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Icarus Moonwalker

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"Live by the sword, die by the pen..."


Name: Icarus Moonwalker Dali

Birth Place: House Dali Estate, Ursa Madeum

Race: Rosinderite [human]

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Lineage: House Dali, Sub-Branch Moontraveler


"... live by the sword, lose all reality."


[Personal Traits]


Voice: Husky (deep, hoarse)


Eyes: Pale Blue


Complexion: Pale


Height: 5’9”


Weight: 134 Ibs


Build: Athletic


Hair: Silver-Gold


Defining Features: Has a large scar starting at the bridge of his nose, trailing over his left cheek and down the side of his neck


Personality: Fiercely loyal to House Dali, Icarus is willing to lay down his life for his family. A warrior to his core he has no qualms about taking to the battlefield and is very self-assured in such an environment. He puts forth a serious appearance, though in trusted company it does become lighter.



  • Dangersense: An uncanny sense of timing for combat situations and honed perception that makes them hyper-aware of dangerous situations

  • Enhanced Reflexes: Even in senescence, Rosinderites are capable of reacting with grace, aplomb, and accuracy to split-second decisions

  • Hardened Body: Rosinderites are strong, fast, and tough by birthright- the more amplified these attributes are

  • Kinetic Shield: A pivotal arcane attribute of the Rosinderite ethnicity is the kinetic shield aura they generate. This aura throttles projectile speed, rendering common technological conceits like machine guns not entirely ineffective, but capable of being responded to. The more of them there are in a group the stronger and more variable this shield.

  • Close Quarters Combat: A member of the military sub-branch of the Dali, Icarus is skilled in melee combat and is efficient enough with a number of weapons to hold enemies off.

  • Illusory Combat: Icarus often combines illusions during combat making him harder to keep track of.



Icarus falls under the Illusion Guild of the Dali Clan. He has committed a large portion of his life to this practice, and due to such a privilege, has amassed a respectable repertoire.

  • Illusionary Environments: Changes the surrounding environment through illusions. This skill is typically used to cover ally troop movements.


  • Decoy Creation: Creates identical illusion duplicates. Icarus uses this to create additional targets in one on one combat but primarily uses it to confuse enemies on the number of ally troops being deployed.


  • Illusive Appearance: Changes the user’s, or intended person’s, appearance. This skill is used for covert operations.


  • Illusion Generation: Creates various types of simple illusions and is used for a multitude of scenarios, but for House Dali for Mundane Propaganda.


  • Feign Damage: By using his illusions, Icarus is capable of making it appear to enemies as though he is taking a considerable amount of damage, even if he is taking little to none at all.


  • Mirage Inducement: By bending light rays Icarus is capable of creating illusions that are even seen by recording devices.


  • Sensory Inducement: By overlapping illusions, Icarus is capable of causing multiple negative symptoms from his intended target.


  • Pain Illusion: Causes fake feelings of pain by manipulating their mind. It causes no actual damage to the body but is enough to take enemies out of battle.


  • Torment Inducement: An illusion that can torment the target mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Icarus often uses this alongside Pain Illusion.


  • Afterimage Creation: Is capable of making the target believe he is faster than he is by creating an ‘afterimage’ behind him. This skill is used solely as a confusion/diversion technique.


  • Phychosomatic Illusion: Capable of creating illusions so realistic and powerful they can cause physical effects to appear on the victim and affect surroundings as if they were real.



Icarus was born to the elements of chaos, the epitome of war, and mayhem, the innermost nature of an illusion. Beneath the banner of House Dali, and under the banner of its Illusion Guild, his life was meant to forge a warrior, in which it succeeded. Years of his life spent finely honing the abilities he possessed ambitiously, he stands ready to see House Dali’s goal become reality with the birth of a true republic.

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