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1000 Years of Wynter

Genre: Action, adventure, Sci fi, supernatural, romance*

Location: Alternative/non canon



Futuristic Dystopian society. There’s a corporation that will remove the memories of your trauma so that people with extreme mental illness can be treated and recover quickly with life lasting effects. All are welcome, even if you can’t afford it they are willing to work with you. It involves complete isolation from the world, those who are granted access to the facility will be escorted to an unnamed location where it is always winter. One of the only rules is no visitors. Newcomers quickly realize something is amiss about the facility, it’s treatment plan and the staff. Is this the start of a foreign species invasion?


*So romance is always optional and dependent on character interaction or wether or not we want to include it. Please be cool with playing NPC to keep plots and character developing and moving. Also please at least give a paragraph ~ I’m easy to talk to so also feel free to OOC chat me anytime. Other than that I don’t have any expectations or things to tell you before we intitially speak. 

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I can't commit to joining but I love the idea and just wanted to throw in some support. 🙂

Since this is taking place in Alternative, maybe you could consider having it in an existing Alternative Setting? Endless Worlds is both sci-fi and post-apocalyptic, and I can easily see your story taking place in one of the intact planets in here.

If not, you might be interested in a Body-snatching/mind-controlling aliens plot that's currently going on in Terrenus.

I can't find the lore page for it at the moment but I'll edit it into this post when I can.

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