan) quickly distance themselves from the chaos they caused. During their travel, they are forced to come to terms with their failure and what this means for the organization going forward given the betrayal of Nines and Dr. Marigold Ravenspire. Rodan and Lunara, both disguised as human females, confront Agony and insist that he tell them why he had kidnapped the Orisian queen as well as why he had left them in the dark throughout the entire process. Agony admits his failure and admits his obsession with power prompting everyone to agree that proper communication is paramount if they intend to continue to work together. They travel to Hell's Gate where Agony acquires another asset and Lunara also brings in an acquaintance of hers to help Rodan return to Weland.

8. Lirrey Lines (Ongoing)


Agony and Lunara head to Yh'mi where they take on a job offer from Doctor Xeyal to travel to Lirrey. Their main objective is to escort the doctor's servant Sasha in exchange for a favor of their choosing and also a means to travel easily past the Order of the White Hand's defenses into Yh'mi. Lunara yearns to acquire power she feels lies in Yh'mi while Agony accompanies her in order to pay off his blood debt to her from the events in Orisia. With the new status quo of the Abaddon Triumvirate following their failure, the already shaky bond between Lunara and Agony is put to the test. Yh'mi seeks to test them in other ways as well. Lunara acquires a whole host of new abilities after a dangerous confrontation with the Lirrey Star and Agony is worried for what that may mean for his companion. Nevertheless, they trek forward and continue their perusal of Lirrey's secrets.

9. Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid) (Completed)


Agony arrives in the midst of a large battle between the LoD and Terric military forces led by Peacekeeper Michael Commager. Masquerading as Dredge, the LoD's leader, he infiltrates the battlefield solely to gain intel concerning both sides and their abilities/resources. Forced to dynamically change between a visage of Dredge and a new one inspired by previous events, he manages to learn much more about the Order of Force Majeure's leader, Michael Commager's ability and the worth of Dredge's forces. Taking some military grade equipment, he narrowly escapes the battle but not before the military becomes aware of his presence. They choose to not apprehend him for now but that doesn't mean they will be as forgiving the next time around.


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