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Die Shize

~*sakura cherry blossom forest*~

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Fred is a half-human half-elf half-cheetah sitting in a tree. dressed in jeans and T-shirt and has spiked hair that is three parts blue and five eighths green but not quite blond. He is young and handsome and young. Has a katana the size of a tree that is the size of a whale shark on a Miami beach

He looks at you with his majestically majestic pretty blue ocular orbs and smirks 





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Barrett is an impish imp pimp chump chewing some double bubble gum. He saunters with his paws full of dum-dums and sauces in his pockets until he pauses. Up ahead is a manbearpig! He's never seen one before! So the impish imp pimp chump chewing some double bubble gum, who had been sauntering with paws full of dum-dums and sauces in his pockets, pausing in his plod across the plot of sod, nodded.

He blows a double bubble gum bubble and pops it with his lopsided chomper. It's hot as a sauna, and Barrett isn't sure he wanna be khana for the katana under that fauna. But the little iguana gonna anyway.


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Fred pondered as Barrett wandered, scratchin’ his noggin like in one of them anime shows, not quite sure what to make of his counterpart’s entrance as he tried to decipher his bubble gum bubble chum shot o’ rum and lopsided lollipop but doesn’t really know what you wrote and broke his codex on his broken toe.

He swings a leg dangling from a branch. The leg is made of sawdust but we don’t know why

”Hey mister you look dangerous are you an action sports star?”

Fred smirked challengingly, his challenging look very challenging, but he wasn’t looking for a fight so much as looking cool because of his fractioned haircut and challenging look

”I’m an ex-ronin samurai assassin currently employed as a mercenary on a contract for bounty hunters hired by hitmen working for a guy named supernal but I’m not sure who he is do you like big kahuna tuna?”

he offers an apple. it will hit you on your noggin if you don’t catch it

”cuz I ain’t got none”

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